Heart Nail Art Designs for Valentine’s Day

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We are here with heart nail art designs for Valentine’s day. You will find simple and stylish nail inspirations for all size of nails. Be stylish and romantic with these selected heart nail designs.

We all love to paint our nails with variant colours. The more colours we find out, the more we want to try out them on our nails. But now it may have seemed boring to a lot of people. In a more simple language, it’s no more the trend. The trend is now to try different nail arts. We have heard of certain places where you can show your creativity. But what if someone tells you that now one can also use their nails to show them. Try out some of the below mentioned trendiest nail-arts and give your nails that adorable look.

Heart Nail Art Designs for Valentine’s Day

1. This heart design will win all hearts

Try out the most prompt and easy design. Spread out those colourful hearts as your art. Get that pink cute background and paint all your colourful heart out. You may also try some of the other colours of your choice. You can go for ack background and try the heart designs. Remember to keep all the hearts of different colours or else the look is going to fade away. But in case you want some fluorescent background, you may opt for black.

Heart Nail Art Designs for Valentine's Day - This heart design will win all hearts
Image Source: Annissas Beauty

2. Add triple layers and a heart

This design is probably the best one for people who don’t wish to put in more effort. Yet they want that wow factor. Just go for the nail highlighter which of course adds no colour but just shine to your nails. What you just need to do is place a red heart at the centre of each nail. The edges of the nail will have a triple layer of colour combination. This colour combination shown in the picture is blue-white & red. Yet you can also go for white, yellow and red. That particularly depend on you. But still don’t you think sky blue is such a pretty colour!

Heart Nail Art Designs for Valentine's Day - Add triple layers and a heart
Image Source: Bromelia Beauty

3. Lavendar as the trend says!

On a serious note, this is going to catch everyone’s eye around you. We all know that lavender colour is now so much in trend. Everyone is into buying lavender clothes. But you should always stand out from the crowd. Go for the lavender nail paint and then just show your creativity. This is for the people who love to stay in or go with the trend. You can go for that polka dot look on your nails as well. Why opt only for polka dots clothes! So go for the black polka dots and add a golden heart at any of the fingers.

Heart Nail Art Designs for Valentine's Day-  Lavendar as the trend says!
Image Source: Chloë May

4. Subtle colours are versatile

There need to something also for the people who want to keep it simple yet elegant. So this subtle pink colour is such a perfect fit for them. This subtle pink colour makes it look so natural with the colour of your nail. Place a small golden beautiful heart on each of your fingers. This is the most simple yet elegant look one can carry.

Heart Nail Art Designs Subtle colours are versatile
Image Source: Alyx Lippiatt

5. Give your nail some eyes on this Valentine’s Day

Now, this is nail art that will put you literally out of your whole friends’ group. Some people who love to take risks with the styles and do not care about the trend should probably go for this. Put up the pink colour as your background and colour the edges with either dark green or olive green colour. Give one of your fingers a pair of eyes, so that they can also see the universe as you do.  Don’t keep the edge simple but try to add some curves to it.

Heart Nail Art Designs Give your nail some eyes
Image Source: Charissa Rae | Content Creator

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6. Try some fluorescent pink this time

If you are too bored with the baby pink colour, then try this fluorescent pink. You can add some fluorescent pink hearts at the start of your nails. Try to use the pink colour also on the edge of the nails. This is a perfect choice for people who loves pink but are tired of trying only baby pink nail colours. This is also a opt choice for the ones who don’t want to keep their nails pretty big.

Heart Nail Art Designs Try some fluorescent pink this time
Image Source: By Shelley

7. Neon is always a yes!

Those beautiful neon colours will make anyone go wow. Love the trend? Then what are you waiting for, just try it? Give your nail this beautiful neon looks. But remember not to make your nails go all neon. This may give your nails a clumsy look. Always remember that your nail art should be beautiful and artistic but not clumsy. Follow the designs shown in the picture shown and end up beautiful neon look for your nails. These are also a good option for people who don’t way to keep their nails big

Heart Nail Art Designs Neon is always a yes!
Image Source: Hel’s Gels Nail Artist

8. Let the heart design be at the top

If you have long nails and aren’t sure about which design to try on, then just draw the hearts of your long nails. Now give the boundaries of the heart with fluorescent pink and fill up the body with the baby pink subtle colour. You can also add white nail colour as the background. But if you feel very lazy, you can just go as shown in the picture.

Heart Nail Art Designs Let the heart design be at the top
Image Source: Gloss | Trendy Nail Art

9. Nail extensions are always a turn on

You can always try different nail extensions if you want to for the artistic side. But what can be better than trying opposite nail extensions? As you can see in the picture, go for transparent nail extensions with vibrant colours in one hand and heart carved on the other.

Heart Nail Art Designs Nail extensions are always a turn on
Image Source: art by you

10. Give thought to Ice blue colour

This is the most formal colour one would ever come across. What you need to do is add some artificial hearts of the same colour to make them look formal and artistic at the same time. Give this look a try as it will be loved by anyone around you.

Heart Nail Art Designs Give thought to Ice blue colour
Image Source: Riina

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11. Colour that never goes out of style – Red

Red has been that colour that never goes out of style. It gives you that sexy pretty look every girl aspires for. This colour is the most traditional yet still the trendy one. So what you can do is wear this magenta-red colour and add some artificial nail art like glitters into it. You can also go for random designs or the one shown in the picture.

Heart Nail Art Designs for Valentine's Day - Colour that never goes out of style - Red
Image Source: Vu Tran

12. Try some boldness in your look with Black

Pair up the lavender colour with the king of bold colours Black. This will give you that bold look, one aspired for. Just work into more of your creativity and add some shape to it. As displayed you can add some heart. Remember to add the opposite colour of hearts of the one you had applied as nail colour.

Try some boldness in your look with Black
Image Source: Souls Beyond Blessed LLC

13. Want only black on your nails? Try this

Go for the black colour and black hearts all over. This is overall such a sexy look. It can never happen that it won’t grab somebody’s attention. This is an awesome combo of black which one should try. This is an excellent design for all the #black_lovers out there.

Want only black on your nails? Try this
Image Source: Nailed with Love

14. OMG! chocolate brown is so seducing

Chocolates are loved by every one of us. But what about if you try some chocolate on your nails. Of course not the chocolate but the colour. This perfect nail art is of course for chocolate lovers. Now keep seeing your chocolate colours all over your nails. But make sure you don’t eat them all!

OMG! chocolate brown is so seducing
Image Source: Murfreesboro nail tech

15. Love cartoons? Then paint your nail with that

If you are someone who loves cartoons and is still a kid from the heart. Try these designs out. These cutest designs for nail art will make you go ‘Aww’. Here the design being drawn is the bunny. This is undoubtedly the cutest design. The pink colour is also the best combination with it. But you can also add up your features to it if you want. It still is gonna look cute. Make sure you use this pink idea in it.

Love cartoons? Then paint your nail with that - Heart Nail Art Designs for Valentine's Day
Image Source: Chelsea O’Connor

So when it comes to colouring the nails, why to just adjust for fewer designs! Go for all the vibrant colours and designs you can opt from. These wonderful designs shown above gives you a wide array to choose from. Go for the trendiest colours and designs as shown in the pictures. Subtle, vibrant, bold, fluorescent and so many colours to choose from. You just need to make sure which one is your favourite. There are heart designs, nail extensions, cartoon designs and a lot to choose from. Make sure if you are an artistic person wear it all over. And when it is said all over! Why to leave just your?

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