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12 Worst Hair Accessories That You Must Avoid

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Some of them confuse and tear hair, others just look ridiculous, and some of them destroy your style at all. We’ve chosen the worst hair accessories you’d rather not have. Or at least think about it.

12 Worst Hair Accessories That You Must Avoid

1.  Large Bow In The Middle Of The Head A La Duduka

If you don’t want to remind me of the damage from the famous Soviet cartoon, come to your senses and give the bow to your niece. This is the worst accessory for you!

2.  Jewelry With A Large Flower A La Nymph

Hair accessories with artificial flowers look at least absurd. At one time the trend was in fashion, but thank God it didn’t take hold. As much as we would like, but a large flower in the hair is appropriate only if you are Carmen.

3.  “Hello From The ’90s” Headbands

Favorite jewelry of the 90s has long been outdated, and, thank God, no one remembers it. Although, many girls dreamed of it and even bought it in a fold with their girlfriends to put on a disco. The top of luxury was considered to be a bezel decorated with “gold” or so poisonous color that they were at the time to scare off criminals.

4.  Large And Bright Rainbow Hair Band Is The Worst Hair Accessory From The 90s

Yeah, once, for reasons that aren’t clear until now, these rubber bands were very fashionable. But now it is better not to appear in them in public, if you do not want to get the fame of a person with bad taste. Your hair deserves better! And the elastic band, even reliably hidden by a fabric, hopelessly spoils the curls. Therefore – in the furnace!

5.  Metal Hair Clips

Not only do clamps hurt your hair, they don’t look aesthetically pleasing, do they?

6.  Worst Hair Accessories: Chains

Perhaps the chains can decorate a woman’s head, but how mercilessly they pull out, confuse, tear hair! Any careless movement can cost you a whole strand! That’s why the chains are also in the furnace!

7.  Artificial hair

You don’t have to be a stylist to recognize a hairclip with artificial hair. Leave this dubious accessory on the market. Weave your hair braided and decorate your hair with pigtails.

8.  Hairpins With Metal Fasteners

Despite the seeming safety, the metal fastening as if scrapes the top layer of hair, and, therefore, split and brittle hair is provided to you! And therefore – in the furnace! It is better to buy a beautiful and safe for hair accessory made of wood or smooth plastic.

9.  Shawl Or Scarf On The Tail A La “Connection To Space”

Another one from the distant ’90s that we couldn’t ignore. Truly, the worst hair accessory ever! The handkerchief, and the scarf, is quite appropriate on the head, but not wrapped in such a way that the hair resembles a fountain hitting right out of the head. Although, Lady Gaga likes it!

10.  Rubber And Hairpins With Jewelry

Another hair-damaging accessory to avoid. Yes, there are beautiful options, but the hair is constantly clinging to the jewelry, which invariably spoils them. If you can’t do without such a dangerous accessory, try to choose the options where the joint is closed with plastic, so you will minimize the injury to your hair.

11.  Studs And Invisible

Yeah, there’s not a single night’s haircut without heels and invisible hair. However, they severely damage the hair and sometimes the scalp. If you don’t want them for you to die like that, buy quality accessories with rounded tips and a flat surface. Keep in mind that in summer, metal hairpins should not be worn – they are too hot in the sun and harmful to hair.

12.  Hairband a la Rambo

If you are not in a fitness club or are not engaged in other activities that involve sweat flowing through your forehead, it is better not to use this accessory for hair. Your head is worthy of a more elegant decoration, believe me!

Hope you like these worst hair accessories article. Please keep visiting K4 Fashion for trending outfits and more!

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