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Cool Hacks for Winter: How Not To Freeze in Jeans

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Very soon it will be very cold outside, given that the end of October is outside the window. We will have to warm up somehow and try not to freeze in our favorite jeans. Here’s a harsh truth: jeans are not the best fabric for a cold, snowy winter. But I will try to give 4 practical tips on how not to freeze in winter in jeans.

Cotton jeans don’t do much to help against the wind or slush – the main attacks of cold weather. I’m not talking about wet snow, which periodically happens in late autumn and early spring. Jeans – this is the most important part of the wardrobe of most men and so do not want to change them to something else.

In this case, there are several ways that jeans fans can use to make this part of the wardrobe more functional. Here are my recommendations for wearing jeans in winter.

Tip 1. Buy Jeans Designed For Cold Weather

An easy way to buy winter jeans. The most common improvement for standard jeans is an additional lining. Flannel jeans are classic (usually checkered), so many companies use synthetic materials based on fleece, such as polar fleece or sherpa (a kind of fleece similar to sheep’s wool), as a lining.

Relaxed fit fleece lined pants

Blue jeans with fleece lining, Relaxed Fit Fleece Lined Pants for winter
Blue jeans with fleece lining


This layer perfectly isolates and warms, but it is not windproof or waterproof.

Flannel and other jeans are suitable for calm, sunny weather. Or for cold, but indoors – working in a garage or shop with a constantly opening door, you won’t be constantly under the gusts of wind or snowfall.

Unfortunately, men who like to dress up, I have never seen a “stylish” pair of flannel jeans.

Most of them are straight and wide enough, with a high waist and not narrowed. They can be warm, but you won’t paint in them. And there is nothing surprising in it – they are intended for work!

Tip 2. Buy Heavy Jeans

Weighted jeans can be an alternative for men who want to stay warm and look stylish.

Heavy and thick fabric jeans

Heavy and thick blue fabric jeans  Cool Hacks for Winter: How Not To Freeze in Jeans
Buy heavy and thick fabric jeans to keep warm.


Jeans rolls are measured in ounces per yard. Large retailers do not indicate weight, but usually standard blue jeans weigh about 12-16 ounces (340-453 g).

Heavier jeans are made from thicker and harder fabrics. These jeans are insulated and water-repellent. Cotton is not the best material for wet weather, but in heavy jeans you can not worry about snow for longer.

The good news is that many small manufacturers sew jeans of different weights, including heavy ones, for jeans boutiques.

Look for independent manufacturers – they can be the best option for buying stylish people, as they work with both light and heavy fabrics.

They last a little longer, but in winter you will feel the difference compared to the classic ones.

Tip 3. Wear Thermal Underwear Under Your Jeans

If you can’t find lined jeans that fit you, wear a lining under your clothes.

Thermal underwear for jeans

Cool Hacks for Winter: How Not To Freeze in Jeans

Thermal underwear and classic underwear will be the obvious choice. They are easy to find everywhere, from shopping malls to street vendors and sporting goods stores.

Don’t exclude other options – everything from jogging pants to stretch pants for yoga will be suitable as an insulating layer under the jeans. The main thing is that they are tight enough (and jeans – free), otherwise the protruding fabric will form folds. Synthetics and waterproofing materials will be excellent insulating layers.

Tip 4. Wear Jeans As An Inner Layer

Another option (especially for people who have to get through the snow and then look good where they’re going) is to put on water-repellent clothes on top of their jeans so they can be removed when they’re no longer needed. The water-repellent combination may not take the first prize at the fashion show, but it’s warm, efficient and quick to unbutton and remove when you walk in.

You can also use tarpaulin trousers without lining to protect your jeans from long winter walks. Most people don’t even think about insulating themselves with extra pants, but even a pair of soft pajama pants and a pair of tarpaulin pants on top of them make a great winter suit.

Match your needs with your budget and resources, but never hesitate to wear another layer of clothing over your jeans in winter. Wherever you go, you can easily take off your top pair of pants, but you always look great in dry jeans.

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