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Do you think it’s okay for a woman to have a fancy haircut after 40, forget about staining and styling, and not think about fashion trends? You are wrong, because life is just beginning, and feminine beauty is a concept that is relevant for any age. At 40, you can do anything that is flattering to your face shape and emphasizes the strong points of your facial features.

Therefore, in this article, we decided to choose the most fashionable trends. So, treat yourself to one of these trendy hairstyles and haircuts for women over 40. Find out what hairstyles, haircuts, and hair colors are trending today, and it’s guaranteed you’ll see them all.

Try These Fancy And Beautiful Hairstyles

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Decide On A Hairstyle

In the vast expanses of our homeland, it is rarely possible to meet a woman over 40 with long hair. And why? After all, hair – is the best decoration for women regardless of age! We have nothing against short haircuts, and even with all hands for, but believe me, this is not the only option for you!

Fashion Trends For Those Over 40: Long Beans

It’s a great option for those who don’t have time to bother with laying. This haircut is suitable for any woman, regardless of face shape and age, Cate Blanchett clearly proves it. Chic and refinement have not interfered with anyone yet, feel free to copy it!


Tina Faye knows exactly how to look younger with a haircut. And the layers are also fashionable and stylish! With this haircut, you can choose from a wide variety of styling options, so there’s nothing to stop you from changing your look.

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Fashion Trends For Those Over 40: Volume

You can’t do without layers here either, but it’s much easier to do it! This haircut looks especially gorgeous on the wavy hair, but if you have straight curls – do not despair, a little manipulation with a hairdryer – and you are the queen!


The First Lady’s haircut is certainly worthy of special attention! Ask your stylist to cut the hair on the back of the head a little shorter than the front. So you will make the haircut even more interesting!

Fashion Trends For Those Over 40: Length

Don’t think it’s time for you to run out of long hair! Haircut your hair in layers and wear your hair loose!

Padma Lakshmi offers a great option for wavy curls.

And Lucy Lew prefers smooth hair.

Short Haircuts

Do you prefer short hair? Take an example with Jane Fonda! She knows how to be fashionable at any age!

And Viola Davis went even further and made a short pixie. Will you take a risk?

Fashion Trends For Those Over 40: Choose Hair Color

By choosing the perfect hair color, you can safely assume that you have found a better way to look younger. And stylists from all over the world will help you to choose the most fashionable shades. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Classic Red

If you have light skin, it’s your choice! Red shades will make your face shine with gentle blush, and even the most ardent fashionista will envy your courage. Image for inspiration: Amy Adams.

Cold Blond

You don’t risk going out of your comfort zone and getting attention in bright colors, take an example with Robin Wright. The owner of the light skin has made the fashionable coloring and became even more spectacular.

Soft Copper

A great way to “soften” wrinkles and become a real hot beauty. Nicole Kidman knows how to conquer hearts!


The best option for the owners of medium-toned skin, with fashionable coloring you will visually become younger by ten years. Look at Julia Roberts, isn’t she, beautiful?

Golden Blond

Doesn’t the skin have enough radiance? Choose this color like Gwyneth Paltrow did.

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Soft Black

You still think black hair is getting old? Look at Jennifer Connelly! It’s also your choice if you have an average skin tone with cold half-tones.

Brown With A Touch Of Gold

Do you have brown skin? Choose a hair color like Eva Mendes! You will soften your facial features and accentuate the beauty of your skin.


The trendy shade that goes so well with the swarthy 40s! Salma Hayek is a vivid example of this!

Trendy Trends For Those Over 40: Haircuts

Are you used to putting your hair in your ponytail or making a shell? Come on, you have access to a lot of great styles! And we have picked up the most fashionable especially for you!

Become A Little More Careless

Forget the hair-to-hair styling, it’s a little sloppy right now. And it is so young! And it is suitable for both short and long hair.

Add some romance

Stick with the light waves, it’s softening the facial features! This hairstyle is suitable for any length of hair, turning every woman into a romantic person.

Make A Tail

And don’t be mediocre here, a little negligence won’t hurt you! The tail can be made high, low, on the side. Use all options!

Retro Hairstyles

Who, no matter who you are, can wear a retrofit with such brilliance and glamour? And it is so fashionable!

Braids And Hairstyle With Weaving

Don’t be afraid to experiment, braids and weaving literally wash years off your face! But don’t overdo it, it’s better to leave Yulia Vladimirovna herself.

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A hairstyle that, for unknown reasons, women over 40 ignore or make it look like a librarian. Believe me, the usual bundle, high or low, is the best decoration!

Fashion Trends For Those Over 40: Photos

Inspire by the images of famous beauties who know about new trends not by hearsay!

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