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Get Wild With Trendy Women’s Violet Fashion

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The trend of violet fashion is getting stronger day by day. Some vibrancy is warmly welcome, especially during spring/summer. Violet is a color often associated with royalty and nobility. One of the most exciting things about purple is its wide variety.

This article contains inspiration on how to dress in purple and how to wear violet to help you decide which color is right for you.

This Season Try Different Shades Of Violet

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Who Does It Suit?

The shade of ultraviolet light is clean and cold. Therefore, it is suitable for girls who have both or at least one of these characteristics.

It fits:

  • A bright and cold summer
  • bright, warm, and bright spring
  • cold and clean winter

Does not fit:

  • Mild summer and Mild autumn (purple is too bright for them)
  • Dark autumn and winter (violets is too cold for them)

Did you fall into the “not fit” category? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to get ultraviolet. Just wear it not in front of your face, for example, to choose a skirt or trousers in this shade, or accessories – a bag, shoes, bracelet.

Or choose shades close to purple, but suitable for you in color. For milder summers and autumns, the bracelet is more muted, dusty purple.

For darker winters and autumns, a deeper, darker shade, or as bright as plum.

Purple Combinations

It is important to understand not only which shade to choose, but also how to enter it into your wardrobe. What can be combined with ultraviolet light?

  • with pink, both bright and pale
  • with peach
  • with shades of plum and lilac
  • with the yellow one, you get a juicy contrast
  • with pistachio, herbal, and salad
  • with blue and blue
  • with burgundy

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How To Wear Purple? Illustrative Examples

And besides infographics with combinations, see a few illustrative examples. Get inspired and get ready for shopping. Ultraviolet is not yet in the wardrobe, by the spring is to get a coat, a windbreaker or a handbag in this shade. He makes the image attractive and bright!

Some Examples

Buy a purple sweater

Buy purple pants


Buy a purple cardigan

Buy purple coat

Buy purple skirt

Buy a purple bag

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