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Making a different hairstyle everyday can be a tricky business. But there are some styles that never go out of fashion. Yes, we mean headbands here. Headbands have been in fashion since a long time now. Back in the 70’s every other person was seen donning them and now this style is coming back. We have provided the best headband hairstyles for you to rock this summer!

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Retro Headband Hairstyles

The Girl Next Door

Retro Headband Hairstyles For Your Attractive Look The Girl Next Door

Who doesn’t like the girl next door look? It gives a sweet, simple and innocent vibe. Just add a flat cloth hair band to your attire and boom you’re ready! We suggest you try this hairstyle with a skater dress for a summery feel.

Retro Bow Style

Retro Headband Hairstyles For Your Attractive Look Retro Bow Style

Deepika never fails to amaze us whether it is her acting or her sense of fashion. Just like her, you can try this retro look. All you need to do is curl up your hair and tie them in a bun. Add a dash of a plain or printed headband as per your choice. Add some winged liner and hot red lipstick and we bet you’ll bring the retro look to life!

Polka Dot Headband

Retro Headband Hairstyles For Your Attractive Look Polka Dot Headband

Polka dots are always fun to work with. They make you look so much younger and always have a happy vibe with them. This look resembles to that of Aishwarya Rai in Action Replayy. To copy the look you just need to straighten your hair and tie a headband. Keep your bangs on either side of your head as you like. A pair of hoops would just look fine.

Serena Van Der Woodsen Style

Retro Headband Hairstyles For Your Attractive Look Serena Van Der Woodsen Style

Halo Upper East Siders! Its Gossip Girl here. How can we miss our beloved It girl Serena here. To rock this look just blow dry your hair and tie them with a broad sash of any colour you. Who knows you might be the next It-Girl. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Simple Hairband Updo

Retro Headband Hairstyles For Your Attractive Look Simple Hairband Updo

To rock this look you must make a low chignon bun near the end of your neck with preferably a middle parting. And just add a beaded hair band on top of your head. Simplicity at its best and is always the best policy!

Triple Beaded Hairstyle

Retro Headband Hairstyles For Your Attractive Look Triple Beaded Hairstyle

The triple beaded hair band is quirky and is always fun to work with as it goes with casual outfits. You can wear it with you hair open or in a ponytail as well. Avoid wearing it to formal functions as it gives out a casual and fun vibe which you don’t need at formal events.

Bejeweled Diy Headband

Retro Headband Hairstyles For Your Attractive Look Bejeweled Diy Headband

We absolutely love everything DIY! To get the look of a royalty, just get some faux jewels and stick them neatly on your hair band. Wear this headband with braids or buns and works best with Indian outfits like saris or gowns. Aren’t you a princess already?

Betty Draper 60’s Look

Retro Headband Hairstyles For Your Attractive Look Betty Draper 60's Look

To relive those 60’s just blow dry your hair nicely and add a simple hair band and you look exactly like Betty Draper from the infamous series Mad Men.

Braided Faux Hairband

Retro Headband Hairstyles For Your Attractive Look Braided Faux Hairband

This is one hell of an elegant hairstyle and the hard work is definitely worth it. All you need to do is start off by brushing your hair nicely and parting them on either side which you prefer. Now take a section of your hair from the other side and braid it. When you’re done with the braid, carefully take it over to the other side and secure it with some bobby pins. This looks like a crown which separates the rest of your hair and makes you look nothing less than a Greek Goddess.

Casual Bandana

Retro Headband Hairstyles For Your Attractive Look Casual Bandana

Bandanas are so much in fashion right now. Just tie up your hair in a high bun and add a bandana to the front of your head. This look shows your casual chic side and works best when you don’t want your hair meddling in your face. Try this for a long drive or a casual outing.

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Daisy Headband

Daisy Headband

What can be prettier than a flower tiara? Just pick up some flowery headband from a nearby store and wear it with a dress. It feels so beachy and gives us Coachella feels. Playing tourist eh? We’re drooling already!

Headband For Curly Hair

Headband For Curly Hair

Got super curly hair? Tired of wearing your hair up every time? Worry not. Just tie your hair with a broad and colourful headband and let those beautiful locks loose. The dash of colour adds liveliness to your look and makes you feel fresh.

Gibson Tuck Look

Gibson Tuck Look

You’re already familiar with our ever favourite Gibson tuck. To make it look more elegant, just add a lace or a headband before you do the Gibson Tuck and Viola!

Crystal Headband

Crystal HeadbandRemember Priyanka’s look from the movie Fashion? We definitely loved that crystal headband she wore. To add a spark of glamour in your style game, wear this headband on your hair and we bet you’ll look no less than a fashionista!

Bow Headband

Bow Headband

Many a time’s people fret over having a small and oval face. To cover this feature, just tie a ribbon on your head and finish it up with a huge bow in the front. The bow catches the attention and distracts it from your face. Wear this look with dresses for a casual get together.

Messy Hair Don’t Care

Messy Hair Don't CareRunning late? Just toss some hair hairspray in your hair and set some beach waves. Tie your hair in a bun and finish this look with a simple and sleek hair band. This look works when you want to look classy as well as professional. And is best for all those lazy girls out there! Messy hair, don’t care.

The way you carry your hair can tell a lot about your personality and definitely makes you more confident. We hope this post helped you try different hairdos.

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