Trending Hairstyles For Mehendi Ceremony

Latest Hairstyles Perfect For Your Mehendi Ceremony
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We are here with beautiful trending hairstyles for mehendi ceremony for complete bridal look for the function. 

My favored part of attending wedlock is getting ready for each ceremony, and I think yours’s will be it too, right?

The thrill of looking offbeat and appealing is just irresistible! And, don’t even talk about a bride’s point of view in this, she will do anything to get a flawless look in each of the ceremonies.

Today, I’ll tell you the hack to look diverse and top drawer at a wedding. You may want to be a big-time bride or a boffo bridesmaid but you all babes invest in the wrong directions. You girls spend a lot on your clothes and your makeover but the easiest way to look good is to give meaning to your hair well.

Doing your hair well will make your face look unique and then you would not need to worry about anything else. You just need to find out the right hairstyle for the right occasion. Now, having involved various ceremonies at a wedding, right from Haldi, Mehndi to the reception choosing a sole hairstyle each time can get hectic.

So, here’s presenting a gallery of mingled pictures of all the gorgeous hairstyles you can try for a Mehndi ceremony.

Trending Hairstyles For Mehendi Ceremony

1. Perfect Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Open hairstyle with multiple Gajras for any ceremony
Image Source: Orange The Salon

This is a verily easy going and simple hairstyle for a Mehndi ceremony. It’s quite easy to do and looks classic and neat once done. Take all your hair from the front and cover them on a bumpit or you can also use a volumizer banana bumpit specifically for thin hair. Clip them all with bobby pins. Accessorize your hair with Gajra or any other sober veil.

2. Delight in Details!

Bubble braids with baby's breath tucks for any occasion
Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

For your Mehndi ceremony let there be a delight in details! You are looking at amazingly done hair by Prarthi Dave and Urvashi Dave. With deep waves in hair and this flower accessory, you are going to look just sensorial trying this hairstyle.

3. The Sun and The Flowers!

Clustered with baby's flower breath and romantic curls
Image Source: Orange The Salon

Half braided hair and deep waves in it, Drashti Gajjar just made the best Mehndi ceremony hairstyle this time. The pink and white floral beads stuck to the hair looks so enthralling.

4. Dutch and Mini-braid detailing

Bridal hairstyle for lehenga with loose beachy waves and floral pins
Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

This wondrous hairstyle will definitely please all you girls as it looks intricate and totally gorgeous. There’s a Dutch braid with a mini braid and floral tiara added at the top by hairstylist Ritika.

5. The Hair Bouquet

Rose bun and strands of baby's breath with loose curls
Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

Look pleading with yet another Ritika’s piece of art. She twirled hair at different sections, Cris crossed them and made them stay with bobby pins. She also took the twirled hair to make a rose at both top and bottom sections.

6. The Dream Hair!

Twisted curls with hair accessories perfect for any festive occasion
Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

Wow! This hairstyle for a Mehndi ceremony will just stick people’s eyes on you for a whole moment. Prarthi Dave and Urvashi Dave are commendable at making hair look volumized and elegant.

7. Hairgician!

Half tucked wavy hair with floral accessories perfect for festive season
Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

With red floral and baby’s breath attached to your waves, imagine how adorable you will look each time you will swirl while dancing. You will be the major highlight.

8. Curls Run The World!

Twisted curls with loose braid on the top with white floral accessories
Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

I have tried and experienced this personally that curls really do express your persona in a different way. Get deep curls and fit braids all-around your puff made by a bumpit.

9. Flawless and Empyreal!

Overall crown braid tucked with baby's breath for festive season
Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

This is the most trending hairstyle for a Mehndi ceremony you definitely need to look at. Made gorgeously by Ritika here’s presenting soft curls and gypsos both dancing perfectly with each other. You will not have to work very hard to attain this beauty. It will be best paired with a Lehenga Choli or an Indo-Western outfit.

10. Here Comes The Desert!

Braided crown with loose waves with a touch of purple flowers all over the hair
Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

Uncovering the desert on your table after the delicious meals, here’s a hairstyle I bet you have never seen and you will highly endorse it. With pops of purple, waves, baby breaths and a braid, this is a classic way of styling your hair. A smashing instance of classy and posh.

11. Tie Your Hair, Untie Your Wings!

 Half braided and open hair both is involved giving a beautiful glamorous look with white hair accessories
Image Source: Orange The Salon

People will highly commend your hairstyle and catch moments just to look at you, my guarantee. Pick this amazing hairstyle with several hair accessories such as a chain, orchids, baby breaths and half hair done into a braid.

12. Simplicity Queen!

Front tied braid with different flower on twisted rope braid for haldi ceremony
Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

Grace and fashion lie in simplicity. Nowadays people prefer sober over fancy. If you are among them then go with this hairstyle to agilely tie your hair into a loose pleated side braid and then detailing it with alternate pink and yellow beads.

It is truly said that people feel bold and beautiful if they are having a good hair day. Your hair really makes your mood and state so I hope you have wisely decided a great hairstyle for you, am I right? I’ll be more than glad if this helped you. Have a happy wedding!

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

Bridal Floral Bun Hairstyles for Wedding Day

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