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These days unusual clothes in color block style are in fashion. The streets are getting colored in the summer season. The highlight of these things are geometric inserts of contrast shades, so a product is divided into color blocks.

Now, the question is, what is a color block?

So, color blocking is created by mixing two to three (if not more) bold and often contrasting colors together to make a beautiful statement piece. Sometimes such fabrics are able to create optical illusions, for example, vertical inserts visually stretch the figure, making it thinner. In this article, we’ll look at examples of color-block clothing and explain what these extraordinary models should be paired with.
Before we begin, an important tip: the main rule of color blocking is to avoid sharp contrasts.

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Combination of Clothes in the Color Block Style

Clothing with large color inserts can be safely attributed to the style of minimalism. These models always follow a strict cut, simple laconic lines. And it is best to combine them with simple monotonous things. These clothes do not tolerate a combination of prints and patterns and avoid embroidery, applications, and other decorative elements. To choose the color of accessories to the model of color blocks, just choose one of the colors included in the design of this thing, or take a contrasting shade to one of the colors. The design of accessories should also be laconic – simple geometric shapes and minimum details.

Casual Dresses with Color Inserts

These dresses are characterized by clear lines, contrasting in color, so it is better to combine them with simple additions with a minimum of decor.

If the lines in the dress are straight, it is best to combine them with straight-heeled shoes, the studs will look too fragile compared to the massive blocks of the dress. Dresses in the daily style can be combined with loafers and slippers. For a bright dress with many lines, it is better to choose a monochrome bag not to make a colorful image.

Sheath Dress with Side Panels

There is a very pleasant feature of vertical contrasting inserts in the models of dress-case – they create an illusion of a thin waist. Therefore, girls with shapes should especially look at them. Look how great Kate Winslet (center) looks in this dress.


Block-color skirts always look interesting and avant-garde. Combine them with a simple neutral top – a black or white top without decor will perfectly fit into the image.

Sweaters, Crop Top, and Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts and sweaters with colorful blocks are suitable for fashionable everyday looks – they can be combined with monochrome trousers, jeans, and simple monochrome skirts.

Evening Image and Color Block

Despite its avant-garde reception color blocks can be found in images for solemn occasions. In the style of color blocks, designers offer interesting Maxi dresses and even overalls. Such outfits are suitable for brave and self-confident girls. This will be followed by a monochrome clutch of a rigid shape.

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Coats and Jackets

Didn’t bypass the color block and outerwear fashion. Bright color spots and minimalistic cut of coats should be combined with shoes, it should be simple and laconic in design. Such models will be suitable for massive shoes on a thick heel, platform or wedge.

Accessories and Bags

A bright purse or shoes in the color block technique can be an accent in itself. They can be combined with neutral things, which will become the background for a bright design. Another option is to combine such an accessory with the color palette of the accessory. Such examples we see in the central and right photos.

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