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Let’s Welcome Fringe Fashion Trend To Your Closet

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Fringes pose a challenge in this season’s fashion trends. So, what is a fringe after all? Let me tell you, it became popular in the 1920s, before coming and fading into fashion in the 1960s, 70s, and 90s. This fashion involves hanging threads or cords, whether on the sleeves of a leather jacket or subtly accented on the hem of a skirt, fringes are seen almost everywhere these days.

This decorative element has become a universal decoration of almost anything – from a dress to a bag and shoes. The fringe wonderfully changes the look of ordinary clothing, and the image created from things with fringe becomes dynamic, light, and elegant, at the same time the style is relaxed, effortlessly cool, and incredibly fun, like weekend dressing.

Get a head start on the trend with some amazing collections  below:

Trendy Fringe Fashion: What Are You Waiting For?

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Fringed Skirt

The presence of fringe on the skirt immediately animates the whole image. Look how mobile and playful he becomes. Such a skirt should be combined with calmer things – a neutral top, a light blouse or a simple shirt, and the shoes are better to use on a heel, even if not big. It turns out to be very elegant, stylish, and feminine.

Fringed Dress

Dress with fringe can be used for a variety of occasions – from everyday wear to a festive evening. It all depends on the style of the dress and the number of decorative elements, the more they are, the more suitable it is for special occasions. The choice of shoes also depends on the model of the dress, to the image for each day you can choose boots or boots without heels and add it to a small bag over the shoulder or a bag-shopper, but for special occasions are more suitable elegant heels in combination with a miniature clutch.

Fringed Top

Top with fringe – a great option for the summer image – light and easy. Such tops can be combined with many things – skinny trousers, flared jeans, mini skirts, and shorts. If the fringe is not much and it is on the edges, you can add accessories – pendants and pendants, but if the decor is a lot, especially in the center of the product, then neck accessories should not be worn.

Fringed Bag

The bag with the fringe is a luxury accessory. Even the calmest and most neutral image turns into something chic, with notes of festivity and freedom. Add this accessory to your look and you’ll see how it comes to life. Moreover, even black-gray bags seem to have such an effect, as if they were strict and restrained. The length of the fringe can be very different – here it is important that you are comfortable with such a thing, and the decor does not interfere.

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Fringed Jacket

Jackets, jackets, and capes with fringe have become extremely popular. This is not only a comfortable but also a stylish thing for every day, with minimum requirements in the combination with other things. Suede or leather jackets in black, beige, or red shades are especially relevant, although other colors are also appropriate. To make such a thing literally “play”, it is important to create a good background for it in the form of more neutral things, light dresses, jeans, and discreet tops. Shoes are preferable to shoes with boots or rough half-boots.

Fringe Shoes

Fringe is also firmly established in the design of shoes – from sandals to boots, for different seasons and occasions. Such decor adds festivity and playfulness to the models, the image becomes more alive and bold. You can combine it with anything from short dresses to jeans or trousers. It is better not to add such shoes to the strict image.

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