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Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles Trending This Year

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Do you love to change your hair and that too inspired by celebrities? Well, you are not alone. change is good. At least that’s what our favorite celebrities keep telling us with their fabulous hair makeovers.

Top stylists and hairdressers tell you what kind of hairstyles you should try in the outgoing year. We just thought it would be cool to give you a roundup of some really amazing celebrity haircuts and styles.

Bold And Beautiful Celebrity Hairstyle To Try Right Now

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Dye Your Hair Blue

From Kim Kardashian’s blue-black hair to Haley Baldwin’s light bluish shade, the blue one suddenly returned to the red carpet. But we warn you, fans of hair experiments, blue does not wash away easily.

Leave The Curls

The obsession with curly and natural hair hasn’t gone away. Forget about the relaxer and rectifier, curvy girls, it’s your time! “But hairstyling curls shouldn’t be combed to preserve the natural appearance of curls. Of course, if you’re not going to make a mess on your head,” says star hairdresser Vernon Franche.

Dirty Blond

From Selena Gomez to Lily Collins, the dirty blonde is a new trend in hair dyeing. Just leave your roots dark, dyeing your hair in warm gold – and you’ll definitely be on a fashionable wave. “In the past, everybody was trying to make their hair lighter than white, because this color seemed so unattainable,” says Alex Brownsell, creative director of BLEACH. – Warm golden shades now are like platinum shades before.

Voluminous And Elastic

Postpone the irons! Fluffy, voluminous, and elastic hair has triumphed back in fashion shows. Shiny and glamorous hairstyles are in the trend. The trendy 80’s flashback brought us back to the atmosphere of discos and natural hair,” says personal stylist Margot Robbie Paul Edmonds. – I like the fact that the volume has returned to fashion again, which also looks very well-groomed.


The handkerchiefs are back in business: they appear on the catwalks of Derek Lam and Marc Jacobs, so it’s time to steal the colored handkerchiefs from your aunt to look gorgeous. “The handkerchief should be worn in such a way that it fits snugly to the head that it can be used in conjunction with a short. This will give elegance and freshness to your look, and unusual antique patterns and colors will definitely add a touch of flavor,” says TRESemme UK representative Aaron Carlo.

Loose Wet Hair

Wet hair is not new, of course, but in 2018 this bow should not be neglected. Leave your hair loose and a little bit soaked. “Wet curls are awesome,” says hairdresser and stylist Larry King.

Hair Bands

Who says the ’90s are behind us a long time ago? The voluminous and noticeable hair gum is back thanks to Mansur Gavriel. Make yourself a good old ponytail with the usual rubber band – and it will look amazing. To look modern with a ponytail, don’t do massive and complicated hairstyles,” says stylist Adam Reed. – Stick to the simple and calm style, and make a normal low ponytail or bundle. But don’t even dare to use bright patterns and metallic colors!

Hoops For Hair

They can be gold hula hoops with Dolce jewelry, hula hoops with huge bows from Delpozo, or sports headbands from Miu Miu – they can be absolutely any, with no restrictions. The easiest way to update for the new season is just to buy a hoop for your hair.

Silver Hair

As far back as 2018, we were obsessed with dirty pastel and grey tones, but in autumn 2019 we should add some luxury to our hair. The stylish metallic shine turns ordinary grey hair into something grand. “Silver is an updated grey, metallic shade on the hair is a real hit this season.

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Bob With Bangs

Even though not everyone would dare to get a haircut like that, we assure you that you will soon see beans everywhere. Do you have a round face? Don’t worry, you can get a haircut like that, just don’t get a straight bang. And it’s better to try on your hair beforehand than to regret that you can’t change it.

Hair Clips

An excellent and irreplaceable accessory. “The hairpins are gaining popularity in the new season. The best way to wear them is to fasten them just above the ear, it looks great,” says “Herbal Essences” representative, star stylist Ben Cook.

Scattering Bangs

It’s worn by almost everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Kristen Stewart. If you want to be fashionable and charming this year, just periodically comb your long bangs upstairs. “I love soft, fluffy hair,” says Aaron Carlo. – Just use a texture spray to prevent the bangs from getting dirty.

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