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Kibbe’s Flamboyant Gamine Body Type & Clothing

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Movable, dynamic, and a bit bold, the flamboyant Gamine is one of the original 13 Kibbe body types. Glad to introduce you to another short variant of David Kibby – the Flamboyant Gamine. The appearance of these girls harmoniously blended yin and yang, but the latter manifests itself more.
Height, soft and lush forms are manifestations of yin. Angularity and straightness are the characteristics of Yang. We tell you about the bright gamins and the peculiarities of their style.

Checkout Kibbe’s Flamboyant Gamine Body Type

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Appearance Characteristic

Height: up to 168 cm.

Face: narrow elongated or rounded and wide. Characteristics are pronounced and wide facial bones (cheekbones, nose, chin). Eyes are expressively large, lips full or medium.

Hair: any structure of hair is possible, mainly two extremes: thick or thin.

Shape: wide bone, square shape, straight lines, sharp angles, narrow shoulders, without pronounced roundness. The chest, waist, and hips are approximately on the same line. It is possible to have a dwelling/ muscularity.

Stars: Penelope Curz, Zoe Deschanel, Nastasia Kinsky, Victoria Beckham, Lea Michelle, Twiggy, Mindy Kailing, Debra Winger, Rosa Perez, Lisa Minelli.

General Style Guidelines

Choosing a wardrobe, you should be guided by a strictly geometric silhouette with straight lines, clear edges, and sharp corners. This component of your image is a manifestation of Yang. Yin must be reflected in the details – decoration or decoration. In general, the image of a bright gamin should turn out to be bright, intricate, and even a little shocking.


  • Straight cut
  • Contrast top and bottom
  • A clear line of cuffs, necks, hem, the bottom of the hedge
  • Combination of strict geometry and rounded shapes in cut and prints
  • Soft tissues that hold great shape
  • Textured fabrics
  • Intricate details
  • Asymmetry


  • Integral silhouette
  • Oversize models
  • Dense fabrics
  • Monochrome kits
  • Minimalism
  • An abundance of ruffles, flounces, draperies

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

Each skirt length has its own rules. Short skirts should be straight, narrow, with a clear silhouette, well kept in shape and a little narrower downwards. The maximum length for this model is in the middle of the knee cap. The length of the midi also requires clear lines, a smooth narrowing to the knee, and the presence of a basque or maple. Midi skirts with a low waist and asymmetrical hem are suitable. The ideal is free straight trousers with pockets, width, a pair of folds on the belt, and cuffs. Shortened models with declared characteristics will suit you brilliantly. If jeans, then straight models or “boyfriends” with a moderate width of the pants.

Dresses Blouses And Jackets

Jacket choose a straight cut, shortened, and with a clear line of shoulders. Sharp corners and all kinds of decor are welcome – “epaulets”, double-breasted clasp, sharp collars, edging, contrasting details. Blouse choose a figure or straight cut. Pay special attention to the fabric. It should be average in density and slightly keep the shape. Refer to matt fabrics or shiny satin. Asymmetrical details such as print, neck, sleeves, and even cut will be very useful. A well-fitting cut is a mandatory criterion when choosing a dress. Therefore, models with an accent on the waist will be perfect. Asymmetrical details, low waist, and contrast finish will be added advantages. Watch the length – of the hem is straight, then up to the knee, if flared, the hem is possible and below the knee. Medium-density fabrics and lightweight materials are acceptable here. Choosing an evening outfit, give preference to the decoration of beads, satin fabrics, or metallic color and you will not miss.

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Shoes and Accessories

Shoes choose angular and slightly massive. A large and rough heel, cone-shaped heel, bright palette, original models with decor, and asymmetrical details will be perfect. The bag must comply with strict geometry rules: clear lines and angles are mandatory. Focus on shapes such as rectangles, squares, and trapezes. Decorations are extremely important in the images of bright giants. Wrong shapes, asymmetrical, and square silhouettes will suit you brilliantly. If the wardrobe is able to withstand neutral shades, it should still bet on an active game of color. Enamel, colored glass, and plastic will certainly emphasize your style.

Hair and Makeup

The main criterion for choosing a hairstyle or style is asymmetry. This effect will help to achieve not only a haircut but even a normal oblique parting. Hair should lie loose, be slightly voluminous, and be ruffled. Perfect for a short haircut “under the boy”. When applying makeup, be sure to emphasize the eyes with a pencil, eyeliner, or shadow, creating the effect of smoky eyes. Here a couple of strokes with bright contrasting shadows are also welcome. Be sure to accentuate your cheeks using blushes. Lipstick should be bright, but not saturated, and matte. For brave people, we recommend dark deep shades of lipstick.

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