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Having healthy and beautiful hair is what all of us want. But there are certain factors that come into play when we talk about having long and thick hair. Factors such as age, health, and genetics are some factors that can affect and impact your hair growth. However, one of the major factors that can affect your hair growth is your lifestyle habits and diet. If you follow a poor diet then it is more likely that you will experience hair loss, hair thinning and might be ultimate baldness. The foods that we consume and having a healthy diet has a major impact on making our hair thick, strong and it also adds volume to it. While age and genetics are inevitable, we can take care of our diet and health in order to improve our hair health. In this article, we are going to share with how and why your diet affects your hair, what does having healthy hair actually mean. We shall also discuss some super foods that can boost your hair growth and can give you the hair of your dreams. So without much further ado let us begin.

What Do You Understand By Healthy Hair?

Smooth texture and shiny hair with tapered tips or clean-cut ends are generally preferred to be as healthy. Scientifically speaking hair shine and texture are related to the surface properties while the integrity of the hair ends is generally associated with the hair cortex. Hair can be of various types and it generally associates our value with our identity. We can manipulate our virgin hair all the much we want and it is generally affected by fashion, culture and to top it all celebrities. However, this is not what actually damages our hair.

What affects our hair most is the cosmetic procedures that are considered to be intrinsically safe. People who use these procedures repeatedly and who style their hair frequently are more prone to frizz, loss of luster, split ends and also dry, dehydrated and damaged hair. These continuous hair styling habits can make the hair intrinsically weak and it is often associated with the weakened structure of the fiber of hair formation within our follicles. Hair health is however affected by common factors such as age and genetics. There are however numerous hair products available in the market that are meant to satisfy your hair needs and give you the hair of your dreams. But we here will talk about certain foods that will be beneficial for your hair growth.

How Diet Can Affect Your Hair Growth And Texture?

When it comes to hair growth and thickness our diet plays a very important role. Our hair cells are the second fastest-growing cells in our body. The first being our intestinal cells. Roughly speaking there are about 120,000 hairs on our scalp and all of these hairs need proper nutrition, nourishment, and hydration to flourish and grow. However, since our hair is not counted as a vital organ our body will never prioritize the needs of it. Our hair is generally expendable in nature and due to this the nutritional imbalance in our scalp first originates as hair thinning and hair loss.

However, have an unhealthy diet does not only mean a lack of the necessary nutrients. Providing excess of these can also result in hair damage and hair loss. That is why it is important to have a balanced and healthy diet. As per the studies in New York and London clinics, it is seen that hair loss is often due to the lack of ferritin and iron and it can also be due to an overdose of Vitamin A. therefore whatever you eat, it is important to eat in a proportion.

When it comes to having a healthy and balanced diet, not all of us know what it means. On the contrary, people have been led to believe that a healthy diet often does not include the nutrients and vitamins necessary to have proper hair growth. A diet that consists only of salads and fruits with only a minimal amount of calories and proteins along with a diet that has a high amount of proteins and fat but a lesser number of carbohydrates are both damaging for your hair health. Our hair cells need a proportionate amount of complex carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and iron to function and work at its best. Therefore both excess and deficiencies of these ingredients can be damaging to your hair and can curb down the growth and volume of your hair.

15 Foods For Hair Growth And Thickness

Interestingly enough, our hair grows 0.5 inches every month and 6 inches every year. However, the growth and volume of our hair along with how fast it grows depends on several factors, like age, diet, genetics, and health. As we already discussed a balanced diet can give you the hair of your dreams and can also maintain the texture and volume of it. We here bring to you 15 foods that will promote hair growth. So be sure to include this in your diet as soon as you can if you want long, thick and luscious locks.

1. Eggs

The first and most common one is eggs. Eggs are a natural source of biotin and protein. These ingredients are massively helpful when it comes to hair growth and thickness. Our hair is made mostly of protein therefore consuming adequate protein will fulfill the protein requirement of our hair thereby giving us healthy hair. Studies also show that a diet that lacks in protein leads to hair thinning and hair loss. Our hair is made up of keratin which is an essential component of biotin and therefore biotin supplements are marketed separately to promote hair health and growth. Consuming biotin supplements can fill in your biotin deficiency thereby boosting hair health.  Consuming eggs is a great way to fulfill your biotin deficiency and eggs are also rich in selenium, zinc and other nutrients that are known to be optimal for hair health.

2. Spinach

This green healthy vegetable is a miracle. It is a great source of nutrients like iron, folate and Vitamin A and C. All of these essential nutrients and vitamins are known to promote hair growth. Vitamin A regulates the sebum production in our scalp which in turn keeps our hair follicles moisturized and nourished so that our hair stays healthy. This leafy vegetable is also a great source of iron which allows our red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout our body. This is what gives us the energy to work and it also fuels our metabolism which in turn helps in repair and growth. Consuming spinach is a healthy way to aid hair growth and thickness.

3. Berries

Loads of beneficial vitamins are found in berries that can id and promote hair growth. One of these essential nutrients is Vitamin C which is also an antioxidant. Antioxidants are known to prevent and protect hair follicles from getting damaged by the free radicals present in the atmosphere especially the sun. This, in turn, prevents hair thinning and hair loss and also maintains the shine and texture of the hair. Vitamin C is also known to boost collagen production inside our bodies. So consuming berries is a great natural way to promote depleted collagen growth. Collagen provides elasticity to the hair and prevents it from breaking. When an adequate amount of Vitamin C is consumed in the diet then it can also fulfill the requirement of iron the deficiency of which can lead to anemia leading to hair loss eventually.

4. Fatty Fish

Fishes like herring, salmon, and mackerel are loaded with nutrients that can boost hair growth. Fatty fishes are rich in Omega 3 acids and also proteins that can make your hair strong. As per studies, it is shown that women who consume omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids along with antioxidants experience less hair fall and there is also a boost in their hair density s well. It is also seen that fish oil can reduce hair loss and can increase hair volume in women thereby preventing hair thinning. Fatty fishes apart from omega 3 acids are also rich in Vitamin B and D3 which boosts healthy and strong hair.

5. Peanut Butter And Peanuts

Peanuts are also rich in biotin which is a major component of getting healthy and thick hair. Consuming peanut and peanut butter can stimulate hair growth and can also prevent hair loss. Peanut butter is also a great source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants that can not only keep your hair healthy and strong but will also protect it from any kind of external environmental damage. Peanuts are a great replacement for eggs if you are vegan or vegetarian and you are looking for a more filling and healthy option.

6. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are loaded with a substance called beta-carotene. This substance is converted by our bodies into Vitamin A which is again a great nutrient that can promote hair growth. Vitamin A regulates the sebum production in our scalp which in turn keeps our hair follicles moisturized and nourished so that our hair stays healthy. However, Vitamin A can also intensify the growth of your hair and can also boost and promote hair thickness thereby preventing the hair follicles from regressing.

7. Chia Seeds

Just like we gave a vegetarian alternative for eggs, here we have another vegetarian alternative for omega 3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. Apart from this, it is also a great source of antioxidants and fiber. It is known to be a nutritional powerhouse and it contains more protein than soybeans. Consuming chia seeds and including then in your diet can give you luscious, healthy and beautiful locks.

8. Avocados

If you looking for some healthy fats, then avocados are a great option. They are also rich in nutrition and not to mention supremely delicious. Avocados are rich in Vitamin E which is another major component necessary for hair growth and thickness. Studies show that one avocado can fulfill about 21% of your daily Vitamin E requirements. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant unlike Vitamin C and it can fight free radicals thereby protecting your hair from environmental damage. Vitamin E also protects the scalp from the damage of oxidative stress which results in the poor quality of the hair.

9. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a rich source of beta-carotene, vitamin A, iron and healthy fats. This healthy yellow-colored vegetable can be very beneficial to your hair when included in your diet. It has all the essential nutrients required for having strong and healthy hair. Along with this pumpkins are also rich in Vitamin C and E which are antioxidants. They can help fight free radicals and can prevent your hair from getting damaged by extreme environmental conditions. This is turn maintains a healthy texture of your hair and also boost the hair growth and thickness.

10. Sweet Peppers

Vitamin C is the major component of sweet peppers and they are helpful in promoting hair growth and also maintaining the texture of your hair. Studies have shown that including sweet peppers in your diet can boost the collagen production in your hair and can strengthen the hair strands. It also protects the hair from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can weaken the body’s antioxidant system which then aids in hair thinning, hair loss and also graying pf hair. Sweet peppers are also a great source of Vitamin A that can accelerate hair growth and also regulate the production of sebum to keep the hair nice and healthy.

11. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is a whole grain and it is a great replacement for your refined white carbohydrates. This product is also a great source of zinc, fiber, Vitamin B and iron. It is gluten-free and it is very nutritious. Adding this in your diet will not only promote hair growth but will also intensify the density of your hair thereby keeping it healthy and strong.

12. Oysters

Oysters are loaded with zinc and it supports hair growth and also alters the damage caused to existing hair. A diet that lacks zinc can be a source of telogen effluvium that can cause an irreversible condition of hair loss. As per studies, zinc supplements can alter the hair loss effects caused by the deficiency of zinc. However, an excessive amount of zinc in your diet can also cause problems. Too much zinc can also lead to hair loss. Therefore it is advised to check your zinc intake and keep it in proportion in order to avoid extra worries.

13. Asparagus

Asparagus is rich in Vitamin B and it is responsible for new cell formation and also gene synthesis in our body. Vitamin B is also helpful in breaking down the protein in our body which is the building block for our hair. Asparagus also strengthens the hair follicles in order to prevent hair thinning and hair loss.

14. Meat

Meat is a staple in everyone’s diet and it is rich in protein and all the necessary nutrients required for hair growth. Meat is a good source of protein and it strengthens the hair follicles and also repairs the damaged ones. Ped meat especially contains iron that is easily absorbed by our bodies. Iron is essential in delivering oxygen to our cells which in turn also provides oxygen to the hair follicles for the proper functioning of it. Iron and protein deficiency is seen to aid in hair loss.

15. Plain Greek Yogurt

Plain Greek yogurt is rich in protein that is essential for those gorgeous, healthy and bouncy locks on your head. Unsweetened yogurt has all the proteins required yogurt is also rich in probiotics which is the good bacteria in our body that makes the absorption of nutrients in our bodies better.

How To Prevent Hair Loss And Damaged Hair

Now that we have seen the foods that can contribute to your hair thickness and growth, we here bring to you some prevention tips that will help you to prevent hair thinning and hair loss which in turn will boost your hair growth and thickness. Some of these practices might be done by you daily and you need to stop immediately. So without wasting any more time let us see what these tips are.

  • The first mistake that you might have been doing is over-washing your hair. Frequent washing of your hair can be damaging to your hair. It can strip away all the natural oils from your scalp and can leave your scalp dry and irritated. Dry scalp can loosen the hair follicles which then leads to hair loss. Therefore it is recommended to wash your hair 2-3 times a week.
  • Styling wet hair is another mistake that can be damaging to your hair. Using heat tools on wet hair can make your hair more prone to breakage. This is because wet hair is more vulnerable and they are more likely to pop than dry hair. This is why it is also recommended not to brush wet hair.
  • Just like over washing over-brushing your hair can also make it prone to breakage. This is because when you are brushing your hair too often it is more prone to friction which is then complemented by breakage and hair loss. Therefore if you want to minimize hair loss then you might want to try and reduce the number of times you brush your hair.
  • Now that we are talking about brushing your hair, it is important to know the right way to do it. Brushing your hair from the top can also cause your hair to break. This is because the hair is more tangled at the bottom and in your process of detangling it, it can actually break due to the excessive tugging and pulling. Therefore it is recommended to always start brushing from the bottom going all the way up to the top.
  • Using excessive heat on your hair can also make your hair weak and they can then be more prone to breakage. Therefore it is important to invest in heating tools that have the heat setting option and always start with the lowest possible setting. This will not fry your hair any more than it needs to be. Also, avoid using heat tools daily as it can disrupt the hydrogen bond of your hair. This means that you can have permanent hair loss if you don’t stop using heat tools regularly.
  • Extreme tight hairstyles and updos can be damaging to your hair because the constant tugging and pulling of the hair can lead to the weakening of the hair strands and can lead to breakage. That is why it is recommended to avoid pulling your hair up all the time and let it stay loose as much as possible.

Tips To Get Thicker Hair

Having thick and healthy hair is what all of us want. We do not want to have flat, thin and limp hair. So if you are envois of women ho have bountiful and thick strands then worry not. We have got your back and here we bring you some tips and tricks that can enable you to have richer and thicker hair.

  • Try investing in a thickening shampoo and conditioner. Volumizing hair products can work on the volume part of your hair and it is definitely a better option than styling tools. These hair products contain fewer ingredients and they do not weigh down your hair. Using this combination two times a week can give you the best possible results.
  • If you have thin hair then you might want to go for a hair cut. This is because thin hair that is excessively long can be weighed down due to the length and they can look even thinner and stringy. This is why experts advise you to keep your hair at the shoulder-length for a more volumizing and healthy look.
  • Now if you want some beauty to advise then you might want to strategically tease your hair to get a more volumizing look. Backcombing near the roots will add the necessary volume to your hair and will also add that extra oomph to your hair.
  • If you are not someone who likes to do so much hard work then you might want to try hair extensions. Invest in some high-quality extensions that do not look fake and that will make your hair look thicker and fuller.
  • When all of these things fail then the best you can do is visit a dermatologist. A dermatologist will be able to address the underlying issue for your hair loss and will be able to recommend the right medicine for it. Also, you can consume biotin supplements that can stimulate hair growth and make your hair thicker and fuller.

Hair is a major component of all of us. For women especially it often defines beauty and attractiveness.  This is why having healthier, stronger and beautiful hair is the dream of every woman. For this, we try several methods from slathering on hair masks to getting extensive treatments. But in this article, we mentioned some foods that can naturally boost your hair growth and can make your hair fuller and thicker. We also added some prevention tips and tips to grow and maintain healthy and thick hair. That as all for this article. Hope you liked it.

(Reviewed by Dr. Samiksha Rane)

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