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Kibbe Dramatic Body Type In Celebrities Style

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Talking about David Kibbe’s body types, there are a total of 13 body types and all differ according to the yin and yang characteristics that can be applied to facial features, bone structure, and height. Today’s review is dedicated to the models, another type of dramatization by New York stylist David Kibbe. The appearance of such girls is a high concentration of yang, geometric shapes, and strict lines, speaking the language of the creator.

We offer to get acquainted with girls like the “dramatic” and their wardrobe. If you think you are a soft dramatic, then this article will help you. Here’s how to wear the soft dramatic Kibbe body-type clothes.

Let’s See, Which Actress Shares Your Body Type?

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Characteristic Appearance:

Height: from 165 cm.

Face: sharp and pronounced facial bones: sharp cheekbones, nose, chin. Facial features are smooth and straight. Thin, straight lips; almond/slit-shaped eye incision.

Hair: smooth, thin, silky/hard curly, or wavy.

Figures: Livingly, narrow back, arms, legs, and figure as a whole, square shoulders.

Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Kate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Joan Crawford, Faye Dunaway, Katherine Hepburn, Caitlin Turner, Lana Turner.

General Style Recommendations:

Whichever kit you choose, the main task is to keep to a strict form and strive for clear lines. So choose from dense and medium-hard fabrics. The lines favor the image, they can be prints and straight draperies.


  • Strict silhouette and clear lines
  • Apparent asymmetrical fit
  • Dense fabrics
  • The minimum amount of decor
  • Wide shoulder line, geometric cut-outs
  • High color contrast


  • Light, flowing, transparent fabrics and textures
  • Implicit silhouettes
  • Shapeless and oversize things
  • Coquettish bows, draperies, ruffles
  • Blurry colors and prints

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

Your perfect skirt is straight, long, with a clear silhouette. Unobtrusive details are acceptable – asymmetrical hem or cut, cuts, locks, a couple of drapery lines. The most suitable candidate for this position is a pencil skirt. Choosing trousers, for a reference point, take the male characteristics. Straight cut, the presence of arrows, and the lack of decoration – are important criteria. It is worth trying and a more daring model – products with wide trousers. If the trousers are made of denim, then direct-cut jeans with wide trousers or unobtrusive flared from the knee are preferable.

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Dresses, Blouses, And Jackets

A tight, ruthless, drapery-free knitted shirt is the reference blouse in your wardrobe. It can be other tops with sharpened silhouettes and geometric necklines. Preferably dresses on the figure, repeating all lines of a body are preferable. The better the dress, the better. Pay attention to the cases, coat dresses, and shirt dresses made of thick fabrics. Narrow models and underwear dresses are suitable for evening events. The jacket should also sit well on the figure, be fitted, and with a clear line of shoulders.

Shoes and Accessories

It is worth paying attention to the angular shoes with a narrow heel and toe. Rush from extremes to extremes: the model at low speed and high heels will emphasize your type and image. Bags choose a clear shape, rigid, and frame. Rough leather, textured finish, and geometric fittings will come in handy. Let the jewelry be large, but not too massive. And here we are on a course on geometry – angles, modern forms, asymmetry, and clear lines.

Hair and Makeup

Hair should be smooth, sculpted, and open face. Chalk and strands at the temples are not your choices. Straight hair can be “tamed” with straighteners and put away in a tight horse’s tail. Curly hair should be clearly structured so that each curl or wave is clearly visible. Hair can also be picked up in the tail, lumped or smoothly bundled, or simply removed from the face with invisible strands. Makeup should be bright and contrasting. Shining arrows, icy figs, and saturated shades of lipstick will do. Be sure to emphasize the geometry of your face with blushes.

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