How to Get Attractive Lips Naturally

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In our daily routine we manage to take care of our hair and skin, along with some exercise to take care of our health. But somehow we forget to pay attention on small things which are equally important and need proper care as well. Your lips. You can get attractive lips easily if you take care of few simple things.

Lips need to be properly treated, should be hydrated as well as they are very important part of our body and especially it is visible and can make an impact when someone looks at you.

Winter time is here, and so our lips will get dry easily.  They will get chapped .Only when we get a cut on our lip or some chappy lips we tend to take care of our lips. But the fact is , they need day to day care as well. Just like your hair needs supplements, so does your lips.

Keeping them protected and nourished is very important. Lips are one of the main features when it comes to your face. Nobody likes to have chappy or dry lips. Your lips should look just like you. BEAUTIFUL & ATTRACTIVE!

Put it in your routine, because these tips are here to stay.

Not fancy but something that will help you get your lips in well maintained shape with proper pink in it.

Home Remedies: How to Get Attractive Lips

1. Scrubbing your lips

Just like we exfoliate our face and other parts of our body your lips needs it too. To exfoliate your lips is very important. It removes the dead skin from your lips, and avoids dry lips as well.

To exfoliate use

  • Almond oil and with some sugar on it.
  • Rub it on your lips and leave it there.
  • This will remove the dead skin from your lips or
  • Use a nice lip balm before you go to bed.
  • Next morning gently use your toothbrush on your lips to remove the dead skin from your lips.

Exfoliating will always help you get back your pretty pink soft lips. You should always use almond oil and sugar at night as then you don’t have to step out . This scrub will help you with your lips.

2. Use some Vitamin E

Certain nutrients are very important for our skin. Like Vitamin E

  • If you have vitamin E capsules, you can simply  apply the product to your lips.
  • Vitamin E boosts circulation and helps to  generate new skin cells, making your lips softer.

3. Put some balm or lipstick

Before stepping outside your house always put some kind of layer on your lips.

  • A lip balm or a lip stick or simply a gloss.
  • Put any layer before stepping out.
  • These layers protect your lips from damage, dust inducts which tend to happen a lot during winters.
  • Once you are home remove that layer.
  • Your lips stay protected .

4. Almond oil

  • Give a nice massage to your lips with almond oil.
  • Almond oil can work wonders for your lips and helps to get rid of the pigmentation.
  • You can mix the almond oil with a little lime juice as this will help any darker area near your lips to go away.

5. Stay hydrated

  • Just as your skin shines when you stay hydrated so does your lips shine when you stay hydrated.
  • This keeps you lips from chapping and reduces cuts from your lips.
  • If you are highly dehydrated, your lips will be very dry.
  • So don’t forget water.

6. Use Aloe vera

Aloe Vera has healing effects in it, and anti-inflammatory properties does handy as well.

  • Aloe vera gel has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for treating chapped and bruised lips.

7. Use berries

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which makes them useful for nourishing  your lips.

  • Crush a strawberry in a bowl.
  • Add a little honey and olive oil to give already effect to the paste.
  • Apply it on your lips and leave it there.
  • You can use the as a lip balm. This will keep your lips naturally pink and shiny all the time.

8. Stop Licking your lips

This habit can cause your lips to dry out and crack.

  • Start wearing a lip balm that does not taste good.
  • Start using a lipstick so that every-time you lick your lips it will get on your teeth.

9. Coconut Oil/ Ghee

Coconut oil has the properties to lighten our skin tone. So the black area around our lips can also be removed with the help of the coconut oil.

According to Ayurveda, ghee is a great natural moisturiser and can help get rid of the dry skin.

  • Heat some ghee on the gas stove.
  • Now get yourself a little balm box.
  • Store that ghee in that balm box.
  • Every time you feel flaky on lips apply a little ghee on your lips.
  • This will help to keep your lips motored all the time.

10. Use lip balm

To keep your lips from being happy use lip balms with SPF added to it. This will protect your lips in sunlight. Helps to stay away from dark lips.

Keep them moist and soft all the time.

You need to take care of your lips, you should not ignore your lips as they also need proper care just like your hair and skin. Don’t ignore small signs like chappy lips, or a cut on your lips. These small signs can be treated in time and help you get that moisture back that you are beginning to loose.

Use these wonderful tips to keep your lips shiny, moist and hydrated all the time to beautiful and attractive look. One of these tips in your daily routine will help you long way. Once you start doing it regularly you can notice the change on your own. Use it regularly and put it in your skin care routine as it is hassle free and who doesn’t want lips that can make your whole face look good. and attractive.

Use these tips to get attractive lips naturally and if you have some suggestions or tips that can be added in it, feel free to comment as we are looking forward to add more to it.

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