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Men’s sheepskin coat is one of the most popular types of winter outerwear in our latitudes, and there are several reasons for this. First, sheepskin coat, especially on natural fur, well retains heat even in the cold. At the same time, which is important, it does not delay the circulation of air, which means that the room or transport in it will be less hot than even in a lighter jacket, but made of synthetic materials. Thanks to the special treatment of leather sheepskin coats are durable enough and serve at least a few years. And finally, they look much more elegant than sports down jackets and fit perfectly with any style of urban clothing.

Sheepskin Coat History

A sheepskin coat is a jacket or coat made of sheepskin coat, sewn so that the fur is placed inside (unlike a fur coat, which is sewn outward). The idea of ​​this piece of clothing dates back to ancient antiquity: historians have found similar sheepskin coats in Russia and other northern countries that go back up to 2,000 years.

Sheepskin coats, quite similar to modern ones, became common in the XVIII – XIX centuries. During the reign of Peter I in Russia sheepskin trade has developed significantly, which led to the popularity of tanned coats, or, as they were then called “head coats”. In winter sheepskin coats were worn by everybody: from noblemen to peasants, as this type of clothing is best kept warm, and in travel at the same time served as a pillow and a blanket. Only the appearance of the product differed: peasants wore yellowish sheepskin coats of natural shade of sheepskin, and people could afford to dyed black or brown.

Tips For How To Buy And Wear Men's Sheepskin coat

Approximately this is what men’s sheepskin coats looked like at the end of the 19th century.

At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries began to appear sheepskin coats with more careful finishing, even more like modern ones. Also, this type of clothing was used as a military uniform: it was sheepskin coats that saved soldiers from frost and in World War I and in the Great Patriotic War.

In the 50’s of XX century sheepskin coats became a part of world fashion, and here again it did not do without our compatriots: the famous fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev presented his collection of sheepskin coats in Paris, after which they gained popularity in Europe.

Tips For How To Buy And Wear Men's Sheepskin coat

Frame from the film “Man and Woman” (1966): men’s sheepskin coats became fashionable.

Today, there are many alternatives to sheepskin coats, down coats, etc., many designers refuse to use natural fur. However, all these trends are still born and developing in countries with a milder climate, while in Russia sheepskin coats remain one of the most comfortable and popular types of winter clothing. Modern fashion offers a great variety of models, colors and styles of this subject wardrobe.

How To Choose A Men’s Sheepskin Coat

If you decide to buy a men’s sheepskin coat, it is best to go to specialized shops of outerwear. Sometimes sheepskin coats can be found in the collections of individual brands, but since it is not a cheap thing that will serve you for at least a few years, it is better to be patient and watch and try on more different models to make a choice. By the way, do not reject the idea of online stores, just choose the one where you can order the fitting of different options and return them if not suitable.

Tips For How To Buy And Wear Men's Sheepskin coat

Consider the main factors that should be taken into account when choosing a sheepskin coat.


All men’s sheepskin coats can be divided into two main types: short and long. Short jackets with fur inside look stylish and good for those who prefer the style of casual. They are comfortable, do not stiffen movements and are very popular with motorists.

Tips For How To Buy And Wear Men's Sheepskin coat

However, if you plan to wear a sheepskin over a business suit, you will definitely need an elongated model that reaches the middle of the thigh. These sheepskin coats look more elegant and add some solidity. In addition, they are better to keep warm, so if in winter you often move around the city on foot, it makes sense to consider these options.

Tips For How To Buy And Wear Men's Sheepskin coat


If you live in the middle zone of Russia or another country, where in winter the thermometer drops to -10 or -20 degrees, you should choose a sheepskin coat made of natural fur. The world is now actively promoting animal protection, and modern technology allows you to sew jackets made of artificial materials, which look almost indistinguishable from natural. However, the key point here – it is “on the look”. No, in zero degrees you will feel great in sheepskin coat of eco-mechanism, but in severe frost you will definitely feel the difference. However, this ethical issue, of course, everyone decides for himself.

Tips For How To Buy And Wear Men's Sheepskin coat

A simple rule of thumb applies to the selection of furry products: the longer the pile, the warmer it is. A stylish jacket with a cut fur length of half a centimeter will be light and comfortable, but keep in mind that it is not designed for severe frost. A thicker and longer pile will keep you cold, but the product as a whole will be heavier. Choose according to your preferences and lifestyle.

Pay attention to the skin of the top: it can be with different treatments, but must be soft, otherwise the product will sit with a stake and stiffen movements. You can check the quality of painting in a simple way – to hold on to the jacket with a white shawl. If there is a trace on it, return this thing to its place and go to a more decent shop!

Carefully consider the sheepskin coat on the back side: the seams should be smooth and smooth, without protruding threads. There should be no suspicious spots or bald spots on the fur.


The key point when choosing a sheepskin is fitting. If you are going to search in spring or summer (by the way, it makes sense, because thanks to seasonal discounts you can save a lot of money), bring a thick sweater.

Tips For How To Buy And Wear Men's Sheepskin coat

A sheepskin should be comfortable, especially when it is fully buttoned.

Put on the sheepskin, walk around, try to raise and lower your arms. You should be comfortable, the thing should not clatter and bubble. Do not choose too tight sheepskin coat, but too free you also do not need, because in the cold from under it will be blown out of heat. Sheepskin should sit moderately tightly on you over a warm sweater or jacket.

What To Wear Men’s Sheepskin Coats

Men’s sheepskin coat is a good investment of money, as it is a stylistically neutral clothing and is perfect for anything: at least a business suit, though to jeans.

Long sheepskin coats, up to the middle of the thigh and below, are quite acceptable as a warmer alternative to a coat in the business style. In this case, it is better to choose neutral classic colors, which are combined with your suits: black, gray, brown. Complement the set of leather gloves, woollen scarf and a smooth hat or cap.

By the way, the same elongated sheepskin coat will look spectacular with jeans and casual style clothes. In this case, you can choose her brighter accessories. Here is an example of two cardinally different images with similar sheepskin coats:

What To Wear Men's Sheepskin Coats Gucci Fashion & Style Through The Decades

The perfect option for every day will be a short sheepskin coat. If it has a straight silhouette, it can be worn with woollen trousers, including classic, jumper and shirts.

Gucci Fashion & Style Through The Decades

Sheepskin coats, sewn as leather jackets or as a bomber, are better suited to jeans or chinos. An excellent addition to the image will be rough shoes, you can choose a contrasting scarf and hat


I will not speak for the whole world, but in Russia men’s sheepskin coats will not go out of fashion in the next few years. This wardrobe item allows you to escape from the frost and at the same time look stylish and elegant, so it will certainly be a good investment. Choose a sheepskin coat without haste and do not chase the cheapness: a thing made of good materials will have a price, but it will not lose its look and after years.

With this, we come to the end of this article on Men’s sheepskin coat. Hope you enjoyed this and have made up your mind about your favourite Men’s sheepskin coat to suit your style. For more updates like this stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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