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Winter Beauty Tips for Your Skin

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Winter! What do you imagine whenever you hear this season name? You may instantly get thoughts of a Cold chilling environment, hot sweaters, bonfires, etc. Along with this, whenever winter comes, we also start experiencing dull, dry, and pale skin – and this problem starts arising due to cold weather. Due to cold weather, there is less humidity as well as less moisture is present in the surrounding environment. Due to this, the external environment absorbs moisture from our skin. This results in dry and dull skin. Along with this, sometimes skin appears flaky and chapped. This problem gets worsens as we enjoy all the cold ‘comforts’ like water heaters and blowers, hot air AC, and bathing with hot water. Many external and internal uncertainties are seen in winter. Because of this, our skin requires special care and nourishment. These proper care results make our skin hydrated and moisturized.

Because of all these situations, skin requires special attention to retain its moisture. Then You might be thinking about, How can I balance this situation? Don’t worry, we understand your dilemma. We are here to give you some valuable winter skincare tips and advice regarding cosmetics.

Winter Beauty Tips for Your Skin

Preventive skincare routine for the winter season

As we always hear,” Prevention is better than cure”.  With a fall in the temperature and moisture in the weather, our skin leans to get dry. And if it is not moisturized, then it can lead to flaky skin. To prevent problems before they arise; we must be alert to prevent this problem. For the prevention of winter skin problems, we must follow the following tip 

Moisturize Your Skin Daily

Due to changes in weather in winter, the external air is deficient in moisture and humidity. We know,  if anything is deficient, it will fulfill it by taking it from others. In this same way, the external environment absorbs moisture from our skin which leads to the skin becoming dry and cracked. So to avoid this, it is good to add extra moisture to the skin. Another way of protecting moisture loss is coating skin so that moisture loss can be avoided. Moisturising is one of the most essential steps that one must do to have glowing adorable, soft and smooth skin in winters. Along with moisturizer, using a humidifier also keeps skin hydrated. The best period of using moisturizer is before the start of crack and dry skin problems arise. So that moisturizer becomes less irritating. Apply a little more extra moisturizer to your skin, before you go out in cold weather so that dry and cracked skin crises can be prevented.

Use Humidifier along with moisturizers

As we are well-known, in winter, dry air makes the outside environment is moisture deficient. If you work indoors, you can use a humidifier, so that more moisture will be available in the room. Because of that, skin moisture loss can be prevented. So using a humidifier along with moisturizer will help us to lock skin’s moisture for a longer duration. Along with this, humidifiers also help to create extra smooth and glowing skin. While using a humidifier, you must take care of regular cleaning of the humidifier, as it can easily undergo microorganisms infection. Disinsectfying humidifier is very important.

Regularly use lip balm

Our lips are an extremely sensitive part of our body. In winter lips easily dry and crack or chapped. Lip balm is the best guard for this problem. lip balms make our lips smooth and beautiful, they are also extra luster to lips. While selecting lip balms, see the quantity of petroleum jelly present in it. Excess of petroleum can result in the darkening of lips. Go for lip balms containing natural ingredients with less petroleum jelly.

Avoid long hot showers

As soon as winter starts, we all love a long hot shower bath. But Long Hot showers may suck the moisture from your skin and strip it of oils essential for healthy skin. So we must avoid a long hot shower bath. Instead of it, we can make a routine of bathing with lukewarm water.

-Along with this, you can make a routine of applying moisturizer all over the body, immediately after showering.

Dress wisely during cold weather

During cold weather, whenever you need to go outside, dress properly so that every skin part should be protected from the external harsh environment. Outside dry air, frigid winds, cold weather may cause drying of legs, hands, and facial parts. So, to avoid this, you can use gloves, long sleeves dress, socks, ear covering caps. Along with this, we must take care, that irritating and itching cloth must be avoided.

Stay hydrated

However, adding extra moisturizer from outside, or just covering skin to lock moisture is not enough to avoid winter skin problems. For this, we must remain hydrated from the inside. Daily intake of 1.5 to 2 liters of water is essential to remain hydrated. Along with water, we should increase the intake of fruits, meals, drinks which are hydrating so that body hydration can be stabilized. Water is the best source of hydration so that drinking 7-8 glasses of water daily is beneficial for staying hydrated. Drinking lots and lots of water is also beneficial for flushing out harsh toxins from the body, maintaining oil-water balance, reducing acne along with dryness protection.

Choose your skincare product wisely

It is always advisable to strictly choose every skincare product or any cosmetics only according to your skin type. In winter, special care is required. So we should be wise during selecting the right product for our skin type. Mostly many Lotions are too oily, if you use that to oily skin, it will result in clogging up of pores and breaking out of acne eruption. So choose your winter skincare product wisely. Whenever you have to choose the right winter products, look for the following listed ingredients. Ceramides, Squalene, petroleum jelly, shea butter, PHAs like gluconolactone, galactose, should be present in your winter skincare products.

Use facial oil with natural extracts

In winter, skin gets dry and dull. So for adding radiance we can apply wood-pressed natural oils. Jojoba oil, argan oil, tea tree oil, rosehip oil, marula oil mimics the effect of natural skin oils. This oils help to keep the skin hydrated and elastic and also create a natural plumping effect. For dry skin argan oil, rosehip oils are effective. For oily skin jojoba, oil, and tea tree oils are best for controlling oil production and making it radiant.

Use Gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin

In winter, skin gets dry and flaky. So to remove dead skin, it is essential to use a gentle exfoliator. But be cautious, harsh exfoliator makes the skin drier, so choose Gentle exfoliator.

Your best Guard against the harsh cold weather is to keep your winter skincare routine updated every time. Also, be consistent about your routine. When choosing any product, be wise and smart. Always select an authorized product with proven safety and efficacy.

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