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Kibbe Soft Dramatic Style And Their Clothing Recommendations

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We present you another variant of David Kibbe – Soft Dramatic, Soft Dramatic. This person has bold yang and yin undertones, the bone structure is long and angular, and these girls are characterized by voluminous and lush shapes, a well-defined waist, and the geometry of facial features. Speaking in the language of the creator of the theory, the appearance of soft dramatists is bright yang with a small fraction of yin, implying that soft dramatic yang is dominant and yin is a secondary characteristic. It is characterized by many of the traits of playwrights and romantics. We suggest you get acquainted with this type and learn more about the features of the soft drama wardrobe.

How To Dress Soft Dramatic Kibbe Body Type?

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Characteristic Appearance:

Height: from 165 cm.

Face: pronounced facial bones: cheekbones, nose, chin. Facial features are full, smooth, and straight. Lips and cheeks are puffy, eyes are big and expressive.

Hair: straight, thin, silky/hard curly, or wavy.

Figures: Lush breasts and hips, well-drawn waist, slightly puffy hands at the top.

Stars: Barbara Streisand, Sophia Vergara, Marlene Dietrich, Sophie Lauren, Emmy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Catherine Varnava, Eva Mendes, Jessica Pare

General Style Recommendations:

Your shape is a clear geometry with soft edges. The T-silhouette is a wide and voluminous shoulder area and an overall elongated silhouette – the reference shape in the image.


  • T-silhouette
  • Asymmetrical fit
  • Lightweight fabrics, medium-density textures
  • The minimum amount of decor
  • Drapery
  • Large and massive parts
  • Blurry, floral, abstract, watercolor prints


  • Sharp angles, strict and obvious symmetry
  • Dense tissue and rough textures
  • Shapeless things and oversize models
  • High-contrast geometric prints
  • Shouting prints and paints

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

Midi length is a win-win situation when choosing a skirt. The model should be easy, repeat all the lines of the figure. Soft vertical lines are welcome: drapery, cuts, folds. We choose straight-cut trousers with the full length of trousers and soft fabrics. Light drapery or a pair of folds on the belt – another plus. Lovers of denim should also pay attention to the classic straight jeans or models of pincers with barely noticeable expanding from the knee pants.

Dresses, Blouses, And Jackets

If at a choice of a skirt it is necessary to refuse A-shaped models, the dress, creating a uniform silhouette, can afford a similar cut. In addition, we recommend elongated dresses on the figure of soft fabrics with draperies and a wide shoulder area. Pay attention to knitted dresses with a smell. Drapery – must-have for blouses as well. It can be soft vertical lines along the entire length of the model or folds in the decollete zone. Do not become superfluous jabot, bows, voluminous ruffles in the shoulder area, and decollete. Choose a jacket up to the middle of the hip with a clear and wide line of shoulders. This effect will create shoulder pads. It is worth abandoning the sharp-cornered collars in favor of softer lines and outlines.

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Shoes and Accessories

The main criteria for choosing a shoe are its laconic design, pointed nose, high heel, or flat sole. Do not be fond of models with flashy decor or excessive fittings. Ideal for sharp shoe boats, classic shoes, and strict loafers. Choose soft to the touch and look of the bag, rounded shape and large size for the day, and small clutch for the evening. The latter can be with bright and flashy decor. We choose massive, generously decorated, geometric shapes with soft outlines. Large stones, rhinestones, and other shimmering elements are welcome.

Hair and Makeup

The main thing that your hair needs is volume. Choose lush, neat, and asymmetrical styling, curls, or wavy strands. These tasks can be solved with brilliance by combing or sprays to give volume, perms, and rollers. When applying makeup, remember the geometry of your face and accentuate it with blush. Do not be afraid of bright shades even during the day. Give color to eyes and lips, and in the evening use a portion of shimmering shadows and lip gloss.

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