Best Swimwear brands in India

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India has been a land of curiosity; people here are always interested to learn something new and when it comes to learning they invest their whole heart in it.  This era has been a special one, people have started paying attention to play sports. Swimming has always been a famous sport for people.

People have a great interest to learn this special sport of course there are reasons behind it. Let us get to know the reason first they are:

  1. It helps the ones who are interested in losing body fat but, they do not want to join gym. This is a whole body workout that helps people in creating strong muscle strength.
  2. It helps a few people in gaining flexibility in their body.
  3. It is considered that swimming helps people relax and enlighten mood. As it is a water sport, the feeling of being in water is what makes few people happy.
  4. It helps in stabilizing asthma and sometimes it helps in increasing the capacity of lungs.
  5. It helps in developing motor skills as we do practice balancing in water. So basically, your kid’s brain sharpens with this.

When we know so many benefits of swimming let us get to know the brands who’s swimming attires we can use.

Best Swimwear brands in India

1. Zivame

They have a great variety of swim wear; they have great material too. They sell swimwear in different designs like one-piece swimwear, two-piece swim wear and three pieces. They have floral pattern, lining designs and cute designs to provide to variety of customers.

So, as we know that it is an online platform to buy dresses. So, to buy swim wear from them connect at

2. Jockey

Famous for providing great cloth material, they are good when it comes to buying of bikini. They have great colours designs are quite less. But variety of colours and the cuts given to the bikinis are beautiful. You can feel pretty and confident while swimming.

If you want to buy swim wear online that is available on, you can compare and buy it from, amazon or myntra. You can go to stores for buying swim wear.

3. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein comes to mind of people when we thik of comfort, quality and socializing. It has a great ranges of swim wear to buy. You can buy three-piece, two piece or one-piece swim wear. They provide beautiful bikinis to try on.

You can compare and buy swim wear of Calvin Klein from, amazon or myntra. You can go to stores for buying swim wear.

4. Under armor

A brand that is from America originally. Their main concern is to create an apparel, that comforts the whole body. They design clothes for great results, they want each of the people who carry it wins and achieves something. Their dress material goes well with the water.

You can connect with them online. They provide clothing from us or they have partnership with if you are in going to stores, it is available only in metro cities only.

5. Decathalon

Decathalon provides swim wear at a very affordable price, people can appreciate the amount of money they take for a nice quality of swim wear they take. Clothes by them has dynamic cuts, great shape, good cloth usage. For your check up and satisfaction, you can buy after checking comments sections and ratings on each costume.

You can buy swimsuits from this brand online through their official website that is, you can go to the offline store to buy requires swimsuit if you are comfortable trying the apparel. You can contact with too.

6. Nykaa

As we know nykaa has a great interest in fashion and in making people look in style. This is because they produce swim wear that are chic. They are totally cool, beautiful and bets to wear at a beautiful beach. You can afford them at an easy price.

As we know they have online outlet stores only so the only way to them is this only. You can buy them from

7. Marks and Spencer

Many of the people have suggested this website to buy swimwear from. They have great remarks, beautiful designs. Best part about them are designs and choice of colour they have for swimwear. These clothes are chlorine free and take care of the body, so we can call it body friendly.

As we know they have online outlet stores only so the only way to them is this only. You can buy them from

8. Cilory

Great online women wear selling website. It has a great variety of costume available; they take in care that the cloth does not stick on the body. But hugs body and is stretchable. Swimwear from them are made up of nylon and elastane.

So, as we know that it is an online platform to buy dresses. So, to buy swim wear from them connect at

9. Adidas

Known for great quality of sports product they provide. Same quality they provide for swim wears. They have famous colours, comfortable material and great design. They have a promising image for all kind of supports that includes apparels for swimming.

If you are interested in buying swim wear online, it is available on for comparison, check and then buy you can try, and these sites can also help you buy the swim wears. You can buy swim wear from Adidas offline too.

10. Reebok

The slogan they have “I am what I am” which is supports their individuality. They are a brand made under Adidas. They make durable clothes and trendy sports attire. Contact them for something cool

If you are interested in buying swim wear’s online, it is available on if you want to compare and buy, and can help you buy the apparels. Or you can go to the factory outlet stores or the normal stores to buy swim wears.

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