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How to Get Rid of Dry Skin from Legs

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Dryness is the most common problem that people go through. Before we discuss its signs and how to remove it let us first get to know what is dryness, how it is caused? Dryness is the condition where mucous, lubrication, fluid factors are getting low in the upper layer of skin that is in epidermis. This includes effects of fluids like water getting low. This can be because of lack of water, due to cold etc.

There are many reasons for a person to get dry skin few of them is sun exposure, lack of water availability, change in seasons and coldness. Signs and symptoms that makes you realize that your skin is getting dry are redness in the skin, flakiness and breakage in skin, skin coming out (peeling off) and itchiness on the skin. Dry skin is a great problem as it may lead to great allergies and infection as many microbes, virus and bacteria can live in broken skin, flakes etc.

One of the biggest problems of dryness in skin is caused in the legs, people of different area like few from sandy area, few from cold area approximately every body is facing it. It causes awkwardness for people who are out to deal with itchiness at that time so let us find some ways to remove dry skin from our legs. Few ways that helps us to deal with dryness of legs are:

Skincare routine

Dry skin of legs needs a great removal treatment and to get a rid of this dryness we should follow a regime that can help us moisturize and take care of your leg skin more.

  • Wash your leg more often, as cleanliness really matters during this time.
  • Fill your bucket with warm or hot water, then put some salt in that bucket mix it then put your leg’s in it.
  • Use your hands to take dry skin out clean your leg, dispense the water out.
  • Apply ointment that takes care of heels etc. You can add magnesium sulphate instead of salt for great results.
  • Apply moisturizer on your legs and massage well, take care that you take rest after it.

How to Remove Dead Skin?

You can remove the dead skin by few methods written below they are:

Use of paraffin wax

It is the most used technique by parlors for treating legs and for pedicures too. It is soft wax that does not burn, it is made with intention of being safe to people who use it. So, it is taken in a pan and heated to a proper temperature, this is either done on gas stove or on electric heater where you heat wax. Then apply it on your feet’s or legs, apply more coats on it, then cover it with plastic for some time. When you feel that the wax is all dry and cold remove it. See its effects and then take care of it using proper regime we mentioned above.

Use pumice stone

Use pumice stone or a dead scale removing material: Pumice stone is said to be obtained from hot lava, it is a rock obtained from there. It is a material present in lava other than sponge too; you can use sponges too clean too. But if you do not get these both there is a material available in the market that is made of plastic and helps in removing dirt and dead skin from the legs.

  • Step 1: Take whatever material you got, put it on water to liquify it, put feet’s in the hot water for at least fifteen minutes for better cleaning.
  • Step 2:  Apply a bit soft soap on your legs for two minutes.
  • Step 3: Take your stone or sponge take it near your leg start giving it motions on the skin, gently move it on your skin.
  • Step 4: Rub it quietly as it does the work of removing the dirt. Wash your legs after this and moisturize it.

Use scrubs

Once in a week use scrubs on your feet and legs to clean them up and remove all the dry and dead skin out. Instead of normal scrubs you can use leg and foot scrubs because face one’s are really soft and will be very mild while usage. Whereas foot one’s can work wonders on your leg. Prefer to use the ones with minerals, sea extracts, moisturizing element and with granules in it.

Recipes to Remove Dead Skin

There are few recipes that can help you remove all the dryness out of your leg skin.

Lemon and salt water

Lemon How to Get Rid of Dry Skin from Legs

Step 1: Take warm water three and half cup, add salt in it.

Step 2: Add lemon to it and add a bit of olive oil in it.

Step 3: Blend it and then apply it to your legs.

Step 4: Rub them and give a massage.

That mixture will surely remove dirt and dryness from your leg.

Oat time

Oats How to Get Rid of Dry Skin from Legs

Step 1: Take warm water one by fourth cup, Add one whole cup oatmeal in it.

Step 2: Add milk to it, add one teaspoon of rose water to it.

Step 3: Blend it perfectly, apply it on your legs.

Step 4: Rub it on your legs, then wash it off after thirty to forty minutes or so.

You will surely see changes in your legs and your feet too.

Fruit time

Fruits How to Get Rid of Dry Skin from Legs

I know its wrong to use fruits on feet but this can be done once in a month or once in two months.

Step 1: Take a slice of fruit suggested in the block (papaya or banana).

Step 2: If (papaya or banana), then mash the pieces, when it is mashed finely. Apply it to your legs.

Step 3: Then leave whatever you have applied and rub it as if it is a scrub. Clean it with water.

See the changes it made.

Tomato time

Tomato How to Get Rid of Dry Skin from Legs

Step 1: Use tomato and cute it in two big pieces.

Step 2: Take its piece start rubbing over your legs hardly.

Step 3: After using it as scrub rub your legs with your hands

Step 4: Clean it with water.

Now appreciate the changes it caused.

Lifestyle Changes

Bring few changes to your lifestyle and find your legs free from dryness.

  • Drink water in proper amount. Take a bottle filled with water all the time with you. Drink at least 1 liter in two hours.
  • Take fruits and vegetables that has a good fluid content like watermelon, melon, tomatoes and cucumber during summers and apples during winters.
  • Make sure you drink coconut water once in week at least.
  • Oil you skin on a regular basis or moisturize it every day.

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