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Let’s Fall This Fall For These Stylish Coats

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We know what will keep you warm in the coming autumn! A comfortable light overcoat. These chic layering pieces are perfect for flexing your fall fashion sense, thanks to versatile designs that combine both form and function during this awkward time of year.

There are endless options to choose from when it comes to layering pieces for a fall outfit. Coats and jackets do more than just keep you warm – they make sure your fall outfit looks cooler than the temperature. Oversized styles not only look out-of-the-moment, but they also serve a practical purpose—once the day’s kick-off, you can wear your beloved fall sweater without worrying about bulky arms. And don’t count seasonal favorites like moto jackets, trenches, and lightweight puffers. Many of these styles, also offered in plus-sizes, are incredibly versatile, serving as optimal layering pieces. Keeping all this in mind, we have selected some attractive outfits for you here. A favorite for everyone – both classical lovers and sports fans. So, go ahead and get your trendy coat this season.

Stylish Fall Coats: It’s Time To Warm Up

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Straight Oversize Coat

This trend will be appreciated by oversize fans – a straight coat size “plus” again at the peak of autumn fashion. Let the impressive parameters of this product not frighten you. Overseas coats do not require a special approach and get along perfectly with jeans and sneakers, and with the office classics. The big advantage of this model is that as the temperature outside the window decreases, you can unnoticed increase the number of warm things under the coat itself and feel comfortable.

Coat with a Smell and a Belt

The coat with a smell and a belt is incredibly convenient in operation – it is thrown on shoulders, has smelled, has a fixed effect by a belt. The presence of buttons inspires more confidence, but the dense material of the coat keeps in shape and keeps warm. Note that this trend warms and simulates – the belt perfectly accentuates the waist. Therefore, even wrapped in warm outerwear, you will retain your elegant feminine silhouette.

Quilted Coat

This classic of frosty days doesn’t need an introduction – a quilted coat. Autumn 2017 podiums were shining with products of different lengths – barely covering the buttocks and barely touching the floor. We are on the heat side and strongly recommend considering models up to/between the knee. Decide for yourself on the filler – it can be a thin quilted coat with natural down content. But artificial fillers require a higher density.

Cage Coat

This geometric print captured not only the fashionable, strict costumes of 2017. The multicellular coats are back in trend. Although remember the season when this thing did not look fashionable. And we don’t remember. A model for centuries! You can mix trends and raise the degree of relevance of the coat by choosing a straight oversize model in a cage. Or to give preference to the fitted classics.

Military-Style Coat

This militant style has regained its strategic position in the autumn wardrobe. Meet the military-style coat. The model is a silhouette, looks strict, and its owner will declare herself as a brave and determined person. The main features are a straight or fitted silhouette, a clear line of shoulders, pockets, “shoulder straps”, and two rows of buttons. This year’s autumn podiums boasted mainly a touch of khaki. However, blue, black, and gray shades will not allow you to be excluded from the number of fashionable women.

Fur Trim

“More, more glamour” is the motto of this trend on the autumn days. Indeed, the fur coat looks exquisite and very feminine. There are no restrictions on the amount of fur – a modest finish on the edges or a chic collar. The contrasting colored fur trim on cuffs and pockets is very popular with fashionistas.

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