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Stay Stylish & Warm In This Reindeer Printed Sweater

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Warm winter sweaters usually have monochrome, neutral, or dark colors. And the choice of such clothes is very wide. But to wear such a faceless sweater – a yearning.

Is there really no better option for winters?  Yes! It is a sweater with reindeer. Sweaters with strange, absurd, and colorful patterns are now considered the most fashionable – they are also called ugly sweaters on the Internet.

Don’t treat it as a frivolous wardrobe item! Today, many brands offer a wide range of models of different styles, designs, and colors. Among all this abundance, it is easy to choose an option not only for New Year’s holidays with family in nature (cottage, ski resort) but also quite suitable for urban living solutions. How to choose and buy a men’s sweater with a drawing on the theme of a deer?

Read about it in our blog. An Avalanche of bright winter ideas is waiting for you!

This Winter Try Trendy Reindeer Printed Sweater

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Why Do Men Choose A Deer Sweater?

For a man, bright decisions always have priority over dark colors. This is nature, and nothing can be done with it. And sweaters with a print on the “deer” theme are always distinguished by an attractive pattern or spectacular colors. How to pass by and not buy such a thing?

Polo Ralph Lauren sweater with deer is a stylish solution for any man.

Despite a little carelessness on the part of some men, a sweater with reindeer remains in the top leaders in terms of popularity. And not the first year. Waves of success were observed in the 40s, 50s, and 70s of the XX century. And in the 2000s, interest in such models was once again stirred up by hipsters. Some of the moments of success of sweaters with prints in the form of deer were even captured on film. Remember at least the film “Serenade of the Sun Valley” or “Bridget Jones’ Diary”. In both pictures flashed dressed in these sweaters men.

Yeah, these are really irreplaceable things. Especially in winter! Why? The fact is that at this time, many people go outdoors or spend their free time with friends or family outdoors. It can be:

  • A trip to a country house, a ski resort
  • Visiting the ice rink, ice slides, all sorts of pranks, and outdoor attractions
  • Walkthrough the snowy park
  • Extreme ascent to the top of the mountain
  • Playing snowball
  • Sledding or skiing

There are a lot of various options for winter leisure activities in a fun, and communication. And knitted sweater with reindeer – the best solution for almost any of them. The guarantees of its success are warmth, comfort, unusual print, and bright colors.


Today, manufacturers offer several dozen varieties of sweaters with stylized patterns. Among them are models with traditional Scandinavian prints, cartoon,s or New Year’s deer from the Santa Claus team. Most often it is a composition consisting not only of images of animals, but also supplemented with familiar winter symbols: snowflakes, sleds, Christmas trees, inscriptions, Christmas wreaths, and many others. In addition, prestigious brands with world-famous names have in their collections models with branded print or recognizable design “zest”. In this abundance, there are also drawings with a funny plot. They are the most successful among men around the world. What to say, look for yourself! Admiration, and only!

These sweaters can be of different colors. Usually, these are typical winter shades: red, blue, green, brown, beige, white, gently blue, and a combination of several shades. Here everyone can find a solution to their taste!

Most often such sweaters appear on sale in autumn, closer to winter. As I said, many men like them. And so a sweater with reindeer should be considered as a New Year or Christmas presents for her husband, brother, father, best friend, boyfriend. Why not give them a little positive? Here are some ideas from the collections of different brands:

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How To Choose A Deer Sweater?

Such things are rarely found made of thin knitwear. Basically, jackets with reindeer are knit from wool and yarn from mixed fibers. These can be thick or very thick sweaters. In any case, they are distinguished by an irreplaceable feeling of comfort in the cool season. Regardless of whether you’re wearing outerwear on top of your sweater, and whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Mixed yarn things will last much longer. But I strongly recommend not to even consider synthetic models. They will not warm you up at all in winter. And even in autumn or spring they practically do not breathe in the body. But a sweater made of natural wool will warm you up well. In addition, it is hypoallergenic. However, it is a little problematic to care for him. But this is not a problem for those who are aware of the case. It is enough to follow the recommendations on the label, not to squeeze after washing, and not to stretch during drying. It’s not difficult!

Most often these are models that have a straight classical cut. The length can vary from 10 to 15 centimeters below the beltline. There are sweaters with round, V-shaped, high necks or equipped with a convenient and practical zipper and hood. Choose any variant, the main thing is that you were as comfortable as possible on the street or indoors!

Where  And With What To Wear?

Despite the rather catchy prints and not neutral colors, a sweater with reindeer is a universal thing, which is relevant not only in the trip to the mountain top.

Holidays, walks, and journeys

There are no prohibitions and you can choose a model of your favorite colors and with any print. The main thing is that they fit your type of appearance. Cool drawings on the sweater will only add charm to you, and the others will give you a precious smile. And no matter where you are (in a mountain house, on a walk in the park, skating rink, or Christmas party at a friend’s cottage). Don’t be afraid to be bright and attract attention! Jeans or any monochrome trousers of laconic design will be an organic addition to such a spectacular sweater.

And consider the place where you intend to wear a sweater. For long stay outdoors optimal selection model with a thick collar “rack” that protects your throat from hypothermia.

Office And Educational Institutions

Here you should remember the restraint, giving preference to subdued colors and classic prints in the Scandinavian style. It can be a sweater with a round, V-shaped neck or a so-called stand. Ideally, it will be a model of dark blue, brown, black, bottle green, or grey with a pattern of white or beige color. Shades of pastel palette are also acceptable. In the latter case, the ornament of black color will look harmoniously.

A sweater with deer fits perfectly with classic indigo or neutral jeans and straight woolen trousers. Including tweed. A monochrome shirt or turtleneck can be worn under the sweater. For your taste. But remember that the throwing accent in the bow is a sweater. The other components of the image – are only minor companions.

Warm jumper or cardigan – indispensable things in winter. They are warm and comfortable enough. But a sweater with reindeer surpasses all competitors! It dilutes the gloominess of grey everyday life and creates a festive atmosphere. This is an accent thing in a stylish male image, which charges with a positive mood for the whole day. And such a gift will please every man! Isn’t it?

Where to buy a sweater with a stylized print in the form of deer? Today it is not a problem. A large selection of such solutions is presented not only in premium branded boutiques or mass-market but also in numerous online stores. Their cost is very diverse and depends on the quality of yarn, the celebrity of a particular brand, and the originality of the design. Experiment, try on, buy, present, and wear with pleasure!

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