Medium haircuts for women over 40

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An amazing and gorgeous hairstyle is for everybody, whether you are a child or a teenager, or a middle-aged person. And turning 40 or over 40 is just another achievement or a milestone of your life. So you might feel like experimenting a bit with your life concerning the lifestyle, especially hairstyles. You would want to follow today’s fashion crowd to look elegant and classy.

Every woman till they turn 40 have already established an identity for themselves and now it is more about living their lives than impressing the world. As a matter of hairstyles, they can go for chopping off their hair shorts or doing something with that beautiful looks of theirs and it is more about being true to yourself. You can see various celebrities these days showcasing such beautiful stylings of hair.

So, we are showing you guys some of those awesome medium hairstyles below that you may want to give a try. Here you go:

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Flattering Haircuts For Women Over 40

1. Medium Bob Cut Hairstyle

Medium haircuts for women over 40 Medium bob cut hairstyle
Image Source: rambut series

This first picture portrays a lady with a beautiful bob haircut. And this will look amazing on someone with short hair. You may even try to give blonde highlights on that natural hair colour of yours to enhance the overlook more. So ladies, what are you waiting for? Go have fun with it.

2. Another Bob Cut Hairstyle

Medium haircuts for women over 40 Another bob cut hairstyle
Image Source: I am shorthair

This second picture also has the bob haircut. The brown highlights on the black hair are absolutely stunning and classy. This type is perfect for working women. So if you want to look elegant in your workplace, then definitely try this hairstyle.

3. Angled Bob Cut Hairstyle

Medium haircuts for women over 40 Angled bob cut hairstyle
Image Source: rambut series

Just similar to the above two pictures, this one also has a bob cut. This is specifically the angled and stacked bob hairstyle. This is another type that is suitable for working women in office spaces. Try the highlights if you want to get inspired by the image.

4. Medium Lob Cut Hairstyle

Medium haircuts for women over 40 Medium lob cut hairstyle
Image Source: Dominae mugleston

So far you have seen bob haircuts. But do not confuse yourself thinking that the below picture has a similar hairstyle to the others. Maybe it looks like that. But this one is actually called lob cut hairstyle. The difference is it does not have the angled look like the bob cuts. Instead, it has wavy patterns which definitely give a beautiful look to the hairstyle.

5. Another Lob Cut Hairstyle

Medium haircuts for women over 40 Another lob cut hairstyle
Image Source: rambut series

Similar to the fourth image, this one is also a lob-cut hairstyle. The blue highlights on the blonde hair look so funky and classy that every middle-aged woman will want to try at least once. So experiment with yourself to look cool in this modern world.

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6. Aline Bob Cut Hairstyle

Medium haircuts for women over 40 Aline bob cut hairstyle
Image Source: rambut series

Here, we have a type of bob-cut hairstyle suitable for short and medium hair. The blonde dye on the black hair looks amazing and classy. Women aged 40 and over should go for this hairstyle for sure.

7. Angled Bob in Blonde Hairstyle

Medium haircuts for women over 40 Angled bob in blonde hairstyle
Image Source: I am shorthair

This picture portrays a beautiful bob-cut hairstyle done in blonde dye. The angled and the stacked style only enhance the look and is perfect for the apple-shaped or angled face. So you should give it a try.

8. Wavy Bob Cut Hairstyle

Medium haircuts for women over 40 Wavy bob cut hairstyle
Image Source: Dominae mugleston

This is a wavy bob-cut hairstyle. It looks very sassy yet elegant. The fresh bright blonde highlights enhance the look more for the lady in the below picture. So if you love this, then try it.

9. Bangs on Short Hair

Medium haircuts for women over 40 Bangs on short hair
Image Source: Dominae mugleston

The red hair colour is usually rare to find and if you are lucky enough to have it, then you should surely try this below hairstyle. The bangs can be applied on short as well as medium hair and will look on women aged 40 and above. So have fun with it.

10. Another Bob Haircut on Blonde hair

Another bob haircut on blonde hair
Image Source: Donny Anderson

This is another beautiful blonde bob haircut suitable for women who love to experiment with various hairstyles. The below style should be tried by you if you are thinking of changing your current look as you will look sassy and cool.

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11. Pixie Bob Cut Hairstyle

Pixie bob cut hairstyle
Image Source: Sarah Brooke Cornelius

The below style is the pixie bob-cut hairstyle in blonde hair. It gives out a free and independent vibe with natural curls deposited on one side. So ladies, do give this one a try for a classy look for yourself.

12. Curtain Bangs Haircut

Curtain bangs haircut
Image Source: Rachel Williams

Well, this below image shows a slightly different style from the ones we saw so far. This is actually a curtain bangs haircut with modern shags done in blonde hair. The look illuminates and enhances the facial structure more prominently. So I am sure you would love to try this one.

13. Shaved Side Bob Haircut

Shaved side bob haircut
Image Source: Christina

The right side of this haircut is shaved and the whole hair is coloured with platinum. Then to complete the look, the hair is cut short in bob-cut style. If you wanna look funky and cool, then definitely try this awesome look.

14. Simple Medium Cut Hairstyle

Simple medium cut hairstyle
Image Source: Hiroko Vancouver Hairstylist

This is a rather simple haircut. Waves-like patterns are made in the brownish and the dirty blonde hair colour combo. If you don’t want anything complicated yet something elegant and beautiful, then this is what you might be looking for.

15. Ombre Bob Haircut

Ombre bob haircut
Image Source: Arrels Perruqueria

This is the ombre bob-cut hairstyle. To illuminate the look, the right is shaved and square-like patterns are made on that side. This is another cool design to go for because it is something unique and something different from the others so far.

This is the time of your life to have some fun and experiment as much as possible. Just because you turned 40 or over does not mean you have to go totally timid. Try different hair techniques that are suitable for your facial structure, features and skin tone. Today’s fashion world has shown many unique styles, and this is the time to try something trendy and give a versatile projection for yourself to look more young, cool and classy.

Hence, I hope the above pictures helped you with whatever you might be looking for and I am sure you had a lot of fun going through the various hairstyles that are perfect for you. So even if you are 40 and above, it does not matter, just be happy and enjoy what will look for your hair!

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