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Flattering Sleek Straight Hairstyles For Ladies

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Have you ever done your hair in a cow-licked style? For some reason, some girls are happy with their sleek hair because it’s not only enough to make you look beautiful and fashionable, but also hides messy hair. Some are gifted with straight natural hair, but for those who want a straight look, invest in a good quality straightening iron that suits your hair texture and length.

Nowadays, more and more celebrities prefer hairstyles with frizzy hair, and we have decided to prepare for you the best options in the fashionable “slick-back” style. So, before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the most popular sleek straight hairstyles:

13 Beautiful And Fashionable Licked Hairstyles

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Licked Hairstyle With A Side Parting

Simply divide your maneuver with a side sample, and treat your hair with a heavy-duty styling product. Don’t forget to tuck your hair behind your ears, so you can open your face and cheekbones completely.

Hair Styling Back

Slightly damp hair is treated with a strong fixation mousse and dried with a facial hair dryer. Then grab some wax for your hair and scratch it back. To make your hair look tidier and more reliable, use invisible hair styles.

Licked Hairstyles: Glamour

Classic Hollywood waves are perfectly combined with fashionable “cleanliness”. This was recently proven by the famous Los Angeles stylist Derek Williams. Use his hints to create a glamorous “slicked-back”. We assure you that you will definitely make an impression!

Licked Tail

The usual tail can be given a completely different look, making it absolutely smooth. This is what many stars do! Use the serum gel and our master class.


Licked hair and combed hair? Why not? So you will combine two fashion trends at once! Slice your hair upstairs, and on the temples carefully invite back. To fix the side strands, use the invisible ones.

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Licked Hairstyles With Weaves

Keep combining the incompatible! Make a licked hair, and the adsorption is decorated with a small pigtail. There are many variations, everything depends on your imagination.

Layered Tail

You wanna open your face, but you don’t wanna do a boring haircut? Make your tail multilevel.

High Beam

It’s a great opportunity to show off the swan neck.

Hair With Licked Hair: Low beam

Treat your hair with mousse or foam and then twist it into a low bundle. Try to carefully smooth out each curl so that nothing is knocked out.

French Shell

What’s the difference between a regular shell and a licked shell? Smooth and meticulous laying! You know how to proceed, just use wax or light oil to make the shell smoother.

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Hair With Licked Hair For Short Hair

Do you think if you have a short haircut, “slicked-back” isn’t for you? Wrong, you can do anything with your head.

Smooth Braids

Screw-in a tight braid (not too tight) to get a fashionable look. A little advice: to make the braid smooth, braid it on wet hair!

Hair With Licked Hair: Bangs Games

You don’t have to lick your hair to open your forehead! You can “play” with your bangs, creating your own unique style and staying in the trend.

Hair With Licked Hair: Photo

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