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I think turtlenecks or roll-necks are extremely underrated. They are one of the best clothing for the fall and winter seasons for many reasons, but not many people realize it. Turtles are also really functional. In fact, some of you might not even consider adding it to your wardrobe because you don’t know how to carry it.

Let’s know what is a turtleneck?

The Men’s Turtleneck (aka “Banlon” or “Badlon”) is a medium-tight knitted or knitted jumper with a high collar. This piece of clothing is basic, has not gone out of fashion for several decades, and depending on other elements of the image, can look both retro style and ultra-modern, and completely neutral. The right turtleneck guarantees elegance in combination with maximum comfort, and can also perfectly accommodate certain features of the exterior.

Let’s see in detail what this type of clothing is and with what it can be worn.

Look Classy In These Men’s Turtleneck Sweaters

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Advantages Of A Male Turtleneck

The turtleneck is a universal wardrobe item that can be useful in various situations. In winter it provides an additional warming layer: a thin turtleneck can easily fit under the jacket or jumper and, thanks to the high gate and – preferably – the content of wool in the composition, will help to keep warm.

In cold weather, a warm turtleneck becomes an excellent alternative to a shirt.

In warmer weather, knitwear models that combine elegance and comfort are preferable: they are almost as comfortable as T-shirts but are acceptable as replacing a shirt in the office and other situations that require a business style of clothing.

According to stylists, turtlenecks look especially advantageous on bald or very short-cut men, as well as on short guys. In the first case, the gate of the product most favorably emphasizes the shape of the face and head, and in the second – visually adds a couple of centimeters of growth, pulling the figure.

Perhaps the hero of the series “The Big Bang Theory” is not accidentally constantly wearing turtlenecks.

Although the most famous turtleneck fan is often called Steve Jobs, this piece of clothing is not on his list of inventions. Various high gate jumpers have existed in Europe and Russia since the XV century, but the widespread use of turtlenecks, similar to modern ones, has been around since the 1850s. Initially, they were used to protect the throat from the wind in situations where wearing a scarf was uncomfortable: turtlenecks were worn by sailors, workers, as well as athletes.

By the middle of the XX century, turtlenecks finally took root in everyday male fashion and became perceived as an attribute of creative people and intellectuals who are not bound by the daily strict dress code. In the 60s, this item of clothing was worn by many European movie stars, such as Marcello Mastroianni and Yves Montana. Around the same time, turtlenecks have established themselves in women’s wardrobes.

Nowadays, a men’s turtleneck is one of the basic wardrobe items. Most often it is worn under the jacket, jumper, or vest, less often – it as an independent item of clothing.

How To Wear A Turtleneck Under A Suit

Fashion historians note that the turtleneck was originally a riot against the shirt and tie. A thin monochrome jumper can really replace a shirt complete with a suit. In this case, the image remains elegant and businesslike, it is suitable for almost any situation, except those where a strict dress code is provided, and solemn events.

The combination of turtleneck + jacket guarantees a high standard and elegance in one bottle.

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If you wear a turtleneck under a classic jacket, it should be monotonous, smooth, and thin enough: let’s assume different compositions of the fabric, including wool and cashmere, but the product should not look massive and as a separate sweater. According to the color scheme is recommended to pick up a turtleneck for a couple of tones lighter than a jacket. The exception is black: it can be worn with a gray suit.

A turtleneck will also fit perfectly into the smart casual style if you wear it with a tweed or colored jacket and chinos pants. In this case, the image will be less formal, but still quite elegant.

Let’s consider several business images with a turtleneck:

The choice of everyday images with a turtleneck is almost endless. Here are just a few examples of clothes that can be combined with them:

  • Jumpers with a V-neck
  • Cardigans
  • Vests and sleeveless sleeveless
  • Everyday shirts are made of dense fabric (plaid, denim)
  • Jeans and leather jackets
  • Bomber jackets.

Classic jeans, chinos, corduroy pants, etc. will look great downstairs. It is not necessary to combine a turtleneck with sports pants and shoes, you also need to be more careful with pronounced youth and subculture things (strongly torn and tight jeans, leather pants, etc.): still, this item of clothing hints at a certain restraint and elegance.

The important thing is that if you wear a turtleneck under something, it should be thin and tight enough to fit the figure and especially the neck. Sometimes turtlenecks are worn as an independent item of clothing, in this case, on the contrary, the product should not sit too tightly and can be made of denser fabric, in addition, various decorative elements are allowed: figured knitting, zipper on the gate, embroidery, and logos, etc.

Here are examples of casual turtleneck kits:

Where To Buy A Man’s Turtleneck

The classic men’s turtleneck is a popular wardrobe item and can be found in almost any brand of men’s clothing. Thin knitwear models sometimes sell sets of several pieces, like underwear, more dense woolen options make sense to look in the sections of sweaters and jumpers.

If you plan to wear a turtleneck under a jacket or jumper, pay attention to monochrome smooth models. Now in the shops, you can find a lot of options with stripes, prints, and another decor: they are more suitable for wearing as a jumper, but whether they are suitable as a base for a jacket – a matter of open, it is better to try them on immediately with a jacket or other top, with which you are going to wear them.

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As for the colors, the best bet is on classic neutral colors: gray, beige, blue, burgundy, dark green, black, and white. In this case, the turtleneck will be combined with a lot of things from your wardrobe and will be useful in various situations.

Here are a few examples of men’s turtlenecks from current collections that you can find in stores:

Men’s turtleneck – a very comfortable and versatile item of clothing, which is sure to be useful to you more than once in different circumstances. In winter it will keep you warm in the office in combination with a jacket or jumper, and in warmer weather, it will eliminate the need to think about the choice of clothes: just put on a turtleneck with jeans, sketch a leather jacket on top – and a stylish image is ready!

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