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The Kibbe Body Type System is a body shape system. It was developed by David Kibbe in the 1980s. It focuses on five main categories: Dramatic, Classic, Natural, Gamine, and Romantic.
The appearance of these girls is believable. They are charming, that’s what the word “natural beauty” is all about. Natural is another type developed by New York stylist David Kibbe. The straight is a mixture of yin and yang in roughly equal proportions, but with more pronounced yang.
On the scale of straightforwardness, they stand between the classics and the playwrights. We offer to get acquainted with these girls and learn about the peculiarities of their styles.

Natural Kibbe Body Type & Their Clothing

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Appearance Characteristic

Height: up to 174 cm.

Face: blunted, angular facial bones (chin, cheekbones, nose). Face unobtrusively wide, cheeks sunken, eyes of small or medium size, lips straight and thin.

Hair: Any hair structure is possible, but typical women have medium thickness/thick matte hair.

Figures: square, straight lines, wide shoulders, without pronounced roundness. The chest, waist, and hips are approximately on the same line.

Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Gabrielle Anwar, Jennifer Morrison, Kate Middleton, Elie McGraw, Ellie Shidy.

General Style Guidelines

When choosing an image, it is necessary to keep a course on geometry with smoothed corners – a rectangle or a square. Unobtrusive asymmetry in the image, cut and prints are welcome. Things should be free, not constraining movements, but still far from oversize.


  • Free cut
  • Slight asymmetry
  • Soft-angled geometry
  • Materials with a “natural” shade – linen, wool, leather, suede
  • Natural and soft shades
  • Ethnic and natural motives
  • Textured fabrics


  • A lot of ruffles, wrappers, draperies
  • Sharp corners
  • High-contrast geometric prints
  • Monochrome kits
  • Riot

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

A simple straight skirt with a soft cut is the perfect solution for your wardrobe. The ideal length is up to the knee. The mini length is not contraindicated: you can create sets with mini-skirts, maintaining restraint and not going beyond decency. There are practically no restrictions when choosing trousers. The main requirement is a simple cut and laconic design. These characteristics also apply to jeans. Try everything – straight trousers, skinny models, products with wide trousers.

Dresses Blouses And Jackets

Straight cut and the presence of a cut (not a model with a high gate) – give preference to tops with the declared characteristics. Dilute and brighten up the model can lightweight draperies and original cutouts. Dresses also choose direct or free, without an emphasis on the waist. We recommend dresses with a smell, shirt dresses, and T-shirt dresses. Jackets should be elongated, free to sit and have a soft shoulder line without sharp corners on the gate. Rolled sleeves and textured fabrics are small stylistic tricks that will surely suit you.

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Shoes and Accessories

Straight people should have the easiest design and style of shoes in their arsenal. Avoid straps, rivets, and other fittings. If the heel is a medium-length heel, then the heel is of straight construction. Ideal shoes on a moderate wedge and low stroke. Bags are available in medium size, with smooth outlines and soft materials. The stated characteristics of the bags have hobo, models with tightening laces. For a choice of ornaments, we are inspired by nature. Semiprecious stones, wood, and leather are a perfect choice. The shape is geometric, but with smooth lines, the size is large.

Hair and Makeup

It’s easy to create a straight hairstyle for straight people because the main thing is naturalness and freedom. Slight negligence is just for you. It can be present in the dissolved hair, in a bundle, and in a horse’s tail. There is no “sullenness”, clear symmetry, and structure. It is worth mentioning the color. None of the shades will emphasize your natural type as the natural hair color. Keep it. Whichever makeup you choose, strive for natural colors. Avoid multi-layers and bright shades. Try your nude makeup and smoky eyes in the evening.

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