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9 Summer Party Dresses, Look Trendy Everyday

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We all know that summer is on the rise, with some pretty summer outfit ideas, you’ll be ready to go wherever you go. Nastya Swan, a popular blogger, and model, has collected for you the best dresses, which you will be in the headlines for any summer party.

A simple dress is one of the most versatile pieces, mind you, it is not necessary at all that the party dresses be decorated with a variety of materials. It can also be simple, they say less is more. Sometimes the simplicity of the dress proves to be its ornament.

So let’s take a look at the dresses selected by Nastya Swan.

Checkout These Trendy Summer Party Dresses

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Nastya Swan lives in several cities at once: Moscow, Riga, and New York. For more than five years she has been blogging about life, modeling, sports, healthy eating, and motivation. Nastya shared her favorite dress trends with readers and collected 10 models for a summer party.

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For Love & Lemons

Absolute hit of this season – dresses with voluminous sleeves in the Victorian style. The options with bare shoulders will look especially advantageous. Almost any kind of shoe will suit this dress: from sneakers to high leather shoes.

Little Mistress

The other trend is openwork dresses. For example, models made in a tiny technique should definitely make up a part of your summer wardrobe. Wear them with leather sandals and small bags over your shoulder in a contrasting color.

Girl In Mind

Sparkling sequins on shiny black dresses, silver, and metallic gold are something no summer party can do without. In this dress, you will certainly become the star of the evening, but try not to overdo it with accessories. It’s better to give up too much jewelry with big stones and rhinestones.

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Asos Design

Models with other “catching” elements are also gaining popularity. For example, dresses decorated with decorative feathers and fringe. Wear them with minimalistic decorations of silver or black flowers, as well as with sandals on a heel and a small laconic clutch.

Asos Design

Gowns and shirt dresses with V-neck buttons are back in fashion. Don’t forget to add an elegant figure pendant on a thin chain and a belt to such a dress if you want to make an accent on the waist and décolleté zone at the same time.

House of Stars

Dresses with all kinds of ruffles. Ryushes and flounces are what will be at the peak of popularity in the summer of 2019. Pay special attention to asymmetrical models. With this dress you can make a romantic and gentle image, as well as a contrasting one, for example, wearing rough lace-up shoes or “ugly” sandals.

True Decadence

Long evening dresses with transparent, lace, and mesh inlays will be no less spectacular. In this way, you can go to a gala event, such as a wedding or graduation party.

Mads Norgaard

Light dresses with floral prints are also perfect for the coming summer season. There are so many variations of floral patterns that among this variety you can find the perfect “flower” dress for yourself.

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Little Mistress

Pleated dresses that play with folds are the perfect solution for fashionable bows at any time of year, especially in the summer.

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