Dive Into The Diverse World Of Women’s Underwear

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When it comes to buying new underwear, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. Obviously, comfort is the key. If it’s extremely comfortable, you won’t think twice about it, but if it’s less than that, you’ll be able to think about it. You don’t want to walk around in a cloth of fire climbing over your panties or scratching your skin, leaving you totally wrong.

Style, of course, is another important factor as well. I’m just saying that the confidence you get from knowing that you’re wearing a lovely pair of underwear is powerful.
Are you confused about your underwear (or rather the variety of models)? We tell and show what models of panties exist and how they look.

Click through if you know exactly what you’re looking for or scroll down for all of our selections.

From Being Cozy To Ridiculous, Different Women’s Underwear

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Pantaloons are often associated with our grandmother’s underwear, but this is not entirely justified. This kind of lingerie can correct the figure and fit perfectly under a fitting dress.

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With A High Waist Line

Another model of underwear with a modeling effect – a variant with a high waist. If already your forces are not strong enough to involve a stomach constantly, pull it in for the last time and run to shop for such underwear.

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Cotton short pants with a middle waist. We don’t know what they can be worn for, but for some reason, they were invented.

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The hipsters are even lower. Most often in shops, you can find variants of cotton with a lace trimming on the edges. Ideal for those who do not like lace linen, but just cotton they do not like.

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The most classic model of underwear worn by everybody, when they were not even under the table, but crawling. Comfortable and universal, what else do you need?

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This model of underwear resembles slips, but they have a much bigger neckline on their thighs. They are comfortable to wear with skirts and dresses with deep cuts.


Those who want to enlarge their hips will find a cellophane underwear. They visually make the buttocks bigger and more feminine.


The front and rear (yes, there are) parts of these panties are connected with thin rubber bands, which makes the hit completely open. This model is suitable for hot summers, but we do not recommend wearing them under a flying dress in windy weather.


If you are dreaming about the beach and the sea, you can wear bikini panties within the city. Just imagine, sitting in a stuffy office, dying, and then remembering that you are wearing a bikini with ties and immediately easier on the soul.


Everybody probably remembers their aunt’s gynecologist scaring girls with her thong stories at school. If you did not fall for these puritanical pamphlets, then look for the most provocative or basic cotton options in the store.

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Very similar to thongs, but the front rubber band forms a V-neck. If you like to pull your underwear up to your ears like Bella Hadid, then tongues are perfect for you.

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They only cover their ass halfway, and the bottom part’s like a thong.

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Lightweight underwear. As you can see, they don’t have any rubber bands, but they hold on thanks to the silicone frame.

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