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Men’s Navy Blue Blazer: Wear With Fashion

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Men like to keep their style simple and classy, ​​so the more versatile a piece of clothing, the better. That’s why every man must have a quality navy blue blazer in his wardrobe. This is a universal element, compatible with many other elements of the wardrobe. It can be worn for both official events and daily work.

In this article, I am going to dive into its history and most importantly what to wear in a dark blue blazer, pairing it with a shirt, pants, and shoes.

This article gives you everything you need to know about this incredibly versatile foundation piece. We’ll start with the basics and in the end, I’ll show you what to wear with a navy blazer.

I promise it will be beautiful and stylish. let’s go!

Let’s Style Your Blazer In A Trendy Way

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What Is A Dark Blue Blazer

Let’s first look at this burning question – what is a blazer? Many people think that it is a jacket that does not include trousers. You know the Oxford American Dictionary describes it as “a sports jacket that is not worn with suitable trousers.

Double & single-breasted coat

Men's blue single & double-breasted jacket with checked shirt and t-shirt for office look
Blazer style variations (single- and double-breasted).

The Oxford English Dictionary describes a blazer as “a colored jacket, worn by schoolchildren or sports players as part of a uniform, a simple jacket that is not part of the dress but considered appropriate for formal clothing.” And the Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes it as “a jacket worn over a shirt that looks like a jacket but does not fit a suit.”

Obviously, the definitions in dictionaries are not very specific and complete, but some things can be deduced from encyclopedias of men’s clothing and our assumptions about what a blazer is. In many countries, the term “blazer” is synonymous with jackets, particularly in women’s clothing, but for the purposes of this article we will use a technical definition and summarize the general characteristics of blazers:

  • A blazer is a simple jacket that is not part of the costume but is suitable for wearing at official events.
  • Blazers can be worn for both official and everyday use.
  • Blazers are not worn for weather protection.
  • The blazers are solid in color and without patterns.

The History Of The Navy Blue Blazer

There’s a confusing story behind the man’s dark blue blazer. Today, what the world calls a blazer is actually a descendant of two distinct styles of jacket, one of double-breasted and British military origin, and the other being single-breasted, a jacket worn in rowing clubs. originates from. There are about 10 stories from 1870 to 1950 about how the blazer became a classic—don’t worry, I won’t bore you by telling you the story of any of them.

Navy blue blazer

 Men's coats and jackets Henley Royal Regatta: secrets of the rowing blazer
Members of the 1829 rowing team in blazers with the team logo.

What I can say for sure is that the blazer has been used by men for over 100 years, a style that has been approved and used by kings, and because of its naval history, it evokes a sense of maritime adventure. The modern blazer is a hybrid of this heritage – it can be found in single- or double-breasted styles, often cut from a wide range of colors, used by many buttons and patches, used by businessmen, athletes, and school children.

Combination Of Shirt And Navy Blue Blazer

A white shirt always looks great with a blazer or jacket, no matter what. Another 100% choice is a normal blue shirt. But if you want to get rid of the monotony, try to replace it with another light color or patterned shirt. Be brave, contrast with the blazer, but stay away from bright colors and black. You don’t even have to buckle up on all the buttons, especially for everyday use. By the way, adding a blue, grey, or woolly vest to your wardrobe will make you look much cooler.

Navy blue suit styles

Men's navy blue suit style with beige and grey trousers for office look

Combination of Trousers and Navy Blue Blazer

The best choice you can make is to buy a pair of khaki pants. This is a classic neat, country club-style that has been adopted as the norm in many wardrobes. In addition, the light khaki looks great in the warm months of the year.

Also, the navy blue blazer fits perfectly with medium or light gray pants. Charcoal-colored pants are also a safe, albeit a more boring option that can make you misunderstand. You’ll be surprised to find that even brown trousers fit well with a navy blue blazer. Another tip is to stay away from black trousers and the same color as the blazer. However, blue itself is not forbidden – if it is several tones lighter. More eccentric guys can try an unusual pair of bright pastel pants.

Fabrics of trousers can range from flannel and woolen to khaki and even jeans. Your favorite pair of blazer jeans will look more relaxed and relaxed.

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Old man business-casual

Blue blazer with white and beige trousers with checked shirt business casual for older men

Combination Of Shoes And Navy Blue Blazer

And the last thing we’ll look at is which shoes and how to match the blue and navy blue blazer.

Surely you are familiar with men’s fashion and know about the impressive impact of shoes on appearance.

If I had to choose a pair of shoes for a blazer, that’s what I would prefer: black or any shade of brown, merlot, red, walnut, etc. – everything fits into a navy blue blazer. As absurd as it may sound, don’t bother with it. Here, the quality of the shoes and their color are much more important than the style.

Men's light blue jeans combination with blazer for casual and office look
Dark blue leather loafers also look great. White shoes and light jeans to stand out from the mold. Brown leather derby shoes will bring in a classic aesthetic look.

Accessories For Navy Blue Blazer

Men like to brag about their personal style and accessories and cope with it as well as possible.
Accessories for wearing with a blazer:

  • Tie
  • Handkerchief
  • Boutonniere
  • Men’s cufflinks
  • Classic watches

The fact is that the blazer will be equally elegant with a tie or handkerchief, but you can do without them if you want to stand out less. This is a slightly different rule when you wear a double-breasted jacket, as you will always have to wear a tie with it.

If you want to be sure you look good with your chosen accessories, never make the mistake of wearing a white shirt and a handkerchief to it.

Today, the navy blue blazer is an extremely versatile outfit and is considered suitable for any situation, whether it is a daily, working, or business informal environment. It can be worn with a wide range of other clothing, from tie shirts to polo shirts. If you’re starting to pack a wardrobe, remember that the blazer will be the number one in terms of versatility. Knowing what to wear a navy blue blazer with, you will discover new stylish and immortal smart-Casual and business-casual images.

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