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Cool White And Grey Bouncy Curly Hairs
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As we age we need to take care of ourselves more. A more delicate self-care routine is necessary. As skincare is important, hair styling and hair care are also crucial. Styling hair is a nice way can always enhance a look. Also, certain hairstyles and haircuts make you look more youthful, cool and charming. Trying new trends makes you ageless. One should never be tired of trying something new. Keep the curious child spirit inside you glowing. It keeps you healthy and happy inside.

Here in this article, we have some beautiful medium haircuts for women over 50. You can keep long hair or have short hair. There are haircuts for all lengths. Next time you visit a hairdresser and a hair salon you will have many ideas in your head. Experimenting with hairs may sound risky but it may turn out to be magnificent. One should not hesitate to try new hairstyles and hair trends. Taking care of all small things in your body symbolise self-love. It beautifies you and builds confidence.

We have medium haircuts for every season. You can try these hairs for various hair colours. Here are some cool and funky hair ideas. You will even get medium haircut ideas for everyday hair too. Medium haircuts for straight hairs, wavy hairs, curly hairs and frizzy hairs. You will also find hairstyles for working women and formal events.

Good hair can lighten up anyone’s day and outfit. Depending on your face shape and hair preference you can choose any. So before your next hair appointment, browse through our photos of the most popular medium length hairstyles for women over 50!

Easy Haircuts That Complements Women Over 50

1. Cool White And Grey Bouncy Curly Hairs:

Medium haircuts for women over 50 Cool White And Grey Bouncy Curly Hairs
Image Source: Catherine M.

Happy hairs! There are some hairs on one side that are dyed white. The remaining hairs are grey. These hairs have a soft curly texture. These hairs are soft but bushy. These bouncy hairs are cool and attractive. These hairs would make you younger than your age! Additionally, these hairs are fun. A bit of make-up will add an extra glow. You can have this haircut for frosty winters and winter outfits.

2. Lob For Natural Waves – Blonde Haircut:

Medium haircuts for women over 50 Lob For Natural Waves - Blonde Haircut
Image Source: Afanasiev Studio

Log length hairs! These hairs are blonde. The hairs are side parted and have a layered texture. You can consider this hairstyle for naturally wavy hairs. This hairstyle looks feminine and pretty. These hairs are suitable for women who prefer wearing dresses and feminine outfits. Also, this haircut makes comfortable hair for regular days. This haircut can make good summer hair.

3. Side Parted Curly Bob – Natural Curls:

Medium haircuts for women over 50
Image Source: Le Vestibule

Soft blonde S curls! These hairs are also blonde. These S curls are side-parted in a bob. They are suited for lighter shades of hair colour. Even white would look great! This hairstyle can be good for everyday hair and even vacations. This hairstyle is better suited for body-fitting clothes and also floral outfits.

4. Short Wavy Textured Blonde Bob:

Medium haircuts for women over 50 Short Wavy Textured Blonde Bob
Image Source: Le Vestibule

Blonde dyed hairs! These hairs are blonde and wavy. This is a textured bob. The hairs are styled in a manner that they add up the extra volume. It quite a bit looks like K Pop hairstyle. It can be a good choice for typical Asian faces. This haircut can be a good choice for winters and even the springs. The edgy outfits would look great on this hairstyle.

5. Short Wolf Cut – Squid Game Hairs:

Medium haircuts for women over 50 Short Wolf Cut - Squid Game Hairs
Image Source: Srico

Short wolf cut! Squid Game seems to make a place in everyone’s heart. Jung Ho-Yeon has a typical wolf cut in the drama. She looks stunning. This hairstyle is a bit shorter wolf cut. You can always regulate the length! This hairstyle is a great choice for women’s who love drama inspired hair. This kind of hair always leaves the people around in amusement. They will surely be in awe. These hairs are iconic.

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6. Ear Length Bob With Bangs – White Hairs:

Medium haircuts for women over 50 Ear Length Bob With Bangs - White Hairs
Image Source: kiyomiiwata

An ear-length bob! This bob is for straight hairs. Bangs are covering the forehead. The platinum white colour looks stunning. The hairs are suitable for round and square faces. Women with a big forehead can comfortably go for this hairstyle. You can try these platinum hairs for the snowy winters. Also, this haircut looks quite good for professional events.

7. Frizzy Black Coily Curls Hairstyle:

Medium haircuts for women over 50 Frizzy Black Coily Curls Hairstyle
Image Source: Le Vestibule

A bob for naturally frizzy hairs! These hairs have a real natural texture. If you are the one with frizzy curls. This is the one for you! Get a beautiful frizzy curly bob with curly bangs. This hairstyle doesn’t involve many hair treatments just the cutting procedure. This is an affordable and a real different haircut! This hairstyle can be a good choice for people preferring a less materialistic and happy life. Also, they are good springtime hair!

8. Simple Side Parted Straight Hair, Bob:

Medium haircuts for women over 50 Simple Side Parted Straight Hair Bob
Image Source: Anaita’s Hair Salon

The simple bob! This is a simple bob for straight hairs. It is not a textured one. You can either side part or middle part the hairs. This hairstyle is suitable for any hair colour! Isn’t that great? Anyone can try these hairs. These hairs go quite well with every kind of occasion. Also, this haircut is quite formal and professional. It makes a great choice for working ladies too.

9. Golden Bob With Side Swept Bangs:

Golden Bob With Side Swept Bangs
Image Source: Anaita’s Hair Salon

Brownish golden hairs! The colour is the special highlight of this haircut. This one also is a bob haircut. These hairs have side bangs. These side-swept bangs keep the bangs away from your eyes. This hairstyle is cute. It can be a good choice for summer. These hairs can even make good holiday hairs. Floral or printed summer outfits would look great with this haircut.

10. Sturdy Regular Waves For Red Hairs:

Image Source: Hair Studio ETA

A pinkish-red haircut! This colour looks really pretty and spring-like. These hairs have many sturdy layers and waves of pinkish-red curls. These hairs are a bob type. A curly bob! These hairs will look great with specs. If you wear specs, you can try this hairstyle. It would look pretty good. Also for the women who prefer wearing grunge outfits this haircut can be a good choice.

11. Simple Blonde Haircut – Retro Look:

Simple Blonde Haircut - Retro Look
Image Source: Henry Rasu

Retro vibes! This is like a side-parted lob. The hairs from one side seeming fall towards the face in a retro style. This hairstyle is a simple one. Also, one for thin hairs. These hairs radiate retro vibes. This hairstyle is a good choice for vintage-inspired ladies. Also, the ladies who want something simple and decent. This hairstyle is perfect for any regular day outfit.

12. White And Brown Edgy Haircut:

White And Brown Edgy Haircut
Image Source: Le Vestibule

Edgy hairstyle! This one is a really pretty bob. A bob for keratin straight hairs. Certain hairs are left brown from the front, near the ear. The remaining hairs are platinum blonde. This hairstyle is so pretty! It is elegantly styled. The colour texture is beautiful beyond words. It is heavenly. Women who want to try something fine-looking can go for this one. It is a good choice for freezing winters and baggy fits.

13. Brown Hairs With Side Swept Bangs:

Brown Hairs With Side Swept Bangs
Image Source: Srico

For natural hairs! These hairs look very natural. The hairs are slightly below the shoulder. These brown hairs look youthful. There are pretty side-swept bangs too. This hairstyle is a good choice for summers and springs. These hairs also make good everyday hair. These hairs are also good for formal meetings and edgy outfits.

14. Simple Middle Parted Wavy Lob:

Simple Middle Parted Wavy Lob
Image Source: Tayloe Vanaernem

Amberly lob! This is a simple and wavy lob. This lob is a middle-parted blonde. It makes good everyday hair. It is even a suitable haircut for without makeup look. If you don’t want to keep your hairs short, layered or textured. This can be a good choice. It makes a good even length haircut. It is suitable for all seasons. This hairstyle can be styled with a wide range of outfits.

15. Summer Blonde Wavy Lob – Highlighted Hairs:

Summer Blonde Wavy Lob - Highlighted Hairs
Image Source: Hair by Gstar

A summer blonde! These hairs are highlighted in two rounds. The hairs have a typical curly look. The swirling curls look pretty. You can customise the colours. This hairstyle is a funky one. This hairstyle is good for sunny summer outfits. You can style these hairs with unusual dresses too.

In the above article are some amazing haircut ideas for women over 50. You can go for hairs of any length, colour or texture. Also, keeping the natural hair texture intact you can try these haircuts. You can always try new colours and trends. There are some decent ones too for the women who would prefer simpler and manageable hairs. These haircuts will give you a fresh and fine look!

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