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The undoubted advantage of a men’s scarf is its ability to make a man look stylish and at the same time provide the necessary warmth to our necks. So it’s time to think about such a stylish and fashionable accessory as a man’s scarf. A men’s scarf itself can give a special flavor and elegance to the image. It gives a chance to make the everyday style of clothing fashionable and individual.
Like any other accessory, you should make the purchase of a scarf seriously and responsibly. Today we would be talking about how to pick a scarf for a man, depending on a variety of sizes, styles, materials, and colors.

When it comes to accessories, scarves can be one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe. Because of their variety of sizes, fabrics, patterns, and uses, scarves are a complimentary item in any form, all year round (yes, even in summer).

Handy Guide On, How Should A Man Wear A Scarf?

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What Kind Of Material Scarves Are Made Of

When buying a scarf, you should decide on its style and choose a quality product that you will be happy to wear regularly, not the one that will be dusting on the shelf in the closet. It is desirable to choose models from natural, pleasant-to-the-touch materials. Wearing the product with impurities of synthetics can provoke irritation on thin and sensitive neck skin and deliver discomfort.

Green knitted scarf

Men's green knitted scarf under a burgundy coat for winter season

A woolen scarf can be a rabbit (angora), llama (alpaca), or goat (mohair, merino, and cashmere) to keep warm. Today, there are two-sided models of scarves on the shelves of shops, when one part is made of fine wool, and the second – of natural silk, but most often it is a woman’s model scarves. The most elegant and stylish look of men’s scarves is made of smooth woolen cloths.

The overall style that you prefer also plays an important role. For example, a classic suit or men’s coat is perfect for scarves made of wool, cashmere, or cotton. Products with coarse knitting are more suitable for jackets, down jackets, jeans, and sweaters.

Stylish gray knitted scarf

Stylish gray knitted scarf for men for winter season with blue coat

Wool is the most comfortable and practical material that can absorb more than 30% of moisture while remaining dry. One of the most expensive materials is cashmere (down mountain goat), accessories made of it are very thin, light, and warm.

Choosing a scarf, carefully examine the composition from which it is made. It is not recommended to buy a scarf made of acrylic or with its predominance – this product, though pleasant to the touch, protects your neck from frost and it will not warm it.

Color And Style Of Men’s Scarves

The color scheme of the scarves is quite conservative, however, it should not be forgotten that it is necessary to select the product by taking into account the overall color scheme of the wardrobe. Classic and popular are blue and grey scarf colors, as well as products in a large cage. When choosing the color, follow the same rules as when buying a tie. Choose a product that is darker or lighter than the main garment (suit or coat) in a couple of tones. Under the strict classical business style of clothing, stylists recommend choosing monochrome models or models with two shades.

Men’s two shades scarves

Tips to tie a scarf to a man on a coat for winter season

The classic colors of men’s scarves also include white – tying a snow-white scarf over your coat or suit is guaranteed to attract attention and stand out in the crowd. A black scarf is not a good buy, which in most cases gives the appearance of its owner of the earthy shade and visually ages the skin of the face. Accessories of sky blue or blue, sea-wave, and light gray will refresh the appearance and make the image lighter.

Men who prefer a sporty style of clothing, ideal scarves of different shades, but remember that too bright scarves – move on, but there are exceptions to this rule. Bright products with different ornaments will perfectly complement the image of teenagers and informal.

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Shape And Size of men’s scarves

The shape of the scarves is different on:

  • Bandanas
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Round scarves
  • Long scarves
  • Square scarves.
  • Rafts

Men’s scarves also differ in style. Sports – usually light and made of a combination of several materials and colors. Business – also made of lightweight fabric, they have a rectangular shape. Scarves for celebrations are often monochrome (black or white) and are made of silk or satin.

Men’s fancy scarf

Two color men fancy scarf made of silk or satin for winter season

Two color men fancy scarf made of silk or satin for winter season

Important Details

Long rectangular accessories are the perfect complement to any style of wardrobe. But the round or square shape will allow you to focus on the scarf.

How do distinguish a man’s scarf from a woman’s? This is quite simple. Men’s models never come in pink or purple and their shades. To decorate men’s accessories do not use pins, buttons, pompoms, brushes, embroidery, and beads. They are not transparent or openwork.

Volume knitting men’s scarf

Men's fancy grey knitted scarf with grey coat for winter season

The width of the men’s scarf is usually 15-35 centimeters, and the best length is 180-200 cm. Products longer than 2 meters are most often women’s. For the business style, it is more appropriate to buy a narrow product, which can be worn as a business suit, and with a classic coat. Wide models are ideal for sports and everyday clothing. Accessories shorter than a meter are difficult to tie beautifully around the neck, but they are perfect for everyday wear.

How To Wear A Men’s Scarf

Finding out how to pick up a scarf for a man, you should also know how to wear it. Men are not used to being puzzled about their appearance and spend a lot of time tying a scarf, and here the stylists fully support them – wear this accessory as it will be convenient for you.

Men’s multicolor scarf

Men's fancy multicolor scarf with grey coat and blue jeans for winter season

We will introduce you to the 6 basic options, which will help you to tie your scarf quickly and beautifully:

1. The easiest option is when the scarf is wrapped around your neck once. For this purpose, a long scarf of any width is suitable. They tie it in such a way that both ends of the scarf are free to hang out at the bottom.

2.No less easy and simple way is to drape an accessory when it is simply thrown around the neck. This is ideal for warm autumn and spring. The model fits perfectly with business suits, cardigans, and jumpers. If necessary, the ends of the scarf can be tucked inside the jacket or under its lapels.

3. Stylish and beloved by many is the French knot. This method of tying allows the accessory to retain heat well. This option is ideal for almost any style of clothing. The length of the scarf plays an important role – it should be more than 1.5-1.8 meters. Fold the scarf in half, then throw it over your neck, holding both ends. Pass the folded ends into the loop formed at the other end of the scarf and tighten it.

4. The ideal way for young people is to wrap the accessory around their necks, with one end thrown over their shoulders and the other in the front. A skinny scarf, which can be worn in late spring, summer, and early autumn, will also fit the youth style. Make a couple of turns around the neck and pass the top edge of the scarf through the received turns so that both edges of the product were under the turns – it will make your image non-trivial and stylish.

5. Almost any style of clothing can be matched with the following way of tying a scarf – tie it like a tie and hide the ends under your clothes.

6. A scarf wrapped around your neck twice will help you survive the cold and strong wind – place it so that one end of the scarf is at chest level, and the second end is wrapped around your neck twice, covering all its open areas. Then tie the ends and hide them under the resulting turns.

If you don’t like the hanging ends of the accessory, we recommend you to pay attention to the model “snow” or “pipe”. Such models are easy to dress and look stylish. If you wish, you can easily make a stylish “collar” from a wide scarf, which also dresses over your head and helps to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with style and color, the more in your scarf wardrobe, the more options you have to diversify your style! Believe me, a beautiful and stylish accessory can bring joy not only to women but also to men.

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