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Most of the girls are slim and elegant. For visual elongation of the silhouette, various means are used: dresses, heels, and many other techniques have colorful accents. It may be a reasonable question, but can hairstyles hold our hands as well? Are there, in principle, haircuts that become thinner?

The most common body shapes for adult women are rectangular, pear, apple, and hourglass. However, we know that categorizing our unique selves into any one category is difficult. Also, there are many sub-categories in these four groups.

So, whether you want to hide a few extra pounds or add an inch or two of height, we have haircut recommendations for you and your body type.

Flattering Haircut Tricks According To Your Body Shape

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Hair And Shape: Who Wins?

Surprisingly enough, the right hairstyle can easily adjust the silhouette visually. Let’s dwell in detail on the types of figures.

Wide Hips And Small Bust

If your physique differs with rather massive hips in combination with a narrow chest and a small bust, stylists recommend considering the possibility of long hairstyles. It’s the long hair, and especially the wavy hair, that will help shift attention away from those parts of the body that do not fall under the definition of “slender”.

What do girls with short haircuts do, is there no way out? There are, of course. Try to experiment with hair accessories – hairpins, tied with interesting handkerchiefs.

Large Or Very Large Bust

If that’s what you think your specialty is, you’ll find curled curls to help you. Their length is maybe medium. Believe me, curls are a universal solution, or almost universal.

Apple Shape

If you have an apple-shaped figure, the curls won’t help you out. What should we do? Stylists recommend the average length of a haircut for straight hair in this case.

Haircuts That Slim The Face

You’re a round-headed woman with big, big cheeks? Then you must have thought about how to make your face look slimmer. To solve the problem you can use a few simple tips from stylists.

Graduated Haircut

Do you have long hair that you’ve been growing for so long? There is an option to visually make your face more stretched out without losing hair length.

To do this, you use graduated haircuts. Curls of different lengths will hide the cheeks and make them less visible. The length of the strands up to the middle of the chest can be considered the ideal start to create a new look.

Long Bangs: Pros And Cons

You don’t have bangs? Then it’s time to try! Adopt a variant with long bangs. Long is below the eyebrow level. The secret is that combed on one side, it will smooth the face oval. To add such packing it is possible to asymmetric sampling.

The first time you may think that the long bangs are uncomfortable. But it’s only from the strangeness of the habit. The most important thing is that the long bangs are perfectly combined with a large number of hairstyles and styles, even with high hairstyles.

By The Way, About Asymmetry

One of the most intriguing hairstyles that will help to change the image beyond recognition is asymmetrical. Side parting will visually change the proportions of the face. But if you are used to directing sampling, you will have to retrain, as it emphasizes all the nuances of a full or round face. You don’t need it at all, do you?

Curls To Be-

If you have long hair, it will be enough to curl it slightly. For this purpose, large-diameter curlers or electric clippers are used. The curls should be natural and not too tight. Such a hairstyle will not only add slenderness but will also make the image more subtle and feminine.

Texture Frame

The perfect length for a haircut like this is on the shoulders. By laying the strands in the right way, you can ensure that your face looks harmonious and almost perfect. A haircut like this is also suitable for perfectly straight hair and slightly twisted with a round brush.

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What You Don’t Need To Do

How to avoid common mistakes, stylists’ recommendations will help you. In order not to create a ridiculous or funny image, you should not:

  • Curl your hair very finely into African spirals.
  • Cut hair under a short bean.
  • A horse’s tail combined with a full face.
  • Short bangs.
  • Styling in a tight bundle on the top of the head.
  • Hair smoothly removed from the face (styled in a bundle, shell, etc.).

Following these simple and easy-to-do recommendations, you can not only choose the haircuts that are slimming but also add the image of femininity and refinement.

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