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The Classic Body Type of the Kibbe is the most balanced and symmetrical of all the Kibbe body types. The name already says a lot. The “classic” type is hidden in sophisticated women with proportional facial features with an accuracy of one centimeter and a harmoniously folded figure. David Kibbe, the founder of type theory, believed that such girls are extremely rare and that the classic type is a perfect harmony of yin and yang. Get a kibbe test done to find out your body type.

So, in this post, you will learn how to dress up a classic body type and understand who are such pure classics and what are their style features.

Let’s Know How To Dress Kibbe’s Classic Body Types

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Characteristic Appearance

Height: 162-171 cm.

Face: smooth lines, all parts of the face are harmoniously proportional and evenly arranged, medium size.

Hair: straight/wavy/smoky, medium-hard

Figures: balanced, without distinct roundness. The chest, waist, and hips are approximately the same vertical. Shoulders slightly pointed.

Stars: Catherine Deneuve, Ginger Rogers, Grace Kelly, Diane Sawyer, Amy Adams, Maggie Grace, January Jones.

General Style Recommendations

Choosing a wardrobe, we keep a course on the balance of soft lines and strict forms which give the image of quiet and smooth architecture. Continuity and integrity of the silhouette are your main trumps. Try to maintain symmetry in everything – cut, prints, and accessories. Monochrome kits are another of your business cards. Colorful images will require a smooth transition from one shade to another. You are most likely the owner of the figure type “rectangle”, so one of the main tasks when choosing a set – is to mark the waist.


  • Symmetry
  • Classic fit
  • Low color contrast
  • Balance of soft lines and rigid shapes
  • Classic style in clothes, total look
  • Medium-sized fabrics
  • Concise and unobtrusive accessories


  • Oversize stuff
  • Bulky geometry and lush, rounded shapes
  • Sharp lines and angles
  • Excessive use of ruffles, flasks, bows, and flounces
  • Rough textures and heavy fabrics
  • Big patterns, screaming prints, and paints
  • Bulky jewelry, bags, hats, and scarves

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

Choosing the bottom, follow the rules of the classics and you will not make a mistake. Perfect jeans and trousers in shape or straight cut. Let them be lightly draped at the waist. It will draw a waistline, making it more pronounced. Skirts should also carry the same simplicity and a minimum amount of detail. Pay attention to soft, straight, and A-shaped models. Allowed light and unobtrusive folds on the belt. At the first opportunity, accent the waist: arm yourself with a thin strap for models with a high fit.

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Dresses, Blouses And Jackets

Narrow jackets, tailored to the shape – a great choice. But even here we are guided by the principle of smooth lines, no sharp outlines and angles. Blouses and dresses should be light, feminine, repeat the lines of the body and create soft outlines. Let’s assume a laconic decor, typical for these things – small ruffles on cuffs, small bows at the neck, a couple of lines of drapery, etc. Pay attention to a dress with a smell, a shirt dress, cases and thin straps to them – with these things you will correctly draw the waist line.

Shoes and Accessories

And again on the front positions come the classics – shoe boats, shoes on a narrow heel, models with a pointed nose. Watch the size of the heel: high and bulky heel – not your choice. Shape, clear lines, and small dimensions are the main reference points when choosing a bag. The bag-tote, envelopes, small hard shoppers, briefcases – the ideal choice. Jewelry should complement, but not lead-in character. Symmetrical, simple, and small-size jewelry will fit.

Hair and Makeup

The principle of low contrast should also be observed in make-up: no bright eyes or lips. Apply make-up evenly, carefully growing your makeup. Choose a matte texture for blushes and shadows. It will give a natural and well-groomed look to your makeup. Even the evening image will not tolerate excess sequins, only a small portion of shimmering shadows is acceptable. Haircuts should be neat and symmetrical. If the hair is straight, try a straight cut. This hair is easy to style, and update and it will fit your type of hair brilliantly. The texture spray will tidy up curly and wavy hair, giving it a groomed look.

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