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Bathing is a part and parcel of our everyday lives. It is inevitable and we all tend to bath at least once every day. But do we know what a good bath is really like? Apart from cleansing our bodies does bathing daily serve any other purposes? Well in this article we are going to share with you some tips on how you can achieve a good bath and also show some health benefits of bathing regularly. So without much further ado let us begin.

What Do You Understand By A Good Bath?

A good bath is usually something that does more than just cleansing your bodies. A good bath usually relaxes you and cleanses your mind and soul if we may say so. After a long and tiring day at your office or at work, the first thing you tend to do is run to the bathroom to give yourself a nice and refreshing shower. Now, most people generally run for a hot shower, this is because hot showers are said to be capable of relieving your stress and tension.

As per researches, hot baths are not only great for soaking and unwinding stress but it is also a great way to boost your immune system. Taking a hot bath also relieves skin conditions like eczema and it is also helpful in alleviating medical disorders. As per studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine, spending just half an hour in a hot tub can regulate blood sugar levels by 13%. It can also dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow. It also allows the body to make better use of insulin which is known to convert insulin into energy.

There is also a Japanese study that argues hot bath can improve cardiovascular health in elderly men and women. It also reduces joint pain and muscle fatigue and helps these senior citizens live and perform better. Therefore as per therapies a hot bath can improve your sleep, detoxify your body, boost your immune system and also reduces the chances of viruses entering your body.

Types Of Bath

As already mentioned above, a good bath serves a purpose more than just cleansing your body. This is what brings us to our next segment and that is the different types of baths. In this segment, we are going to learn the various types of baths and the purposes they serve and also,  for how long should you actually have it.

  • Detoxifying Bath

If you want to detox your body then a warm bath of about 32-35 degrees Celcius will be perfect. A temperature like this will open up the pores and will encourage sweating. When your body produces sweat it releases all the toxins from inside it thereby cleaning your body from inside out. This warm bath is good for mild cold and common detoxification. A warm bath of this temperature regulates the blood sugar level and also reduces muscle fatigue and pain in the joints. It is also helpful in easing  out your bowel and relieving you from constipation. So if you are looking for quick detoxification, then without having to do much just soak yourself in a warm bath of 32-35 degrees Celcius for about 10-20 minutes.

  • A Bath For Relaxation

A relaxing bath is what most of us want. After a whole stressful day, we can surely use something that will be able to relax our mind and our nerves. In such cases what can be better than a nice and long bath. For this, all you have to do is sprinkle some salt in your water. the water can be of normal temperature but the cooler the water the better as it will act as a tonic. You can either use sea salt or Epsom salt if you want a little exfoliating property. Soak yourself for about 10-20 minutes in this solution and you shall feel all relaxed.

  • A Bath For Proper Circulation

When you are facing circulatory problems then switching between a hot and cold bath can be extremely helpful. All you have to do is soak yourself for 30 seconds in extremely cold water. you can also do this by soaking just your feet instead of your whole body. If you are using hot water then soak yourself for 2 minutes. You can also do this simultaneously and repeat this for about 15 minutes. This will soothe your varicose veins and will also boost up your circulation.

  • Stress Relieving Bath

If you feel stressed then a good bath can really be your way out. Both hot and cold bath works for this situation. But take a cold bath only of you are string at heart and your body can handle it. For a cold bath, you can keep the temperature anywhere between 12-18 degrees Celcius and dip yourself for about 30 seconds only. This is a quick dip as extremely cold water can increase your insulin levels and can also thin out your blood. For hot water, you can keep the temperature of about 32-35 degrees and you can soak yourself for about 10-20 minutes in it. Hot water can relieve you from joint pains and muscle fatigue as well.

  • Bath For Insomnia

Insomnia is a very vital issue in today’s youth. With all the workload and physical and mental pressure, losing sleep is quite common. If you have trouble sleeping or if your insomniac then a cold bath can be extremely helpful. All you have to do is soak your feet in extremely cold water. hold that position for as long as you can bear. Remove your feet immediately if you start to feel uncomfortably cold. Soaking your foot in a cold bath can also relieve you from nose bleeds, tired feet, cold and constipation.

  • Bath For Infections

A good bath can also help in getting rid of and treating infections. Yeast infections can be relieved if you add 3-4 cups of apple cider vinegar to your bath. The water can be plain or a little warm and you can soak yourself in this bath for about 15-20 minutes. Apple cider vinegar can restore the natural pH balance of your skin and therefore it is great in detoxifying your body. However, it is not the ultimate solution it can just provide relief for some time.

  • Bath For Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that can make your skin extremely dry and can also cause irritation. For such skin conditions, it is advisable to add some baking soda to lukewarm water and bathe with it. Baking soda has antiseptic properties and it can relieve skin irritation and itching. It also opens up the pores thereby exfoliating and deep cleansing your skin. to your bathing water add a pound of baking soda and soak yourself in it for 10-20 minutes.

  • Bath For Headaches And Cold

Just like a cold bath can relieve insomnia, hot baths can help with headaches and cold. Dipping your feet in warm water can relieve its tiredness. All you have to do is fill a bucket or bowl with warm water enough to cover your feet all the way up to the ankle. Add a few drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil to it. You can also add lemon or thyme just to refresh your senses. Cover your feet and your ankle and soak your foot in it for about 10-20 minutes. This will make you feel relaxed and will provide relief from your headaches.

Tips To Get The Best Bath

We all know the feeling of going to a spa and feeling all relaxed and rejuvenated. However, it requires some amount of expenses and commitment to feel this way. But what if we can create our own spa right at our homes? Yes, you heard us right we here are going to share with you some tips that will allow you to have a good bath and will enable you to enjoy the spa-like quality right at your home in your own space.

1. The Perfect Ambience

When you are looking for a great bath then you should perfect your ambiance at first. The ambiance that you see in spas is usually very relaxing, calming, minimalistic and serene. A perfect ambiance will give that required amount of relaxation that will take away all your stress and tiredness.in order to create the spa-like calming environment at your home in your bathroom use scented candles. Try something with lavender or peppermint or lemongrass oil in it and place the candles all around your bathroom.  You can also binge on something if you want like you can use your electronic media and watch Netflix. Or you can read magazines and books to pass your time while your body is relaxing itself.  Even better is just to close your eyes and enjoy some good music to calm your mind and soul and get over with the daily buzz of life.

2. Try Incorporating Bath Salts

Bath salts are a great way to make your bath great. You can use unscented Epsom salt or you can also DIY your own bath salts for the purpose you require. These bath salts work great for sore muscles and they can also relieve the fatigue from your body.adding these bath salts can make your bath water smell nice and it can be soothing and relaxing for your nerves. Adding a few drops of lavender oil to your bath salt can make your bath smell amazing. You can also add tea tree oil if you want some exfoliating properties. Rose petals, calendula flowers, jasmine are also great fragrant options too.

3. You Can Also Add Bubbles

A great bubble bath is something that everybody enjoys. A bubble bath is great in a large tub. These baths can add a playful feeling to your bath and you can also get nostalgic like you are just a kid. Bubble baths can relax your mood and can make you feel fun and cheerful. Even a simple bubble bath is enough to shift your mood from being stressed out to stress-free. However, there is a tip for enjoying your bubble bath. Add your bubbles slowly to rushing water to get the best of your bath.

4. Use Essential Oils

The addition of essential oils can make your bath seem special. These essential oils can soothe your mood and it can also be grateful for people with insomnia. This is because essential oils like lavender can be great to turn your sleeping switch on and put in a sleepy mood. If you have the habit of taking a bath at night then this essential oil will be a great option. This will not only make your bath smell great but it will also soothe your nerves. Keeping essentials oils handy will spice up your bath in a nice way. If you do not want to add it in your bath then you can add it to a diffuser to make your bathroom smell like heaven. Geranium and rose oil also work great for adding a lovely fragrance to your bath and bathroom.

5. Use Bath Oil

If you are not a fan of essential oils then you can skip it and try using bath oils instead. The bath oil is something that you add to your bath water especially if you are bathing in hot water. These bath oils can prevent your skin from dehydration and can keep your skin moisturized even while you are bathing. Bath oils also have a wide range of options available from sage to lavender. You can use any oil of your choice to your bath water to have a great and refreshing bath.

6. Grab A Head Pillow

While you are relaxing in a bah your head should not feel left out. For this, you can use the available bath pillows. These are made of plastic and they can be cupped onto your tub. You can read or enjoy music while resting your head on these pillows. You can even take a quick nap if you feel like it. If you don’t have a bath pillow then you can roll a towel and put it under your neck to feel more relaxed and luxurious.

7. Use A Face Mask

The best time to apply a sheet mask is while you are enjoying a luxurious bath. You can either use a sheet mask or any other face mask for this. You can choose from hydrating to detoxifying to clarifying or rejuvenating. Apply this mask on your face and let it sit on your face while you soak. Leave the face mask for about 10 minutes and then wash off your face with warm water. you can so use a washcloth to remove the face mask sitting right in your tub. This will give you a luxurious and divine feeling and you will have the best bath of your life. Adding a face mask to your pamper routine will not only open and cleanse your pores but will also make your skin glow.

8. Add Exfoliating Gloves In Your Routine

Exfoliating can make your skin feel brand new. Exfoliating once in a while can replenish and rejuvenate your skin and can get rid of the dead skin cells that get accumulated. While you are having a nice soak in a bath filled with bath salts and essential oils, bringing out those exfoliating gloves and enjoying a vigorous scrub is a good idea. If you don’t want to get hold of an exfoliating glove then you can make your own DIY scrubs with coconut oil and sugar or even coffee and sugar and also lemon or tomato or honey and sugar. This will not only make your skin supple but will also hydrate and moisturize your skin.

9. Get Yourself Luxurious Robe

Your pamper routine does not end in your bathtub itself. It steps out with you outside your tub as well. Once you are done soaking continue your luxurious bath by stepping into a fabulous robe.investing in a nice robe will give you that spa feeling and will complete your great bath experience. You can also use those white fluffy towels instead of a bathrobe to get a good bath experience.

10. Do Not Forget To Moisturize

Soaking in hot water for a prolonged period of time can be a little dehydrating for your skin. this is why you should never forget to moisturize right after you step out of your bath. Use any moisturizer of your choice as per your skin type and concerns and slather yourself with it. You can also use some nice fragrance filled moisturizers such as rose, strawberries, choco, etc. Using a good moisturizer will lock the moisture into your skin thereby keeping you hydrated and nourished.

Is It Really Necessary To Take A Bath Daily?

Ever since the ancient of times we are taught to shower daily. But does showering daily really have some health benefits or is it just a myth? Approximately almost about 80% of the world population take a bath daily. There can be several reasons for it. The reason can either be to wake the body up or to hide the body odor. However, most of the people bath daily simply because this is what they are taught. People feel taking a bath daily is healthy and it can keep your body feeling refreshed. Well, this is true to some extent but then again bathing depends and varies from person to person, culture to culture and societies to societies.

Taking a bath daily is great for people whose daily routine involves workouts and rigorous exercises. Bathing daily has its own perks as personal hygiene and body odor cannot be compromised or jeopardized. However cleanliness ahs its own acceptance in various societies. Also, what is acceptable and what is not depends on largely on the marketing strategies of the products. As you might have noticed most bathing products say “use daily for best results”.  Bathing daily often comes as a habit and personal choice as well. But when seen scientifically there is not much evidence that proves that daily bathing actually does much for our bodies and skin.

There are however studies that prove showering daily can have negative impacts on our bodies. Showering daily can disturb the natural oil balance of our skin and can make our skin dry, dehydrated, it=rotated and itchy. Showering daily can strip the oils from your skin leaving it hungry for moisturization which often leads to acne. Taking a bath daily also disrupts the “good” bacteria in our skin making our skin to prone to allergic reactions and other skin infections. Bathing daily can also disrupt the immune system and this is why dermatologists recommend occasional baths for kids. However, people who sweat profusely must take bath daily as not showering after excessive sweating might have its own downside leading to skin allergies and acne.

Health Benefits Of Taking A Bath

Bathing has its own personal history. It can be done for personal hygiene or for leisure and luxury. Submerging oneself in water and pampering oneself is a feeling of a kind. Using both hot and cold water for bathing has its own benefits. you can either have a plain bath or give yourself a spa experience as we mentioned above. If you search through the internet then you will see hydrotherapy is actually a thing. It is just like cryotherapy which can relieve you from muscle fatigue and joint pains. It can also make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Here are some scientifically-proven benefits of taking a bath.

  • Taking a bath can improve the health of your heart. However, if you bath in extremely hot temperatures then it can give unnecessary pressure on your heart. If you already have a heart condition then bathing in hot water can make your condition worse by increasing your blood temperature. However, a warm bath can regulate your blood pressure and can also improve cardiovascular activities.
  • Taking a bath can ease your breathing. Taking a good soak can influence your oxygen intake and can also boost your lung capacity. However, the temperature and the pressure of the water is extremely important. The warmer the water the sooner it can clear your sinus problem and also the congestion in your chest.
  • Bathing can also make your brain and nervous system function better. Soaking in water can calm your nervous system and can also minimize stress, anxiety, and inflammation. Having a good and luxurious bath can also improve your mood and can also provide a better quality of life.
  • Bathing can improve the health of your bones, muscles, and joints. Moving and stretching in water are shown to have positive impacts on your body. It can relieve aching muscles, joints and bones. It is also said that taking a spa can alleviate discomfort and can also provide relief in osteoarthritis.
  • Bathing improves your gastrointestinal health. Bathing with warm water can provide relief from fissures and hemorrhoids. The warm temperature can also allow surgical wounds to heal. However, a warm bath should not be directly taken after eating as it can boost your blood circulation. Bathing can also regulate blood sugar levels for patients with diabetes and also manage weight.
  • Taking a bath can improve the urinary system and can also increase the chances of natural birth. Women taking a warm bath during their labor can reduce the pain. It can also allow them to focus better on producing babies. A warm bath can also boost urinary health. However, regular bathing can cause infections in the urinary tract.
  • Taking a warm bath boosts immunity and regulates blood circulation. It allows more oxygen to enter your body thereby allowing you to breathe better. A hot bath can also kill harmful bacteria in your system thereby increasing your immunity power. Studies also show that it can boost cell damage and can also improve the risks of some cancer patients.

Taking a good bath can provide you with several health benefits that you might not know of. In this article, we provided you with some tips on how to take a great bath and also we shared with you the health benefits of taking a bath. Nothing can be better than a long hot bath. A soothing soak is all you need after a tiring day. a good bath will not only help you sleep better but will also calm and soothe your senses thereby getting rid of your stress and tiredness.

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