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With the birth of a child, every woman’s lifestyle changes dramatically. A killer fashion sense may not be the most important thing, but you’re thankful for it nonetheless. Being in motion and solving a huge number of problems, it is necessary to take care of a functional and convenient wardrobe. However, the timing of the decree is not a reason to sacrifice beauty.

A stylish mom, even on a walk with the kids, is irresistible. Topping the list of fashionable moms and daughters are some of the most famous families in fashion right now. In this article, we’ll show you how to choose a comfortable and stylish wardrobe for your moms to look good and feel comfortable in.

Take Inspirations From These Stylish Moms

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Alessandra Ambrosio

The Brazilian beauty successfully took place not only in the modeling business but also in family life. Alessandra has two small children, but it does not prevent her from looking attractive. For walks with them, she chooses comfortable clothes in a casual style. Her images are simple, but at the same time interesting. She achieves this effect with details such as jeans stripes, a fur vest, or heart-shaped glasses.

Fashion posture, well-groomed hair, and face are aspects that almost any look looks good with. Ambrosio follows this pattern, so even simple images become beautiful and feminine.

Jessica Alba

Having started her career at the age of 13, Jessica Alba is still in demand by the actress. In addition to playing the movie, the girl is actively engaged in charity and family interests. At the same time, the mother of two beautiful girls has learned the art of creating comfortable and stylish outfits.

Her outfits are dominated by multi-layers. The classic jumper worn on top of her blouse and trousers is a comfortable and stylish option for everyday walks with children. The pendant on the long-chain will be a highlight of the image. Comfortable footwear on a small platform or flat sole perfectly completes the look and gives comfort.

The actress likes to bring lightness and youth to the images. Jeans shirts and bright midi skirts are perfect for this task. The combination of blue denim with a girly pink skirt looks interesting and fresh. Ultramodern sunglasses will help to strengthen your individuality and complement your image.

A long shirt in a cage, worn on top of a T-shirt in combination with slip-ups brings relaxation to the image. This simple and youthful look is easy to repeat and comfortable to wear in everyday life.

Miranda Kerr

One of the most attractive women in the world – Miranda Kerr – can not only earn millions but also be a wonderful mother. Walking with her son, the supermodel looks as if in a minute she will return to the podium. This beauty has something to learn from it!

Complementing her favorite jeans and skinny pants with stylish cardigans and shoe boats she looks attractive and does not sacrifice comfort.

Another secret Miranda is the selection of perfectly fitting leather trousers. Using this wardrobe element, Kerr brings courage and dynamism to her look.

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Holly Berry

Holly Berry’s a fan of the relaxed style in clothes. A fighter in spirit, Holly doesn’t accept submission to all sorts of prejudices. Her motto was freedom. That’s why street style is firmly in the wardrobe of this actress. Boyfriend jeans, oversize cardigans, and a black total look – are the basis of many of her images.

Sarah Jessica Parker

A fan of high heels and lush skirts in the world of cinema, Sarah Jessica Parker in real life prefers comfort. Walking with children in New York City, the actress chooses denim and sporty style. However, with an innate sense of style, Sarah can create stylish yet comfortable outfits.

An excellent idea in her wardrobe is a jeans jumpsuit. Ideally picked up on a figure, in a combination with sneakers on a small platform, this subject of clothes does its image modern and interesting.

The choice in favor of sweaters with soft boots brings the image of comfort and looks cute.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, one of the most famous models in the world, recognizes that the most important achievement in her life is children. A mother of 4 children knows what it’s like to be on the move all the time and to stand by. However, all this does not prevent her from looking stylish and in great shape.

Heidi prefers jackets. Combining them with slightly narrowed jeans to the bottom, she gets a stylish and comfortable look at the same time.

Oversize sweaters are also a favorite attribute in her images. Combining them with jeans, Klum likes to use accessories. Hats and hats, scarves and large bags enhance her personality and make her images interesting.

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