Butterfly Nail Art Designs For Your Next Manicure

Beautiful Butterfly Nail Art Designs
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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “butterfly”? A sunny day? Grass? Beaches? Colors? A rainbow? Mark how all these things are a symbol of beauty and therefore anything mixed and matched up with a butterfly can look placid. Just ponder upon the fact how a butterfly is often used in all the girly things such as a tee shirt or a hairpin or a makeover accessory. With butterflies everywhere around the nooks and making things pleasant, why can’t it be added to the nail arts? Adding butterflies to your nail arts can make them prettier and fun. Matching and mixing up whereas butterflies with various other nail enamels is now easy with this 10+ butterfly nail art ideas blog.

Butterfly Nail Art Designs

A Classic Twist!

A Classic Twist! Nail designs
Image Source: nessasnails9

You all girls may have often polished your nails with the transparent paint which made your nails look sober and radiant. It is a great classic style of keeping your nails painted and not so showy as well. Adding a plot twist here, you can adapt this warm butterfly nail art design to look standout this time. Such butterfly stickers are easily available as a set in nail paint and makeover stores.

The Salmon Pink Art

The Salmon Pink Art manicure
Image Source: s.paige.a

What a great combination of fancy and extraordinarily pretty look! They can be easily carried to cocktail-themed parties and casual hangouts with friends or can also be adorned on a dreamy date. All you have to do is paint your nails salmon pink and you can also coat a glitter enamel to it for the best look. Then, stick these crazy shiny stickers to your nails. File your nails round for a funky and picturesque look.

Beautifully Painted Butterfly

Beautifully Painted Butterfly Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Meg Tannahill

Couldn’t guess if it was originally painted or was artificial, right? Even I couldn’t. The butterfly is entrancingly painted with acrylic paint and the base paint is made with a bubble bath gel color. You can try out painting the same on your nails too. If you are a professional then you will be able to paint it in a try but if you are not, then try making it twice or thrice and you’ll get it right.

Hand Drawn Wonder

Hand Drawn Wonder Matte Nail Art
Image Source: xojiris

Another hand drew butterfly nail art is presented on your screens. A bubble gum pink paint is polished as a base first and then this enchanting butterfly is hand-drawn with acrylic paint. The nails are also decorated with glittery stars and clouds which make the whole art scenic. The matte nail art goes well in daylight and hence it can be carried to beach parties and sunburns. I bet you will be a highlight then and there!

The VIBGYOR Butterfly

The VIBGYOR Rainbow Butterfly Nail Art for Summer
Image Source: nessasnails9

You may have heard of butterflies and you may have also heard of rainbows but you may not have imagined or thought about the amalgam of the same. I would like to give special credit and admiration to the artist here, that this was a great imaginative and creative combination of both. The nail art has base paints of several colors, some outlines, and some glitter too. The nail art is best suitable for fancy parties and other nightlight parties or also concerts.

The Universal Butterfly

The Universal Butterfly Butterfly Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Joy Manicure

There is no doubt that all of us have seen this yellow butterfly at least once in our lives. The same conventional butterfly is tried in this nail art on both middle and ring fingers. The base coat is made by a baby pink enamel and the nail art includes acrylic paint and some shimmery dust to put on the glitter. The nail art is temperate and therefore can be worn on any occasion or event.

Neat And Butterflies!

Neat And Butterflies french Nail Designs
Image Source: Vicky C Nails

Again, the base is kept clean while there is a touch of butterfly nail art added to the ring finger. The nails are base coated with nude-colored paint while the nail art is done with crazy acrylic colors. The butterflies are made with so much neatness and perfection that it doesn’t even look painted. This butterfly nail art idea is quite simple and calm that you can wear it for everyday purposes.

 The Metallic Butterflies

The Metallic Butterflies Nail Art Designs
Image Source: HJ Nails

What a perfect mix up of pink, glitter, and butterflies. This nail art has everything that a girl desire. If you are a girl with real girly choices and keep your efforts up always to look extraordinary and cute then this butterfly nail art idea is totally for you. Also, I don’t think any girl can deny getting these done on her hands. This nail art is best suitable for parties and weddings.

Wings Of A Butterfly

Wings Of A Butterfly Nail Art Designs
Image Source: heipyh

The most catching thing about this butterfly nail art idea is the color combinations used. Just look at how adorably the base is painted with the hottest color black and then the nail art is done with a heartthrob aqua color. These are my two most favorite colors and therefore I would suggest any girl have it at least once. At last, the whole art is shimmered with some glitter dust which is yet another reason why this design looks exceptionally baroque.

The Double-Shaded Wings

The Double-Shaded Wings Butterfly Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Artist Salon Ljepote

You can imagine and visualize the butterfly by just looking at these beautiful wings. Anybody who will look at your hands will do the same and think of how creative and imaginative your personality is. You are also supposed to buy these shiny precious stone in the nail art. Notice the base, it is coated with a dark color and then there is the classic polka-dots pattern and then the double shaded butterfly wing nail art.

Sunny And Enchanting!

Sunny And Enchanting Spring Nail Art
Image Source: Thalya Nails

This nail art makes you think of a sunny day and great weather. That is how you generally feel looking at a butterfly. Do take a note of all the base colors comprising nude shades of pink such as salmon pink and lemonade pink and also the white nude color. Last in the list but not the least this nail art idea should be prior in your list of nail art choices. The nail art idea is resplendent and enchanting and would look best on graceful and cheery personalities.

I think you have already been blown with these OTT nail art ideas. It must have been tough to choose the best among the best, right? I hope that you have found one such best butterfly nail art idea that you are going to get on your nails ASAP! You can also try mixing and matching up according to your creativity. Since it is rightly said that nail art can be also called as a vacation for the nails, therefore I wish you a Happy Vacay!

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