Bollywood Actresses in Winter Outfits

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Layering up is so much fun! As the temperature is falling down the layering game has begun officially. Winter fashion is so amazing to create, with boots, leather jackets, trench coats, and scarves we have got it all covered and wants to wear them and create a look like Bollywood actresses in winter outfits.

This blog has got some looks for you inspired by our Bollywood divas. These looks are simple, understated, modern and chic. Everyone wants to invest in a nice fur jacket and an expensive trench coat but don’t know how to pair it up so they don’t buy it. Now girls go and buy it for yourself as we are here to give you some fashion tips on winter layering.

This blog is here to ensure that your winters are as fashionable as your summers. We will try to help you look amazing in those fashionable clothes and layers. So let’s get started as our Bollywood beauties are here to inspire us!

Bollywood Actresses in Winter Outfits

Kriti Sanon Fur jacket

Kriti Sanon Fur jacket Bollywood Actresses in Winter Outfits

You are living in a place where the temperature drops rapidly, then this jacket is your saviour. We often don’t buy puff jackets with fur in it because we don’t know how they will look. Well don’t worry, the Puff jacket with a faux fur hoodie attached to it can really save your day. You will be warm, cosy and fashionable. Just wear some sneakers or boots to complete yours overall look. You can also wear a turtle neck sweater or a high neck sweater under this jacket to give it a nice touch.

Priyanka in orange layers!

Priyanka in orange layers!

PeeCee in the streets of LA was spotted wearing this amazing orange outfit. She layered it up with a long orange coat . You can buy a coat like this and look like a diva as well. Bollywood actresses in winter outfits can save you from making big fashion blunder. You can pair a long coat with heels, boots and even sneakers. Depending on what you feel comfortable in choose one for you. This colour is very bright, you can also choose some basic colour like brown or black.

Kareena And Karisma’s Swiss winters

Kareena And Karisma's Swiss winters

For their vacations in Swiss alps they kept their outfits simple, snuggly and comfortable. Kareena wore a full sleeve puff jacket with sport shoes where as Karisma paired a sleeveless puff jacket with a high neck sweater and a beanie. Depending how cold it is you can choose one for you. These are two completely different looks in the same picture by two very famous style icons.

Anushka in beanie!

Anushka in beanie! Bollywood Actresses in Winter Outfits

Anushka Sharma kept it very comfortable and cool. You can always pair up fur boots with a beanie and a bomber jacket. To complete the look use dark fitted denims and you are winter ready which is inspired by our Bollywood actresses in winter outfits. You can also use gloves to give it a proper winter look.

Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket

If you love colours then you can opt for this orange coloured bomber jacket with a beige beanie to be winter ready. Pair it up with joggers or denims and boots or sneakers. You will look like a diva. Shraddha Kapoor is looking very good in this picture, don’t forget to notice those very warm gloves that she wearing. You can get those as well if you are going to a place where temperature is dropping  rapidly.

Skirts for winters?

Skirts for winters?

Karisma Kapoor looking stunning in this leather midi pleated skirt paired up with a sweater and boots. Yes, it is as easy to create as it sounds. You will be party ready once you wear this outfit. This will keep you covered and warm but it is best suited where it’s not too cold and neither too hot. As skirts can be tricky for winters so best suited for covered places only. Like restaurants or bars or hotels.

Out with friends?

Out with friends? Bollywood Actresses in Winter Outfits

You can wear a turtle neck sweater and pair it up with high waist jeans and a belt. This is a very normal look but very warm as well. You will look great in it and with that beanie , the magic will be instant. Get inspired by our Parineeti Chopra. You can carry a sling bag to complete the look or carry a tote bag as well if you are going for work.

Sanon sisters!

Sanon sisters! Bollywood Actresses in Winter Outfits

These sisters kept it simple. With normal coloured bomber jackets and high boots they were ready. You can also layer it up with a scarf and a beanie with a high neck sweater. These Bollywood actresses in winter outfits are saviours as we can create this look very easily without spending much .

Leather jackets and midi skirts!

Leather jackets and midi skirts!

Take your midi skirt and leather jacket. Wear it with booth and a high neck sweater. You will be ready. Keep your colours dark and you can go out for dinner in this outfit with your friends, family or beau.

Cosy turtle necks!

Cosy turtle necks! Bollywood Actresses in Winter Outfits

These turtle necks are so comfortable and cosy. They can keep you warm and are an instant way to look lively. Keep your hair like Disha Patani, open, and you will look amazing. You can wear a skirt, or a denim under it and pair it with your white sneakers that are waiting for you.

V- Neck sweater

V- Neck sweater Bollywood Actresses in Winter Outfits

These v neck sweaters can be paired up with denims and skirts with stockings as a layer can do wonders. Vaani Kapoor looks so hot in this winter wear. You can buy a similar sweater from Zara or mango and you can easily pull it off.

Turtle neck sweaters!

Turtle neck sweaters! Bollywood Actresses in Winter Outfits

You can wear turtle neck sweaters to the parties also. Just do some smokey eye makeup and make nice hair. You will be ready ti go. Just like Vaani Kapoor did.

Parineeti in Long coat

Parineeti in Long coat Bollywood Actresses in Winter Outfits

You can layer a long coat with a dress, or skirts, denims. However you like. Parineeti did it with denims. Now it is your turn . Wear plain clothes and jazz it up with printed or checked long coats to complete your look.

Shraddha Kapoor winter look

Shraddha Kapoor winter look

If you don’t want to look glam but also don’t wish to look simple this is it for you. Take your jacket, wear a beanie and style it with a colourful scarf just like Shraddha Kapoor. Carry a bag and this look is so cool for trekking purpose or normal cafe outing with friends.

Winters in boots and dresses !

Winters in boots and dresses !

With these animal printed boots and sweater dress paired up with a long coat looks so hot on Priyanka Chopra. Try it out for yourself. Maybe you can pull it off as well as PeeCee.

Try these looks by our Bollywood actresses in winter’s outfits. They are amazing and very affordable for you to recreate. Just the right sense of knowledge about the clothes and you can layer it up to Geta sassy look for yourself. Beanies, skirts you can use all these accessories which you might have purchased but don’t know how to pair it up for winter wear. K4 Fashion hopes that this article was helpful for you.

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