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Style Guide Of Kibbe Dramatic Classic Clothing With Celebrity Touch

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Today our review is dedicated to a strict and elegant type – “dramatic classic”. Their appearance is an absolute harmony of yin and yang with a little more influence of the latter. The beauty of a Dramatic Classic woman is defined by symmetry, expressed both in facial features and in body structure, as for the stylistic borrowings, they have taken restraint and symmetry from the classics, and slight angularity and geometry from the dramatists.

In this post, you’re gonna learn the principles of how to dress a Dramatic Classic Kibbe body type. Let’s get acquainted with the dramatic classics and learn about the peculiarities of their style.

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Characteristic Appearance:

Height: up to 171 cm.

Face: all parts of the face are harmoniously proportional and evenly arranged, medium size, there is some angularity – nose, the chin of the cheekbone.

Hair: usually straight and silky. Rarely wavy or curly.

Figures: Balanced, compact, and without distinct roundness. Chest, waist, and hips are approximately the same vertical. Shoulders slightly pointed.

Stars: Olivia Palermo, Michelle Dockery, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jacqueline Kennedy, Tracy Scoggins, Linda Gray, Diane Rigg, Catherine Ross, Rose Byrne, Diane Krueger.

General Style Recommendations:

When selecting a wardrobe, take a triangle as a reference point. The silhouette of your set should resemble this very figure – a wide shoulder area and a narrow hem. Geometric shape, symmetry, strict silhouette and clear lines are definitely your choices.


  • Clear shoulder line
  • Narrowed bottom
  • Strict geometry in silhouettes and prints
  • High color contrast
  • Medium-density fabric
  • Prints of stripes, cells, zigzags, asymmetrical geometric


  • Shapeless and oversize things
  • Ruffles, ruffles, bows, and flounces
  • Lightweight, tightening, and translucent fabrics
  • Sharp angles and square silhouettes
  • A riot of colors and a chaotic game of color

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

The main criteria for choosing a skirt are a narrow and straight cut. The skirt should be flat, without any bulk details – pockets, draperies, applications. A contrasting stitch or decor that is not distinguished from the general texture of the fabric is acceptable. The ideal candidate for a place in your closet is a pencil skirt, a thing for all occasions. Pants should resemble men’s models: straight silhouettes and arrows will cope with this task. Jeans should also choose a straight cut. Make sure that the pants fit your size, fit perfectly on the figure, and do not create unnecessary folds.

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Dresses, Blouses, And Jackets

Girls like dramatic classics are shown in elongated jackets and medium-length models. Collars, double-breasted articles, and clear and slightly pointed shoulder lines will give the necessary geometry to the image. Blouses should be strict and cut clearly in shape. The fabric can be soft to the touch, but dense to the appearance. The classic cotton shirt is the benchmark for all future purchases. Dresses should also have a clear silhouette and be made of dense fabrics. Pay attention to shirt dresses, cases, and vest dresses.

Shoes and Accessories

Shoes should be discreet, without any excesses and flashy decor. Classic boats, sharp-nosed models, and low-stroke shoes are a win-win situation. For bags, we choose rigidification, frame, and laconic design. It is worth paying attention to strict briefcases, tote bags, and clutch envelopes. Massive geometric ornaments with sharp corners and perfectly round and square shapes are shown. Your set will be enough for one such product.

Hair and Makeup

Your main task is to emphasize the sculpture of the face. Therefore it is necessary to approach carefully a choice of tone, powders, and blushes. Choose matte and deep shades. Even the evening image is able to withstand only a barely noticeable portion of shimmering shadows, no more. Use the contour: your lips and eyes will be carefully drawn to your face. Hair should lie perfectly smooth. Straight hair will be suitable for a straight cut, sideways or diagonally drawn hair, perfectly smooth bangs – everything that carries the geometry. Curly hair is rare for this type of hair, and the constant use of an iron to straighten the hair is not an option. Therefore, these girls are advised to carefully style curls, getting rid of the fluffy veil and carefully structuring the waves and curls.

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