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The Style And Fashion Of Quilted Jacket: Men’s Winter Wear

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A quilted jacket differs from classic jackets in that the canvas is stitched through, due to which a peculiar pattern of stitching is obtained on things. Quilted jackets are sewn not only from dense cotton fabric, but also from jeans, leather and other materials. It all depends on what weather it is proposed to wear the thing. Warm cuts have a substrate between the two layers of fabric in the form of a synthesizer or other insulation.

Quilted Jacket: Men’s Winter Wear

In Russia, the quilted jacket has a mixed attitude. A common stereotype of the early 2000s was that such a jacket was worn only by “nerds” and grandmothers, which was almost the same in terms of the level of involvement in fashion. However, the last few years quilted jackets have been actively mastered by a seemingly  non-target audience -serious men in jackets, as well as students and teenagers who love mobility, convenience and style. In 2017, the quilted jacket remained at the peak of popularity, and therefore, as usual, we will deal with how, where, why and why.

Quilted Jacket: Men's Winter Wear The Style And Fashion Of Quilted Jacket: Men's Winter Wear
Quilted jackets are originally Chinese.

Chinese vs. English Hunters

Quilted jackets are a Chinese development, and over time this technique of sewing clothes has spread around the world. In Europe, quilted jackets have become a favorite with knights who used to tamper with heavy metal armor. Thus, quilted jackets and an umbrella cane are some of the most courageous items that can only be in the wardrobe of a modern man.

In England, quilted jackets have become an attribute of aristocratic hunting. Stiff English gentlemen simply could not afford to go on a classic poison in anything else. Two of the most famous brands producing this kind of clothes – Barbour and Lavenham – also originate in the Foggy Albion.

Chinese vs. English Hunters The Style And Fashion Of Quilted Jacket: Men's Winter Wear

In Russia, quilts were for a long time distributed only among the elderly residents of the hinterland, and were also part of the uniforms of the military and prisoners. This, of course, did not contribute to the popularity of quilted jackets. Only after the domestic markets were penetrated by sufficiently high-quality, bright and diverse models of quilted jackets from abroad, they began to be worn by people of different ages and positions.

Varieties And Styles

The classic quilted model of the quilted jacket is the English slim-fit – straight, tightly imposing silhouette of the jacket. Such things are able to emphasize the masculine and tightened figure. The style of slim-fit will fit well into any wardrobe, it will be suitable for men who prefer the classics, as well as those who do not like to embarrass themselves with ascetic costumes.

For cold weather, longer models of quilts, which look like coats, are more suitable. Jacket in this case will perform several functions at once: warm, protect, decorate. Universal quilted jacket will give the hood, which can be removed on most modern models.

classic quilted model of the quilted jacket is the English slim-fit - straight

Students and teenagers should take a closer look at quilted sleeveless jackets with detachable sleeves. Quilted transformers are often distinguished by the presence of additional accessories in the form of patch pockets, buttons, straps and zippers, so loved by many young people

Sports models quilted jackets, which are also ideal for walks, are equipped with special elastic bands on the cuffs and waist area. This detail will not allow the clothes to bully, which is important for active movement (walking, running, cycling). Such styles will be irreplaceable for drivers, for the same reasons.

What To Wear

This type of clothing is universal, perfectly combined with both classic and sportswear. Everything depends on the style and color of quilted clothes. Classic straight and slightly fitted models of black, noble wine (burgundy), blue and brown jackets can be worn even to office suits and shoes. In wet weather with quilted boots you can safely wear boots with high shin, which look like jockeys’ shoes. The ideal variant is all variants of casual style (jeans, jumper, shirts, polo, sneakers, boots).

What To Wear The Style And Fashion Of Quilted Jacket: Men's Winter Wear

The “puffy” models of quilts are not so versatile and fit only to sports images. In extreme cases, you can wear this jacket with jeans and sneakers, taking with you backpack. “Puffy quilts don’t blend in with the classics and are worn with hoodies, sweatshirts and sports pants.

In terms of colors in the last few seasons, the peak is still natural colors (olive, blue, mustard) and khaki colors. This scale assumes that other things of your bow should not shout. Pants, shirts, scarves and hats should whisper quietly, i.e. be restrained and moderately brutal. Only in youthful images is it acceptable to have some boldness, expressed in bright shoes.

How To Choose A Quality Product

Quality of product should be reliable. Therefore, when buying such a thing, pay attention to the following points:

  • Stitches and stitches should be even. No threads or loops sticking out on the stitches.If you buy a jacket with a zipper, test how it is unbuttoned and fastened. If the runner sticks a little, you shouldn’t take such a thing, because soon the clasp will have to be changed.
  • “Stitches made of bologna (nylon material) will perfectly protect you from rain and wet snow only if the material used for sewing the product is strong and dense. If the coating of the jacket is thin, it feels like a light coat, then such a thing will pass through the moisture and quickly become useless.
  • Before you pay, be sure to try on the thing. Even slim-fit jackets should not be tight on the body. An air cushion should be kept between the object and you. Hoodies, sweaters, jumper and other tricks should be placed in the same space.

This question about the rules of choice is completely exhausted.

Choose A Quality Product The Style And Fashion Of Quilted Jacket: Men's Winter Wear

How To Care For A Quilted Jacket

It is important to pay attention to the label, on which manufacturers traditionally place the main recommendations for the care of things. This cheat sheet will tell you whether you can clean this jacket in the dry cleaner, iron and how to wash it properly.

Bologna Products

It is easiest to keep bologna “quilted perfume” properly. For example, if you’re wet, just hang it up on the dryer and let it dry well. It is better to do this away from the heating pipes and heaters. During the hot season, the jacket should be kept in the closet, hanging it on a hanger.

Bologna Products The Style And Fashion Of Quilted Jacket: Men's Winter Wear

Classic With Suede

Classic quilts with suede collars require more care. All fleecy parts of the jacket should be cleaned regularly with a special clothing brush. Hang such quilted jacket should be hung only on the hanger, it is absolutely impossible to clasp it on the hook in the hallway, because this will form a hump on the back of the product.

Classic With Suede The Style And Fashion Of Quilted Jacket: Men's Winter Wear

The padded lining of the quilted jacket should be cleaned regularly with a cloth brush

Leather Products

Leather quilts are quite unpretentious. For a long service life, treat it regularly with special sprays that protect it from moisture penetration into the fabric. Suede cloth should be cleaned with a soft cloth brush before such treatment.

Leather Products The Style And Fashion Of Quilted Jacket: Men's Winter Wear

The basis for care of a leather quilted jacket is regular treatment with a protective spray

Quilted jacket – a stylish and versatile thing in men’s wardrobe. Its convenience lies not only in the simplicity of the cut, but also in the multi functionality. This thing is well combined with many items of men’s wardrobe, which makes it an unsurpassed version of outerwear, specially created for “kettles” in the field of style or guys who do not want to bother.

With this, we come to the end of this article on Quilted jacket. Hope you enjoyed this and have made up your mind about your favourite Quilted jacket to suit your style. For more updates like this stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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