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Beach Outfits: Fashionable Diaries Of Some Street Style Stars

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Beach season is upon us, which means soon we’ll be ready for some fun in the sun. Whether you’re the kind who likes to sip on colorful cocktails at the beach with the sun in your face, whether you’re ready to unwind in a chaise lounge, or just love splashing in the waves. A little preparation is often required if you’re looking for a beach-to-bunch outfit.

We all know those beach days are the best days. And do you know what the best beach vacation is? The Perfect Beach Dress!
Well, of course, you’re expecting swimsuits and bikinis galore, but these are outfits that should inevitably be worn over your swimsuit, ladies. If you’re going on a beach vacation this summer, we’ve selected some famous fashion bloggers’ photos to give you the style inspo you need, take a look, and be inspired by the images!

Stylish Beach Outfits Ideas Of Street Style Stars

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Source: @handinfire


The famous blogger Aimee Song chose a Bermuda and topa bando suit for one of her sunny days and put on a light white shirt with a short sleeve on top. The girl chose blue mules for her shoes at kitten-heel.

Source: @aimeesong

Dress In Linen Style

If for you the beach is first of all a place for photo shoots, look at the image of Tiffany Hsu, the purchasing director of the world-famous online store. She chose a linen-style dress, shell ornaments, and a huge (just immense) wicker hat by Jacquemus.

Source: @handinfire

Bikinis With Animal Prints

Dutch fashion blogger Negin Mirsalekhi chooses a bikini with a zebra print and a laconic beige hat to relax on the beach. An interesting detail in this image was the decoration in the form of a chain at the waist.

Source: @negin_mirsalehi


Scandinavian blogger Daria Barannik gave preference to free light caftan with graphic print. The vase also adds some charm to the compositions.

Source: @darjabarannik

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Blair Eadie, a fashion blogger, chose a sarong in a red and white cage, red suede flip-flops, and a white top on one shoulder for a hike to the beach. Accessories include a wicker hat with wide margins and a bucket bag with perforations.

Source: @blaireadiebee

Hayflower Hat

The Russian model Lena Perminova on the beach gave preference to a black separate swimsuit with lacing on the chest, suede sandals, and a large straw hat. The girl chose an unusual model decorated with feathers as her beach bag.

Source: @lenaperminova

Transparent Dress

Chiara Ferraña went to the beach in a white bikini and a white transparent long dress in small peas. Simple, gentle, and romantic.

Source: @chiaraferragni

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