Dress Shopping Tips for Indian Mother of the Groom

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A wedding is an important occasion not only for Groom and Bride but along with them there is one other person who is also equally excited and deserve to look beautiful i.e. their Mothers. Dresses of Indian Groom’s mother should be congenial, appropriate and exceptional.

The mother of the Groom may not be the star of the wedding but still it is a special day for her. Groom’s mother get noticed by everyone around her. Lime light not only covers groom and bride but also covers their parents. Especially, mothers are more expected to look different in their son’s wedding. We have seen many articles which suggest dresses and fashion to Bride and Groom but today let’s talk about Groom mother’s dress in wedding. The mother of the groom should get a sense of what she’s wearing (length, colour and style).  Mothers should wear the perfect attire for wedding which resonates with Bride’s mother. So, they both can complement each other. Some guidelines and traditional rules are suggested below to Indian Mothers:-

Dress Shopping Tips for Indian Mother of the Groom

As the fashion industry upgrades itself, we have now a new range of dresses for Groom’s mother and for other relatives also. Common dressing sense of Indian mothers are upraising itself with new tadka of culture. India is a country having different taste in every state. So, let’s discuss some points which Groom’s mother should and should not do to look commendable in their son’s wedding:-

Do not copy other’s dress code

During weddings, we usually go to shopping with our family members and knowingly or unknowingly we purchase same clothes as others do. If you close your eyes and just imagine your son’s wedding, you will expect yourself in most beautiful attire, looking  different from others then why will you dress like your other family members. The main point is  to look engaging and winsome, Groom’s mother should know her family members do not wear similar dress as she will wear. Dress code should be different to look different. We are suggesting you some designers which may get prettiest side out of you are Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, Neeta Lulla etc. These all are Bollywood designers but you can’t deny to wear their beautiful outfits in your son’s wedding.

Do not overdressed

Sometimes, our Indian mothers to make themselves more beautiful, they carry unnecessary clothes or ornaments which reduces their outfit’s impact. So, don’t shop extra clothes. We suggest not to wear heavy makeup if it does not go with your dress. Because remember simplicity is beauty. Do not lose your innocence and real beauty while you try to create new side of yours.

Don’t forget wedding theme

Well first consideration should be the style of clothes you are going to wear at the wedding. Groom’s mother’s dress should go with the wedding theme. Before she go to shop a dress, she must remember wedding style or theme as it is the main object to be focus on to look, gorgeous and attractive.

If you see above images you will notice family members of Groom dressed according to the theme. Whole family in one theme looks too much attractive. But you can choose your own style and colour with respect to the theme. Try to wear something comfortable which can make you feel fresh and free.

Should be focused on choosing dress

I would suggest Groom’s mother must start her shopping around the six months before the wedding. Because she will not have time during the wedding process and may be she will  mess up with her look. Do shopping with the thing in your mind that you should feel conservative in your attire.

From where you have to shop

You can go to traditional market to buy a dress but we would suggest to go with online shopping. There are many fringe benefits to choose the online market. Traditional market will just increase your work because you will roam shop to shop in order to find your dream dress. If you don’t live in a big city there are fewer chances for you to get a dress you want. You will get many options online with easy purchase and return policy.

Dress should coordinate with the wedding

This topic is somehow similar to the above-explained topic theme but it the most important thing to maintain the coordination with the rest of the wedding. Don’t go with everyone’s suggestion, you should examine which colour and shade will suits on you. Don’t try to be someone whom you are not. Many people in formal occasions try to wear something strange and unfortunately they start looking weird. Try not to twining with Bride’s mother in order to collaborate with her. We wish these points will help you to maintain coordination in the wedding.

Buy something having your cultural touch

When we talk about Indian weddings and fashionable attires for marriages how can we forget that cultural touch which is always shown in our mother’s dresses. Indian culture is a treasure of unique styles and dresses. We would suggest Groom’s mother to carry cultural dress on her son’s wedding which will give her sweet, decent and beautiful look. There are tons of dresses for Groom’s mother to wear like saree, lehnga chunri, Ghagra and many more. There are so many kinds of saree which can give you classical taste in the wedding like Banarasi, Silk, Kanjeevaram sarees etc. These are the most popular preference for weddings. Instead of this, flavour of our culture is also glimpses in Indo-western dresses. You can also wear them.

Be careful before choosing a dress for Groom’s mother, her dress should not contain those colours which are already present in Bride’s wedding dress. Otherwise, her dress will resonate with the Bride’s dress.

Consider Logistics

Just as with your own suit, logistics such as the time of day, setting and season of the event will dictate the appropriate attire for your mother.

We would recommend to check Groom’s mother’s dress with Groom and Bride because it does really matters that the Groom and the Bride are happy with the dress. We wish these guidelines will help the Indian mother of the Groom to find for herself a best outfit.

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