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How To Choose Men’s Coat For Stunning Look

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You know what’s in common between high waistline trousers, stocky shoes and strict outfits? If you said it was a coat, you’re right! Whether you choose a rebellious style or are going to a charity event, a coat will be an indispensable addition to your image. In anticipation of real cold weather, let’s look at the topic: how to choose a man’s coat for autumn and early winter.

It is difficult to determine when the coat first appeared: in 1772, when the overcoat was invented, or at the beginning of the XIX century, directly, when the coat was widely used. Despite this, the use of the word “coat” itself dates back to the 18th century.

Before we begin our fascinating tour, let’s see how coats actually differ from overcoats. Made of heavy fabrics such as merino wool, the overcoat is a single- or double-breasted coat with a thick lining, and usually has a length below the knee. The coat is much shorter than the overcoat and has a length above the knee, and in most cases also has a light lining. It is worth noting that nowadays the traditional rules of tailoring coats are often neglected, and on the streets you can often find a variety of styles.

Which Fabric Is Used To Make Coats

If you’re looking for good outerwear that you’re going to wear for years to come, choose a coat that contains 100 percent wool. A coat of wool will keep you completely warm and will be able to withstand any weather conditions. You can also choose the cashmere version, but be aware that your cuffs and collar will wear out more quickly. If the presence of a little luxury for you is critical, then try a mixture of six and cashmere, it will be the best option.

Trying On Your Coat

Always wear a classic shirt, jacket or jumper when choosing your future coat – this will help you to accurately measure its fit. In terms of length, you can choose between a traditional, full-length style, or something more modern, above the knee. The traditional style will give you a sense of seriousness, while the modern style is lighter and more versatile.

Men’s Coat Style

While designers constantly rethink coats and add elbow patches with different applications or contrasting velvet collars, there are two main styles: double-breasted and single-breasted.

Colors can range from classic black or camel to shouting red, but every season, the overwhelming number of coats fall into the classic category.

The single-breasted version is more minimalistic and “clean”, allowing you to diversify the choice of your clothes, from denim shirt to the style of “Oxford”. Double-breasted coat embodies the tradition and the best fit for a classic suit.

Single & double breasted overcoat

Men's white, grey single & double breasted overcoat for winter season
Single-breasted and double-breasted coat. Single (left)and double (right) coat

Men’s Coat Details

What else do you have to pay attention to, besides fabric and shape? The truth lies in the little things.

If you take into account the color and material, coats differ in terms of small details, such as: pockets, lapel style, belts and contrast lining. You may like the army style, and then you decide to switch to the classic style. Given all the small touches, you need to find the best coat that would suit you.

Lapel style, collar, lining, belt

Men's coat details-lapel style, collar, lining, belt for winter wear

Who’s does It Well?

Given that a man’s coat is not the cheapest addition to your wardrobe, I suggest you take a good look around before making a choice.

Men’s Coat Brand

It seems that many brands are able to sew a quality coat. But in fact, few people can boast of centuries-old traditions, observed in its sewing. For example, such as Crombie, a British brand that produces coats of such high quality that their name has become synonymous with “overcoats” in the UK. But their creation will have to be paid for, and not weakly.

Formal & casual coats

Men's formal & casual single and double-breasted coat for winter season

Also, there are a couple of other brands They are not the guardians of age-old values, but they do their job quite well, namely: Reiss, Charles Tyrwhitt, Suitsupply, Thomas Pink, Jaeger and Marks & Spencer.

Classic fit wool coat

Men's coat, navy and grey classic fit wool coat for winter season

Men wool coat

Men's casual brown long wool coat for winter seasonMen's black tuxedo for office, work look      Men's cooper, brown single breasted overcoat for winter season

Knee-length coat

Knee-length dark blue coat, business dress code

Men’s Coat To Order

An experienced tailor can create a completely unique coat for you. No, it won’t be much cheaper than buying at Crombie, but you’re guaranteed to get quality clothes sewn personally for you and ready to serve you for years to come. By the way, you can sew a classic suit, vest or coat with our partners Arthur Philips.

Cutting a custom made men’s coat

Cutting a custom made men's coat with tape & scissors

How To Wear A Man’s Coat

As you have probably already understood, men’s coats are indispensable as outerwear in the cold season. Although it covers half of your body, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up your clothes underneath it. It is also true that not every coat should be worn for plowing.

Daily style

Smart-casual  winter attire

Men's smart casual dress code, overcoat outfit Inspiration Look for winter season

Formal style

Men’s overcoat outfit inspiration

Men's winter overcoat outfit inspiration for office or corporate look

Warm, elegant, versatile and simple, the coat is a fundamental part of anyone’s wardrobe, watching his style. Yes, a good coat will make you spend money, but believe me, your investment will pay off in the future.

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