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Trending Minimalist Fashion: They Say Less Is more

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Every time a question comes that what is minimalist fashion? Is it the key to a happier and more sustainable lifestyle?
In today’s world, trends are changing at an alarming rate. Minimalism, thanks to its simplicity and elegance, will never go out of fashion. However, this season it is at its peak of popularity. Minimalist fashion means having a minimum of clothes in your wardrobe that feel right and brings joy. It is said to be the key to a happier and more sustainable life. If you’re looking for some beginner minimalist staples, keep reading to find out how to start your minimalist wardrobe, plus our favorite brands.

Try These Minimalist Style And Look Fashionable

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Clothes in the style of minimalist are usually simple cut. This fashionable trend does not accept excesses: complex details, flounces, or intricate finishing. Clothing with a straight or fitted silhouette is suitable for minimalism.


The style of minimalist can be called aristocratic. Simplicity and simplicity of cut are compensated by expensive materials and quality of things. Clothes of this style are mainly made of natural fabrics: cotton, wool, silk, cashmere. Minimalism does not tolerate guipure, jacquard, tapestry, or Lycra.


Minimalism is characterized by restrained colors and combinations. Classic is the combination of white and black as well as monochrome images. Neutral and pastel tones are suitable for outfitting every day. The image in the style of minimalist can be bright. But you need to choose only one catchy thing. It should dominate the outfit, and be monotonous and simple in the cut.


When dressing in a minimalist way, you should give preference to classic shoes made of natural materials. There should be no buckles, rivets, or other decorative elements on it. It should be noted that the shoes should be chosen comfortably, and fit perfectly on the leg. Shoe boots, classic boots, and comfortable shoes at low speed will perfectly complete your image in the style of minimalist.

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The same rules apply to handbags as to other things in the style of minimalist. They should be made of quality materials, in a discreet color and laconic in shape. This accessory for every day should also be comfortable and functional. A shopper bag, simple saddlebag, rectangular clutch envelope, and handbag of hard shape without extra finishing will perfectly fit into the image, made in the style of minimalist.


Minimalism does not deny the use of accessories in the image. On the contrary, skillfully selected detail will make your look exquisite and unique. There should not be many accessories: one or two accents are quite enough. Well, when choosing jewelry for your image, do not forget the main motto of minimalist – “Simplicity and conciseness”!

Fashion trends come and go, but minimalism tends to stick around. In this article, we have told about the main features of this style.

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