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Fall is finally here, and we all need a trendy new hairstyle to go with it. Do you know what trends will be at their peak this fall? It’s time to remind you about the beauty of the coming season as well as the variety of styles that can be pulled off during the fall.

When it comes to the variety of hairstyles, new interesting and sometimes crazy details emerge, and we decided to pick the easiest ones and present them to your court. So, what will we be copying this autumn?

Hairstyles And Haircut Ideas For This Autumn

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Autumn 2016 Trends: Tie Knots As A Memory

Do you think it’s just a normal weave? Not at all, Kristen would have had to work hard to make a pigtail. Instead, she made a series of knots, why don’t you try it? Separate the hair with two samples, and then tie small knots of hair starting with the bangs. To keep the nodule tips from sticking out, hide them in the base of the next one. Arm yourself with tiny hairpins or invisible hairpins for reliability!

Don’t Limit Yourself To One Rubber Band

The more, the better! The usual tail, and pigtail, pulled in different places, look much more interesting! Use rubber bands, ribbons, and hairpins that the soul asks for!

Autumn Trends: Spit In The Braid

Stylist Diane Kruger unexpectedly gave himself the impetus for a new trend. To repeat this hairstyle, he split his hair with two samples. The part of the hair in the middle is braided in a tight braid and secured with a rubber band. And only then do the rest of your hair, which you can put away in a free braid or just tie up your tail.

Create A Loop

It would seem that why is our familiar “unfinished tail” hairstyle suddenly becoming very fashionable? And because it is the only way to make your image less formal! Feel free to use this styling!

By the way, at many shows, they tried to make the tail more careless, so if you have some courage, copy it!

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Autumn Trends: Add Textures

Famous stylist Odile Gilbert proposed to give up irons this fall, and instead use a diffuser, regardless of the hair structure. Curly, wavy, or straight – any hairline after this instrument looks great!

Twist-Twist, I’m Gonna Make A Mess Of It.

The usual bundles have resigned! Fashion for carelessness is gaining momentum, which could not but affect this styling. At the shows, the model was flaunting with the bundles, from which the whole bundles were sticking out! Also worthy of special attention are deliberately sloppy knots. Well, why not try it?

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Get Excited

Natural waves are still in fashion, and this autumn is no exception! To weave your hair like in the picture, just braid your hair overnight or make a bundle of wet hair. Having opened the curls, you will be surprised!

Autumn Trends: Large Hair Accessories

The motto “The more, the better” also applies to hair ornaments. Cuffs and tiara, flowers and brooches, everything should be eye-catching and light-blind. Success is assured!

Retro Waves

The style of the 1920s is reflected in the hairstyles of 2016! Create this style, armed with gel or wax, you just need to highlight the bangs to be on top!

Make A Clear Side Parting

This is how the leading stylists advise emphasizing their independence. Well, it is worth a try!

Autumn Trends: Go Back To The ’80s

Didn’t expect it? Nevertheless, this autumn the wild volume with a comb and curly bangs on the forehead with triumph will return to the streets of the entire planet. Nice excuse to plunge into the past, don’t you think?

Smooth Hair XXL

What if you’ve been growing your hair for years and years? Do you really spoil them with your hair and perms? Not at all! Long and smooth hair still pleases the eye, and beauty is always in fashion, which was demonstrated at many shows.

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