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Trendy Leather Clothing Is Creating Quite The Buzz

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It’s hard to believe right now, but the history of fashion has gone skin down with a scandal. For a long time, it was considered the prerogative of street musicians and the military. The first to take the risk was the introduction of leather by Yves Saint Laurent as a material for fashionable clothing. In 1960, his collections for Christian Dior, filled with rock-style leather looks, caused a wave of outrage in fashionable society. It was only in the 90s that leather was finally appreciated. Lovers of punk-rock and grunge, world fashionistas, and couturiers fell in love with leather dresses, trousers, and jacket suits. Even if you’re not excited to wear head-to-toe leather and you prefer just a touch, there are several ways to do so. Today it is difficult to imagine your wardrobe without things made of this material.

In this review, we’ll show you how to pair leather goods to emphasize personality and style.

Some Trendy Leather Collection: Women’s Clothing

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Texture and Colors

Leather wardrobe items are mostly natural and artificial leather. However, in addition to these two options, there is a third option eco-leather. Thanks to the high quality and acceptable price, eco-leather is gradually becoming an increasingly popular material in the fashion world. Its composition includes cotton, cellulose-based materials, and synthetic polymers. It is the fact that in the process of exploitation of eco-leather does not allocate any compounds and behaves as well as natural, and allowed to give it a proper name.

As for the texture, the materials made of leather have a wide range of choices to embody the most daring ideas. Glossy or matte, with metallic reflections or under the reptile – all this looks very stylish and bold.

What color should I choose for my skin? The trend is a full range of natural colors, from clay and sand to “marsala”. Black is the basic color. It can be used to create modern business images as well as outfits with more drama and rebellion. Pastel and nude shades are perfect for creating feminine, sophisticated images. And it is possible to realize avant-garde and style by means of leather clothes with a metallic shine.

Jackets and Sheepskin Coats

Leather tops have been popular for many seasons. However, this time leather sheepskin coats and jackets won a strong lead in the fight for a stylish and warm look. Bulky, fitted, furred sheepskin coats in the style of “rock” – all these options find resonance in a fashionable environment. Combining them with wool, knitted, leather skirts or dresses, corduroy trousers, or denim, you can create a variety of convenient everyday outfits.

Leather Trousers/Pants

Leather trousers are an excellent alternative to denim. However, this subject of the wardrobe can emphasize both the advantages of the figure and the disadvantages. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to their choice. Thanks to their versatility, pants can be combined with almost everything: sweatshirt, sweater style “oversize”, long vest, shirt, or jumper. Due to the contrast of the materials, an elongated chiffon shirt will be a great option.

Leather Skirts

The leather skirt can revive a familiar look. For example, the best office style – a pencil skirt – will be much more interesting if you choose a model of leather and combine it with a strict top. And for those who do not want to stand up to the business style, you can experiment with the color, length, and style of the skirt. To tame the brave temper of this wardrobe item can be, for example, with the help of the length of the midi and pleating. With a pleated skirt, you can create images in a variety of styles. Adding some romance to the image will help to add some romantic leather skirt-click.

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Leather Dresses

Dynamism and feminine fragility are the two polarities that get along perfectly in such a wardrobe as a leather dress. This is a very versatile and stylish variant of the dress, which with the right choice of style and length can become a favorite both in the creation of casual style, business style, and the creation of evening images. Such dresses are worn both independently and in combination with a turtleneck, long sleeves, and T-shirt. Knitted cardigan contrast.

Clothes With Leather Inserts

Things with leather inserts are designed to create spectacular contrasts in the image. In addition, the combination of materials between each other will certainly be to the taste of women of any age category, as you can choose the style for every taste. Decorative leather inserts, without a doubt, can turn traditional clothes into complex and stylish outfits.

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