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Handbags are like a girl’s best friend, they carry your secrets and are always there for your needs. A woman’s bag is probably the most important accessory in any woman’s wardrobe. A versatile handbag is a top pick to make a different style statement every time you step out.
In today’s time handbags are not only used to store your personal articles but also help in making fashion and style statements. This year offers plenty of trends for anyone with even the most whimsical tastes.
Since the collection of handbags needs constant upgrades, we have shortlisted some of the most stylish handbags.

So let’s take a look at some of the most affordable and classy bags:

Complete Your Look With These Trendy Handbags

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Micro bags

The solution is for ladies who are not used to burdening themselves and prefer to be light. All the most important things are always with you – a bank card, phone, lipstick. Not much, but what else does a hyperactive girl of our day need? Such a “baby” will be useful in the club, on vacation.

Oversize Bags

The other extreme of the current fashion season is the huge bags. The trend for girls who are used to “carry everything with you” – half a kilo of cosmetics, a laptop, a stack of papers, and lunch. And another place will remain for spontaneous shopping at the end of the day. The shape of this bag can be very different – shopper, toot, bowler. The choice is yours!

Eco-Leather Bags

Each year, the course of ethical and nature-friendly production and consumption is gaining momentum. So this year’s bag of eco-leather will be more relevant than ever. Modern technology allows you to accurately replicate the pattern of the skin and the overall appearance. Besides, the advantages are resistance to abrasion, durability, and practicality. A good deed can be done now, abandoning the natural leather in favor of eco-material.

Chain Bags

It doesn’t look as brutal as it sounds. Handles and straps are made not only of metal but also of plastic, coloring them in all sorts of colors. Among the topical ones are models with massive links, which give the image a powerful accent. Therefore, if you are used to attracting attention, you have found the right thing for this year.

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Bags On The Ring

This trend migrated from last season when it-girl and fashion bloggers starred with iconic Chloe handbags. This year the wind of change caught up with Marni, Simon Miller. And now he will get to you! The mass-market brands that make the catwalk trend available were not left out. This elegant detail is decorated with satchels, shoppers, and evening clutches.

Straw Bags

Gone are the times when the bag of straw shone exclusively on the beach places. Now this accessory looks appropriate in the daytime, at a party, in a bar, and even on the red carpet. The matter is in detail – the straw thing is supplemented with embroidery, bright ribbons, and other throwing accessories.

Brown Bags

The color is classical and always actual. However, in 2018 brown bags add a particularly sharp image. The shade is conservative and quite restrained, but the details are perfectly capable of creating individuality – chains, zippers, pens, and straps. The choice is huge.

I hope you liked our collection. If you are wondering how to upgrade the bag collection without disturbing your pocket, then you should consider the points discussed.

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