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Looking for ways to improve the thinning and balding areas of the scalp? If your answer is yes, hair transplantation is the best method for you.

Hair transplant is a procedure in which healthy hair follicles are taken from the area of scalp and is being transplanted to the area which is suffering hair loss. In hair transplantation once hair are being transplanted they will continue to grow and will not face hair loss.

Hair transplantation ensures the growth of healthy hair with maximum guarantee. And this technique has got popularity in recent years. It is a simple surgical procedure showing fast results as compared to other transplantation and re-grow methods.

Hair transplantation has some pros and cons which can be felt during the process. Some people will be very satisfied with the results and other may be disappointed with the results and outcome.

Am I a candidate for hair transplantation ?

On average the candidate for hair transplantation has following characteristics-

  • Male or female– Both men and female can take benefit of hair transplantation process.
  • Over the age of 25– Hair transplants will be most effective after the age of 25 years because it will be the time when the majority of all your hair loss has already occurred.
  • Male and female different pattern of baldness– If we talk about male pattern of baldness hair loss is generally is on the top and front of the head. And if we talk about female hair loss is generally begins from part. In both the situation there is some area which is unaffected, and it gives perfect area to harvest healthy hair for the procedure.
  • Realistic expectations– Hair transplantation is the only method which gives guaranteed results for healthy hair growth.

Let us now look at some pros and cons of hair transplantation.

Pros of hair transplantation

1. Guaranteed Results

Hair transplantation is very sophisticated procedure and also guarantees the healthy hair in bald and thinning areas. And this is the major benefit of this procedure which attracts many customers. It guarantees the cultivation of healthy hair on your head.  The hair growth will last for lifetime. In the span of 6 to 9 months you will be able to see 50% growth of new and healthy hair.

2. Natural Hair

Another very impressive importance of hair transplantation is that the looks of hair are very natural after the procedure. The area which donated the hair follicles is not visible after the surgery and the hairlines get mixed very well with the person’s features.

3. Simple Procedure

Hair transplantation process is very simple and is only carried under anesthesia. The treatment may require more than one visit but the outcome and result will be permanent after the procedure. The hair follicles which are extracted are generally from the back of the scalp, and it will stop hair fall permanently.

4. Safe and Painless

This is the next advantage of hair transplantation process that it is very safe and painless. This surgery only requires anesthesia and its effect does not last long and is also very manageable. In hair transplantation no sharper blades are used and no incision or sewing is required in this procedure. This proves it to be very safe and painless. Such effective surgery is carried out very safely and is painless.

5. One Time Process

Once the hair transplantation process is carried out then it is life long process. The best advantage of hair transplantation is to be one time process. You do not have to worry about your hairstyle life long once the hair transplant is done because it is for lifetime. You can change your hairstyle or any operations but your healthy hair will continue to grow.

Cons of hair transplantation

1. Cost

The cost of the procedure is the biggest disadvantage of this method. They demand the money upfront and the falling chance of this is 10% which can be caused by different improper implanting of injury, surgery and some kind of medications and this will lead to wastage of time, money and efforts. Instead of choosing this procedure you can simply try natural treatments like shampoos, changing diet.

2. Skin Bumps May Appear

This is the biggest disadvantage of hair transplantation as there is risk of hair follicles dying before hair regrowth can take place. And this will lead to bumps and lumps on the particular area of transplantation. The scar can be visible on the head and there is minimal possibility of the healing of scars.

3. Can Lead to Many Infections

No doubt this process is very simple and convenient but the risk of infection in the area may lead to headaches, black eyes and many other infections. Nerve damage is the very common problem which is found in the donor area in the the procedure. This can also lead to sensitivity of the scalp.

4. Recovery Time

You need to be calm most of the time with itching, pulling, scratching of the hair and scalp because this will irritate the transplanted area delaying the recovery process. There are some precautions that you need to take care like protecting the scalp from direct sunlight and avoiding the pressure from hair follicles by sleeping with your neck and head raise is the best. These all things should be followed by candidate for better and effective results.

5. No Margin of Error

Hair transplantation is one time process and it cannot be reversed. In male pattern of baldness the transplanted patches only remain while the surrounding area may be start to  fall and this will end up weird looking appearance of hair and very odd appearance.

If I am not the candidate then what should I do?

If you don’t fit for the hair transplantation candidate you don’t have to worry or feel sad about it. You can consult the doctor by scheduling a consultation appointment. Sometimes candidates feel they don’t meet the criteria but the doctors will help you and they will conclude the best method for you. As there are number of other options available.

These were the some points of pros and cons for the hair transplantation, you should consider all these points before going to the surgery.

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(Reviewed by Dr. Sarika)

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