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How to Color Previously Colored Hair

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Have you ever noticed that dyed hair only makes you happy with its shine and brightness for the first two weeks? Then the hair color becomes lighter and you want to renew it. Changing your hair color can be fun, but it can also be risky. If you want to re-color your already dyed hair, you have to be careful so that your hair color comes out well. Whatever your reason for re-dyeing your hair, you can safely change your color if you’re patient. While going to the stylist is the best way to re-color your hair. To visit the stylist less often, you can try to do it at home as well.

So you want to color your hair at home, but you’re feeling a little nervous. You are at the right place! We’ve got total pro secrets from our colorists that’ll help you lighten or darken your shade, tell you what to do about highlights, and keep your complexion looking fresh once you’ve reached your goals.
Learn 5 ways to update the color of previously colored hair without using dye.

Re-Dye Hair: It’s Time To Get A New Look

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Hidden And Obvious Enemies Of Saturated Color

They’re known to everybody, even those who like natural hair color. And this:

  • Frequent washing of heads. And this is not even about shampoos! Surprisingly enough, water helps wash out the pigment from the hair.
  • A visit to the pool or swimming in the sea. Here they “work” on tarnishing your curls of chlorine and sea salt.
  • The sun’s rays. Ultraviolet light has a detrimental effect on the hair as a whole, gradually destroying the color pigment.
  • Love hot styling. Hairdryer, floss, iron – all this hurts the hair, making it dull and dry. What rich color can we talk about under such conditions?

How To Renew Your Hair Color: Taming The Enemies

And for that:

  • pick the right care products for your colored hair. Our choice: the Reflection Chromatique line from Kerastase. The care products create a protective film on the surface of the hair, which protects it from aggressive environmental factors.
  • Wear a hat in the sun.
  • Keep the use of a hairdryer, flattening, or ironing to a minimum. If you can’t do without a hairdryer at all, switch to a gentle, low-temperature mode.

How To Update Your Hair Color: Recipes From Professionals

Way one: Use a hair tonic

It’s simple, fast, and safe for your hair. If you do not have a very big difference with the grown-up roots, then this task is under the power of tonic. However, do not wait for a miracle – this tool can change the color only to 1-2 tones. But with its help, you will make the color of your hair brighter and more saturated before going to the barbershop.

It is important that there are no unpleasant surprises, it is better to consult with your master. He will tell you what brand, series, and tone number to use.

Method No.2: Use A Tonic Spray

This product will give you instant effect immediately after application. With the help of the spray you can safely paint the grown-up roots, it can even cope with gray hair. And if you use it along its entire length, you’ll see how much more “alive” your hair color has become. We recommend it!

Method 3. My Head With Dyeing Shampoo

Ask your master for the shampoo that suits you right after dyeing your hair. He will choose the right brand and tone for you, and your hair color will remain saturated for a long time. The most popular brands are from L´Oreal and Kaposi.

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Method 4. Sign Up For An Express Procedure To Update Your Color

An excellent method of restoring the color of colored hair, especially if it is due to a trip to the sea or a long stay in the sun. In the salon, your curls will be gently washed with a special shampoo and conditioned. The treatment will help you to get rid of ugly yellow or copper halftones and add shine to your hair.

Method 5. Do not forget about home care

While colored curls lose their shine, the impression of color loses points earned. Adding a little gloss will help with home remedies: masks and rinses.

For dark hair: add six teaspoons of coffee with two glasses of boiling water and boil for five minutes. After cooling, you can use it. Rinse washed hair with coffee decoction without rinsing it off.

For blond hair: to get rid of unwanted yellow color, use chamomile decoction or rinse your hair with water with a few drops of lemon juice.

And in general, don’t forget to take care of your curls to make them shiny and silky.

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