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Healthy Habits to Stay Fit in Quarantine

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Now that all of us are locked in our houses due to this Global Pandemic that Corona Virus has led us into, it becomes even more difficult for us to stay fit while sitting at our homes all day. People have lost track of the time. The sleep cycle has been disturbed and some of us are binge eating all the junk food while lazying around and watching Netflix. However, there are ways through which we can overcome the boredom of this harsh time. Though the gyms are closed and it isn’t even safe to go out for a walk, there are some simple ways through which you can stay fit and break the monotony of the lock down.

Here are 10 simple and healthy habits that you can inculcate in your daily schedule to stay fit in Quarantine. These will make sure that you don’t lose track of the time and stay healthy regardless of the lock down.

How to Stay Fit in Quarantine

1. Stick to a schedule

It might be difficult for people who aren’t working from home but it’s the most effective way to stay healthy, fit and sane in this tough time. Create a schedule for yourself which is closest to the schedule you used to follow before lock down. Sleep and wake up at the same time. It is easier for people who have to work from home as they still have to follow a schedule according to the work. Write down the schedule on a paper and stick it where you spend most of your day so that you keep getting reminded of following it.

2. Make time for home workout

The gyms have been closed and a lot of people who are addicted to it are finding it difficult to get past this quarantine. Moreover, the people who weren’t fond of the gym but were going to stay fit have got an ultimate excuse to miss workout. But not anymore! You don’t necessarily need gym equipments to stay healthy. There are simple exercises that you can do at home like Squats, Planks, Crunches, Lunges and push ups. You can do stretching at home to stay flexible and not feel lethargic while sitting at one place all day. Try out exercises like Butterfly, cat stretch, chest stretch, back chair stretch and computer stretch to achieve flexibility.

3. Eat healthy

Being a foodie is tough in the time of lock down as you keep getting fat sitting at one place whole day and binge eat all the junk food thinking you were hungry when in reality you were just bored. You constantly crave for different things while chilling at home and end up over eating. This undoubtedly is an unhealthy way of eating which sould be controlled asap. Keep track of what you eat and add fruits and salad to your munchies list. Keep a gap of atleast 2-3 hours between two meals. Have a balanced diet and make sure your food contains enough protein and fiber. Also, have a heavy lunch and a light dinner as it overloads the digestive system.

4. Create a work space in your house

If you’re working from home, then choose a room where you can concentrate and work efficiently and turn it into your work space. Treat that room like your office. Keep it neat and clean. Arrange all your office necessities in that room. Work there exactly according to your work hours. This would keep you close to your normal schedule and would make the quarantine period more bearable.

5. Take breaks and stroll around the house

Sitting at one place whole day is harmful for health as it makes the body lethargic. You should make sure that you take atleast 3-4 breaks in a day and stroll around in the house itself or on your terrace. You can also turn it into a tea break or have fruits to energize yourself and reboot the energy that you’ve lost. Your brain gets drained due to constant work pressure while sitting at one place. This activity would help the glucose reach your mind and work even more efficiently.

6.  Get adequate sleep

Staying at home all the time has disturbed our whole schedule and we are sleeping and waking up at any point of the day disturbing the whole body cycle. This is an unhealthy way of leading life. Try sticking to your original sleeping and wake up timings and get atleast 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep generally leads to anxiety and mental health issues which is the last thing you want at the time of a global pandemic.

7. Make time for your hobbies

Last but not the least, now that we have some time to kill, why not make time for our hobbies that got lost long ago because of the busy schedule? Tap into your inner child and find out activities that you once loved. Be it painting, cooking, baking, writing or reading, do it for your love of it. This would keep you busy, entertained and more than anything, sane as you have final got the time to do something you love.

So, here were 7 healthy habits that you should adopt asap to get through this quarantine. They would keep you fit, entertained and would also be worthwhile for your physical as well as mental health. Together, we can overcome this!

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