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Skin Care Tips for Men in Winter

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If in a warm season many men can neglect skin care, considering it a frivolous affair,winter turns this activity from desirable to necessary. The cold air and wind on the street, combined with the hot batteries in the room incredibly dry the skin, each time felt it on itself. If you don’t want to have flushed, flushed skin, especially on your face and hands, it’s a good idea to make a few simple winter care rules a habit. Try to use them daily and you will quickly see the difference!

How To Fight Dry Skin In Winter

So, here are 10 tips for men on how to easily and painlessly avoid excessive dry skin in winter.

1. Take A Warm Shower (not hot!)

Please note that in winter you should take a warm shower avoiding too hot water. If you choose a temperature as close as possible to boiling water, then wash off the body’s natural moisturizing layer, which helps to resist the cold air outside.

Advantage for taking a warm shower

Heroic tips for taking a warm shower
It’s not obvious, but the fact is, in winter, it’s better not to overdo it with a hot shower.

In addition, experts say that a warm or cool shower is more useful for the muscles, which is especially important if you train actively in winter.

2. Reduce The Time And Number Of Showers

In winter it is better not to overdo it with water procedures at all: taking a shower once a day is ideal.

Of course, if you play sports and are active, one shower per day may not be enough. In this case, try to wash quickly, as a long shower, like a very hot one, washes away too much of our natural protective skin fat, leaving your skin exposed to the cold air outside, making it dry and leaking.

3. Use The Moisturizing Shower Gel And Washing Gel

If you have a dry skin that suffers from cold temperatures, ordinary soap can make this problem worse. Dermatologists say in one voice that the alcohol and alkalis contained in most conventional body and hand washing products cause skin irritation, which is particularly noticeable in winter.

Read the shower gel labels

Dry skin of the body during the winter cold read the shower gel labels.
To reduce the risk of dry skin, read the shower gel labels.

If you want to reduce the risk of flushed and red skin problems, pay attention to the typology and composition of the bottles you buy at the supermarket or pharmacy. In winter, it is best to choose a moisturizing gel or cream gel. Also, pay attention to the ingredients: the less fragrances, antibacterial, deodorant and other difficult to read ingredients they contain, the better. It makes sense to take a closer look at natural cosmetics, which are much less aggressive on the skin.

4. Give Up Sponge And Washcloth

Many men regularly use the sponge, as Grandma used to do as a child. In fact, if you haven’t been lying in the mud before, this detail in the shower is completely unnecessary! Instead of non-existent dirt, you wash off the same protective layer of skin, which leads to dryness and redness. And by the way, the sponges that have been lying in the bathroom for months are a real breeding ground for bacteria.

What can I do without a sponge? Just apply the shower gel with your hand, that’s enough.

5. Soap Only Certain Parts Of  The Body

We all want to be clean, but we shouldn’t overdo it, especially in winter. Too much soap or shower gel leads to dry skin, especially if you take a shower several times a day.

Instead of soaping yourself completely, focus on the areas where it is really necessary: armpits, legs, etc. Thus, the skin of the remaining parts of the body will not again be exposed to the aggressive effects of alkalis contained in soaps and gels. You will still be clean and pleasant smelling, but also avoid problems with dryness and irritation. Speaking of which, this approach will also save you money on shower gel, you won’t have to worry about buying a new bottle for much longer.

6. Use A Moisturizing Facial Cream

Hygiene and self-care have long since ceased to be considered a “non-Moscow” occupation. If some other procedures can still be avoided, then moisturizing the face in winter is a really necessary process, especially if you notice signs of dryness and peeling.

In addition to the soothing aftershave cream, dermatologists recommend using a normal moisturizing cream every day. Apply it thinly in the morning or before bedtime, and the winter wind will bring you much less problems and troubles.

7. Use Hygienic Lipstick

Lips are one of the areas most affected by dryness and peeling in the cold. It is easy to cope with this: buy a hygienic lipstick or lip balm. Shops offer products designed specifically for men, but in fact you can buy the usual hygienic lipstick popular brands. In order not to run into a colored or strangely smelling variant, choose a package of blue or white, preferably with the indication that they are designed to protect against the cold.

Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protect

Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protect
That’s about what a hygienic lipstick looks like without taste, smell or shine.

8. Wear Gloves

Hands are another weak link in the hand, subject to dryness and redness. Actually, the secret here is quite simple: wear gloves.

Leather touchscreen gloves

Men's leather touchscreen gloves for winter season
Everything is ingeniously simple: If you don’t want to wear gloves when your hands are leaking, you can wear them.

It’s all ingeniously simple: If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, wear gloves.
Yeah, you might think it’s not that cold outside and the gloves are in your pocket/car and you don’t want to take them out.It’s a mistake! It’s much easier to wear gloves than to suffer from cracked skin and treat it with creams and oils.

9. Moisturize The Air In The House

In our climate, skin irritation not only causes frost and wind outside, but also too dry air in the house due to constantly hot batteries. In order to keep the humidity at the right level (experts say that it is 45-55%), you can buy a humidifier, models for rooms of different sizes and at different prices can be found in any electronics store. There is one more, more simple, secret! Put small amounts of water on the batteries, it will gradually evaporate and fight against excessive air dryness.

10. Drink More Water

And finally, one last piece of advice. It’s no secret that skin doesn’t exist by itself, it’s just the upper shell of our body, so everything really comes from the inside. To avoid excessive dry skin in winter, you need to drink more!

Guy drinking a bottle of water after taking shower
Water is a way to fight dry skin from the inside, not from the outside.

According to doctors, the optimal norm for a man of average size is about 8 glasses of water per day. You don’t have to calculate milliliters, just remember to drink water from time to time and at least occasionally replace it with coffee and tea. In just a few weeks you will notice how your skin will improve without any extra effort or cosmetic procedures.

Winter frosts are a great stress for the skin, so in the cold season it makes sense to pay a little more attention to self-care. Moreover, it is not difficult to avoid dry skin if you follow simple rules. Don’t freeze!

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