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Fashion Guide: Trendy Leather Jacket Every Man’s Dream

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The leather jacket is a classic and versatile item that has been in trend since the beginning of time and will never go out of fashion. However, for many vegetarians, wearing animal skin is a deadly sin. When it comes to cultural symbols like leather jackets, such outfits tend to lose their strength.

A leather jacket represents a particular style that can satisfy many, if not all, regardless of your social status, gender, age, or size. And I often wonder: “What is the secret of its success? What is the magic? And every year I wonder how my favorite “leather” is still shining from the podium, opening up to the audience in new colors and Unique Style. This jacket makes some bold statements about the style of your choice so be sure to choose the right one for you, if you are looking for some advice, look no further.

Today we will talk about what styles of “leather” can be found on the streets and how to choose and wear a leather jacket like a man.

Men’s Style Guide On Choosing And Wearing A Leather Jacket

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Styles Of Leather Jackets

The peak of popularity of a leather jacket fell in the 50th years of the 20th century. It became part of the image of Hollywood, which is why it became widespread among all strata of society. And to this day, the “leather” is not outdated and continues to keep pace with the times.

The choice of the leather jacket has a strong influence on the message you send to others, for example, brown will tell that you are a good and peaceful guy, while black leather is associated with a rebellious temperament. Take your style seriously and create your own unique image.

Leather Aviator Jacket

Thanks to the film “Best Shooter” in which Tom Cruise played a major role, this style has become fashionable and has become an integral part of the current military trend. But the movie used a lighter version, while the heat is usually kept by a different lining.

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in top gun

Tom cruise in aviator jacket and Kelly McGillis in top gun
Tom cruise in aviator jacket and Kelly McGillis.

The Aviator, who found practical application in the U.S. Army, was placed with pathos in our wardrobes, remaining to this day a popular style not only among fans of the film but also fans of immortal classics. Looks good:

  • With military boots.
  • With a jumper.
  • With classic jeans.

Men’s leather jacket

Men's brown, black biker leather jacket for winter season with black and blue jeans

Leather Bomber Jacket

The famous James Dean celebrated this style by starring in three of the most popular and, unfortunately, recent films in his life: “To the East of Paradise”, “Rebellion without an ideal” and “Giant”.

James Dean in a leather bomber jacket

An american actor James Dean's leather bomber jacket in rebel without a Cause
James Dean in a leather bomber jacket.

It is worth saying that this style is quite diverse and will suit most men, regardless of age and build. If you have narrow shoulders, look for a jacket with a belt that will emphasize your waist. If you have problems with your waist, then exclude the belt from your wardrobe, and no one will see anything extra. And if you have a double chin, the high collar will create the necessary effect of a long neck.

You can say that “Bomber” is a stylish extension of “Aviator”, perhaps even more elegant and provocative. Works well with cashmere and festive shirts as well:

  • With Brogue-style boots.
  • With a denim shirt.
  • With narrow jeans.

Faux leather bomber jacket

Men's black and blue faux leather bomber jacket with blue and black jeans for winter season

Biker Leather Jacket

This already popular style has erected a unique Marlon Brando on the pedestal, playing in the movie called “The Wild Man”. Again, “Biker” is suitable for almost any man, most importantly, to emphasize the right part of the figure. This style gives masculinity and inspires the spirit of rebellion.

Marlon Brando biker leather jacket

American actor Marlon brando biker leather jacket in rebel without cause
Marlon Brando in a biker leather jacket.

Don’t worry, if you’re out of shape, the biker will reliably cover all your “irregularities”. The main thing is to choose the right clothes for this jacket:

  • With a T-shirt.
  • With shoes.
  • With slim-fit black jeans.

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Black casual sporty leather jacket

Men's slim pleated black color casual sporty leather jacket for winter season

Leather Jacket With Hood

An admirer of hoodies, David Beckham inspired many fans with his example by introducing a combination of hood and leather jackets into fashion. Since, unfortunately, the bad example is contagious, he was immediately picked up by many famous personalities.

Combination of hood and leather jacket

David Beckham, Chris Brown black leather slim fit biker jacket with hoodie combination

The hooded jacket can be called a “white crow”, as it can not be attributed to either sports or city clothes. But do not confuse this style with the universal, because if you are over 25, then in such a jacket you will look stupid and boyish.

However, if you have already purchased a jacket of this style, you can wear it:

  • With chinos pants.
  • With a scoop neck t-shirt.
  • With light sailing shoes on a rubber sole.

Leather vest and colored leather

Partly this style was popularized by the American actor John Wayne, and partly by fashion designers. John Wayne showed the world the elegance of the vest of leather, and fashion designers have shown how to turn this elegance into a jacket, decorating it in different colors.

John Wayne at rootin tootin cowboy shooting

Actor John Wayne in a leather vest at rootin tootin cowboy shooting
John Wayne in a leather vest.

Colored leather has never been a new trend in fashion. That’s because when most people think of a leather jacket, they automatically present black or brown. Therefore, a jacket of bright color or combining a few shades is usually a kind of challenge to everyday life and leaves few people indifferent. It can be worn:

  • With trousers and boots.
  • With a brightly colored T-shirt.
  • With accessories that match your jacket.

Men’s leather jackets’ inspiration

Men traditional leather jackets look book inspiration and tips for combination for winter season

So, that’s all for now. Despite the warm autumns this year, it’s going to be cold and if you’re not a vegetarian, a leather jacket is a great option. Yes, buying it requires a lot of investment, but your happiness should not be deterred. If you want a garment that will last you more than one season, it is a good idea to buy something of quality. If you take care of your leather jacket, it will age well.

Sometimes, it’s nice to feel part of the most stylish men on the planet, such as Steve McQueen, Ryan Gosling, or Alex Turner. In addition, this thing will serve you more than one cold autumn and more than a year.

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